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 Where Am I?

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PostSubject: Where Am I?   Wed May 26, 2010 1:47 pm

There within a secluded area in the Karakura town laid something that didn't seem to be leaving, nor was it human. The figure did have a very human like appearance, in fact anyone would mistake him for one. The figure in question laid still for a moment underneath a great tree. The tree branches blocked the sunlight from exposing the figure. And as a result he laid in the shades with his eyes closed. The animals and even insects had started to gather. Birds sang from the tree branches while a pair of squirrels sat on either shoulder of the figure. Inside the figure's coat something was moving and out popped a rabbit before running off. The figure in question was none other than Jushiro Izanagi. The man was once a Shinigami, but now he found himself in between. He had crossed certain boundaries which changed his soul in the process. The crimson eyes that belongs to Izanagi glowed as the windows to his world opened. The crimson hue showed nothing but merciless desires, but it wasn't at all intentional.

The figure shifted slightly after the rabbits footprints registered to him. Izanagi's eyes were directed towards the top of the tree, searching for the sunlight. Instead his eyes met birds and other little creatures. Everything around was now taken into account as his head shifted from left to right. Izanagi soon picked himself up and yawned with both hand
stretching towards the branches. The creatures that had gathered began to scatter as a result. So much for not scaring away just about everything and everyone that he came in contact with.
"What the hell did I get up to last night? I can't believe I'm in the middle of nowhere, with little creatures to keep me company" . The man said aloud before his Zanapakutos began to vibrate. At first Izanagi was startled by it, but as he looked closer at both blades. He was suddenly pulled into his inner world and out of nowhere, he was bitched slapped. But for what reason? The hand that smacked Izanagi was none other than his Zanapakuto. It was a wake up call, such an action was very random.

Izanagi felt a strong jerk and a burning and throbbing sensation. But as he left his inner world, he soon realized it wasn't real
. "What da hell was that for? Not even good morning, hallelujer, how yer doing? I'm gonna dump your ass somewhere and find another Zanapakuto one of these days". Grabbing hold of his Nodachi and Katana, Izanagi picked himself up. He was rather slouchy and reluctant to get up, but when he finally did, his hand stretched towards the branches once more. It must have been coincidence, but thirty feet away was a stream of sorts. Izanagi figured more or less that he could get cleaned up there. And so off came his long overcoat as he casually moved towards the stream. Izanagi's muscular tone was then shown to the world as the sunlight finally caught his body. It took him a few moments before his eyes actually adjusted themselves. Blinking a little, the man felt as if he had an hangover. That might explain why he is even in such a place at this time. There was a boulder at the streams edge and his overcoat was placed on it.

There was a clung as the sake flask clashed with the boulder. Had it not been for this 'clung' then Izanagi would have forgotten about his sake. Not only that but this whole thing seem as if it was planned by him. Izanagi knelt down slightly as the coat slid off the boulder and hit the ground. The man started going through his clothing, discovering more than the bottle of sake. There was a toothbrush and a tube of toothpaste conveniently placed inside. Izanagi began scratching the back of his head, trying to drag his memory back to recent events. And alas a fox grin formed on his face, showing off his devilish exterior. It was a wild night indeed, Izanagi found himself at a party the night before. And at that party was a call girl named Candy, who provided extra services. But Izanagi had no intention of paying for something he could get for free elsewhere. Jushiro smiled even wider after remembering killing her Pimp. That Bish must have got it twisted somehow. Izanagi soon discovered the blood in his long white hair. The man sighed a little knowing that he'd have to get rid of it.

That party must have turned into a massacre of sorts, but Jushiro doesn't remember every detail. Perhaps it will all come back to him at a later date? That didn't matter to the man had all as he went head first into the stream. He was definitely tipsy, since the stream was way to shallow. The man was luckily a hard headed son of a what? As such he only felt a slight pain before proceeding to wash the blood from his hair. The toothbrush then did its business as the man brushed his teeth. That didn't stop him feeling more than a little hungry though. Jushiro would have to find food somewhere else in the town though. The man got himself dressed with his Zanapakutos tagging along on his hips. It was now time for him to leave. but not before taking a sip of his sake. The man soon started leaving the area, while doing a bit of sight seeing.


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Where Am I?
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