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 The Search for Shirogamon, the blade of white order

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Alec Kuchiki


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PostSubject: The Search for Shirogamon, the blade of white order   Wed May 26, 2010 5:28 pm

Shirogamon, the sword of order that is white. It has a twin sword Alec heard about, but not much is known about the swords other then that. Out of all the swords, those two swords are the greatest forged swords in existence. It's true a zanpakuto is stronger then it, but its the most powerful sword that is not a zanpakuto. Besides, it could still stop a shikai form. On the other hand, the REAL one could stop a bankai sword strike. Alec was sure it could stop the abilites of a bankai, but he was pretty sure it could stop and a sword swing of a bankai for sure. A couple of years ago, humans tried to copy the sword with a crazy experiment. Alec was there at the time because he was trying to stop such a crazy experiment, and he thinks Ihesaw its twin sword being experimented on as well. The project ended in complete failure. The whole place was destroyed, and the swords were taken back by a person who Alec couldn't see through the smoke, but moved like a human monkey. No. Like a ninja. The only time he saw this sword in action was once. The man looked weird in the human world with unatural pink hair, but he used the sword so well it seemed like he had owned the sword from the very moment he was born. Alec would never forget how he saw the sword move, like it cut even the air itself with its sky blue slash. Before he left, Ale said,"Who are you?" The man replied, "Raiko Shimizu, a samurai." He never forgot that name. Alec has heard that the explosion caused the sword to be duplicated to a lesser degree, and the duplicate and his twin sword duplicate are in the soul society. Alec was going to find them, particulary the white sword, Shirogamon. Alec looked up. He saw that the buildings around this area were mostly made like a normal, formal japanese-home in the soul society. At the same time, he immedietly realized that all these houses were very old, so old some pieces of wood were hanging from a thread of wood. He continued to walk down the one way path with walls on both sides. Alec would be a captain soon, so its time he took his swordmanship dream to reality he thought. Grass was coming out the sides of the saddening, old walls. The sun baked the grass with its burning light

OOC: (The subject beggining is kinda based on an anime, so just in case somebody asks me that, there is your answer.)
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The Search for Shirogamon, the blade of white order
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