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 Kigen, Mayonaka 起源, 真夜中

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PostSubject: Kigen, Mayonaka 起源, 真夜中   Sun May 23, 2010 9:52 pm

Shinigami Registration
Name: Kigen, Mayonaka (Japanese traditional layout)
Rank: Regular
Age:220 Appearing age: 28
Appearance: Mayonaka is a young man in his prime, his every feature emphasizes this. His hair is a brownish orange colour and is tied in a bauble in the middle and flipped over the shoulder, in this state it reaches the center of his stomach area -when it is not tied back in such a way it flows right down to the bottom of his back, with two spikes of fringe that lay down,and off, the left side of his face. His eyes are a deep oceanic blue. He wears the generic uniform of a Shinigami that has no officer rank, unless he's off duty in which case he will wear robes of pure white and a belt of black leather, His uniform is always partially open to reveal part of his well muscled chest. His body is similar to that of a dancer or gymnast, it is not overburdened by muscle but it is not without them. There are three noticeable scars on the right side of his face seeming to be from an encounter with a particularly aggressive animal.
Gender: Male
Personality: Mayonaka is a young man in his prime, therefore he has streaks of arrogance to his personality. Some people view him to be extremely confident, only with his abilities in battle. Socially he tends to not be anti-social, but shall always try and keep conversation off the topic of himself. He has a very prominent sense of honour, and has a code of conduct which he moulds himself by, which is:
Never use your power to harm the innocent.
Always tell the truth, no matter what the cost may be.
Uphold the law of the land wherever you are, for these people allow your presence there.
Respect authority of your superiors.
When attacked Mayonaka is always quick to put up a defensive strategy, he will remain defensive as he attempts to work out his opponents combat techniques or methods and find ways around them. Mayonaka is extremely shy around people of the opposite gender, excluding when in battle, and tends to stutter or speak incoherently. When talking to people of the same gender he can talk easily and relaxed, unless they try and turn the conversation topic to regarding him. He rarely smiles, only doing so when in the company of someone he loves or trusts. He is a very cautious man and will not bestow his trust unto anyone that has not earned it.

Division: Division 6


Hair Color:Brown/Orange

Likes:His pastimes are: Reading, singing, exercising, playing piano, cooking and writing in his journal.

Dislikes:He loathes: Board games and doctors, simply because he always wished to be one but was never able to learn the skills required.

Crushes:He is attracted to: Women who are self-reliant, Black or White hair, grey eyes, pride, strength, passion.


Specialties: Investigation, Tactician -he possesses the ability to read the motive behind enemy motives and can apply knowledge into countering or preventing them. Musical and Two-Handed sword play

History:During life Mayonaka had been orphaned at a very early age. He grew up on his own living in the streets. He was only able to survive because of the help of a kindly old Kendo instructor who gave him shelter in the Dojo and even taught him the ways of the art of Kendo. By the age of fifteen Mayonaka had become a Roku-Dan.

When Mayonaka was finally a legal adult, he was recruited by a local crime gang. He quickly rose the ranks to become a trusted bodyguard of the leader. Whilst in the gang he took part in many unsavory missions, and accumulated many enemies. During the final months of his life he began to act more prudently in regards to the missions he would undertake.

One day Mayonaka had been sent as an ambassador to a rival gang, the gang had refused to negotiate previously and by merging with them it could have meant a large "Turf" increase for the boss. Mayonaka had arrived at the location where he was to meet with the other gang's leader; however, in the designated location there lay only an ambush. Mayonaka was severely outnumbered and it was not long until he was overcome by the numbers, his last view was of a translucent figure of a woman dressed in red.

Mayonaka's Induction to the Academy and 6th division.
Mayonaka found himself in the 80th district of Rukongai where he would be forced into many fights. He refused to ever back down from the location where he resided, this brought many challengers to attempt to force him from his spot, one of which was a Shinigami who was taking leave from the 9th division. This person was defeated by Mayonaka, who revealed to have high reiatsu. Mayonaka was quickly approached by the Academy recruiters and he unwillingly joined.

During his time in the Academy Mayonaka was the top of his class for his swordsmanship, but was only average for his abilities in kidou. He spent many years in the Academy where he perfected his technique with a one handed sword. Eventually he was accepted by the 13th Division. He spent many years with the 13th Division but eventually he heard of, and developed an obsession with, the nobleman Kuchiki Byakuya, eventually he was offered the chance to be transferred over to the 6th Division and he immediately accepted.

Picture of Character: (I have no skill with drawing so I was unable to create one)

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PostSubject: Re: Kigen, Mayonaka 起源, 真夜中   Tue May 25, 2010 7:02 pm

Please. Please undo the underlining ... it makes it quite difficult to read your character application.

I do not see any faults other than the mentioned. And so, you get to receive my own unique...

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PostSubject: Re: Kigen, Mayonaka 起源, 真夜中   Tue May 25, 2010 7:03 pm

Sorry must have overlooked it. I'll edit it out.
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PostSubject: Re: Kigen, Mayonaka 起源, 真夜中   

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Kigen, Mayonaka 起源, 真夜中
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