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 Kingu-en (King flame キング炎)

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PostSubject: Kingu-en (King flame キング炎)   Sun May 23, 2010 10:28 pm

Name: Kingu-en (English= King flame)

Manifestation: The Zanpakuto manifests itself as a bipedal demon, orange and flame coloured fur covering it's body. The demon is bi-pedal, with cloven hooves as feet. It has two large horns, resemblant to a goat's, and has large hands with black claws. The face is missing the fur, and is instead covered in black leather. It's eyes are -oddly enough- a deep oceanic blue. it has a forked tongue that slides between it's purple lips and four visible fangs, two coming down from the top and the other two from the bottom.

Release Phrase: Reveal your rage! Kingu-en!

Family: Fire

Level: Shikai level.

Sealed Zanpakuto:
(Similar except: Kingu-en in it's unreleased state takes on the form of a katana that has a hilt made of red thread woven around the iron hilt which ends in a flame symbol encircled in a golden crown. The metal of the blade is Iron and it possesses no other distinguishable features.)

(Similar except: When in it's Shikai state Kingu-en becomes a deep crimson with a thin film of flame surrounding the blade.)

Shikai Ability: Kingu-en has the ability to Disperse and Re-form, when dispersed Kingu-en form two balls of flame, one that is significantly larger than the other and has a flame colour of blue rather than the crimson flame of the other ball, that would be launched at a target and can be controlled by Mayonaka. The balls do not need to be controlled by the hilt, which is left after dispersion, in fact they are controlled by his hands. His right hand controls the movements of the slightly larger ball, which moves at a slightly slower pace, and his left hand controls the slightly smaller one, which moves at a faster pace than the larger one.

Techniques:1) The shield attack!
Effect: As Mayonaka speaks the phrase "Defend me Kingu-en!" He will begin charging his opponent. The two balls of flame, his Zanpakuto must be in this form for this technique, will take place circling him, as he would attempt to then ram them into his opponent.
Duration: It would vary depending on the distance of the balls of flame, but on average it would take 5-10 seconds for them to take place. The rest of the duration would be depending on the situation of the battle but could be assumed that it would take no more than time than it would take for the opponent to run the distance between them, if it is close the attack comes quickly if otherwise there is more of a delay and more ease to judge, for Mayonaka to reach his opponent to complete the attack if they are fighting at a moderate distance. It can be used only once per fight.

2) Enclosure!
Effect: As Mayonaka speaks the phrase "Trap them Kingu-en!" The balls of flame would begin swirling around his opponent(s) at a fast pace, making escape difficult but NOT impossible, they would slowly get closer to the opponent until eventually they collide with each other or the opponent causing a blast of extreme heat that Mayonaka will immediately dismiss by reforming his blade.
Duration: On average it takes 1 minute for the balls of flame to collide with the target giving the opponent plenty of time to jump or use some other method of escape, would only be used on an opponent that has been restrained. It has a rest period of four posts.

3) Explosion!
Effect: As Mayonaka speaks the phrase "Destroy them Kingu-en!" The blade would release itself into two balls that would collide into each other when they reach very close proximity to the opponent, creating an explosion of flame. The explosion itself being large, but narrow (To describe it accurately it would be a pillar like shape having a high reach but a fairly narrow width/length)
Duration: The balls would take around 3 seconds (considerably slower than a shunpo but the flame would be hard to dodge without using that technique, to reach the opponent, also the blade would have to be reformed after the attack and cannot be dispersed again for at least five posts.

Last edited by Mayonaka Kigen on Tue Jun 01, 2010 1:40 am; edited 1 time in total
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PostSubject: Re: Kingu-en (King flame キング炎)   Sat May 29, 2010 7:06 am

Sorry to have to ask but, I will be less active until the 6th of June where I will be on holiday, I'll try to get on so that's why I'm not posting myself as away, but I will be more or less unable to roleplay. I hope it doesn't sound as if I am nagging or anything like that, it is just, I hope to get my zanpakutou approved before I leave so that I can start the roleplay upon return. So any feedback would be appreciated.
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Ajaket Diashi


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PostSubject: Re: Kingu-en (King flame キング炎)   Tue Jun 01, 2010 12:05 am

Ehh .. it's good and all, but your um .. description of the duration of the techniques concerns me slightly.

Numbers and units such as 10 seconds, one minute 10 to 20 seconds ... while fair and all that, really makes the effectiveness of your attacks close to worthless unless fighting opponents of a weaker level than you. o.o;; No offense intended, but ... you're registered as a normal shinigami. So there is a high probability that you will not be a single seated officer, but grouped in one of the lower seats with several other individuals. This means your power is rather ... low, when compared to most other spiritually powerful beings. But, the issue is not power ... the issue is that most of your opponents, unless they specify in their profile themselves, will possess the capability of utilizing their respective race's high speed movement. Sonido, Shunpo, Hirenkyaku, etc.

o.o;; A mere second is all they need to maneuver themselves away from the targeted areas, or out of your range, or away from your trajectory. Rather than describe it in seconds, just describe via comparison to known speeds of characters' abilities, so that it does not create an overwhelmingly large disadvantage and increases the chance of your attacks striking their targets(injuring them is a whole 'nother matter, though).

Beyond, I declare the Zanpakuto: APPROVED.
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PostSubject: Re: Kingu-en (King flame キング炎)   Tue Jun 01, 2010 1:37 am

Yeah, I realize that the seconds may seem irrelevant, especially when compared to a shunpo; however, Kingu-en to Mayonaka's fighting style is defensively used so his techniques are not going to be used often, although I shall edit in some adjustments to the times.
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PostSubject: Re: Kingu-en (King flame キング炎)   

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Kingu-en (King flame キング炎)
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