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 Kaitoku Shinra

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PostSubject: Kaitoku Shinra   Sat May 29, 2010 12:32 pm

Shinigami Registration

Name:Kaitoku Shinra

Rank: Vice-captain

Age: 149

Visual Age:14-16

Appearance:The figure then began to appear within seconds of it's apperance. the man's skin was that of a subtle tan but still white, His body, very well toned and sculpted showing the strength as a gifted soul disguised as a mere human and capable fighter. His muscles however, were very well packed and are masked away, misleading most who attempt to size him up based entirely on first glances. Faintly purple-tinted black hair reaches his ears in a rugged spiked attempt. A pair of assiduous eyes give off hues of a light grey hazel ever exuding an air of pride, justice, order and law-abiding nature in a pugnacious coalescence that is quite rattling to witness.

The garb adorning his figure is rather uniform in nature, although it contains a few personal characteristics that differentiate him from the other members. A long slender neck supports his head, soon branching off into a pair of lean shoulders, a jet black robe, its deep shade of black drawing a stark contrast with the chalk white skin of the Shinigami. The robe remains just barely visible within the “V” incline left from his cloak- it is fairly ordinary in nature. Midnight black hakama with no sleeves are barely visible below the robe that ends near the beginning of his ankles. A simple pair of light-brown straw laced waraji adorns his heels, while a pair of long white tabi decorates his feet. On his left shoulder he wears the 5th division fukutaichou badge

Unmistakable. A fine word to describe the beast that is called Kaitoku, for one could distinguish this man effortlessly from a crowd of others. There are few who can claim to be taller than Kaitoku he looms ominously over other shinigami, a kid with either a bored frown or a murderous grin on his face. Lacking in fat, his body is well muscled, although not overly so, certainly not to the degree one might expect from the terrifying strength his possesses, for under the robes of his shinigami uniform and the tattered, Sleveless shinigami outfit, that is the symbol of his status as vice captain

Gender:Kaitoku is a male

Personality:Kaitokuis a very inexplicable being; fairly different, and outside the preferences of those around him. His smile, never failing at being present in even the most heated situations, almost never leaves the vicinity of his face. It's very rare to see the boy wearing an expression signifying sadness or depression. Some would see his grin as a sign of insecurity, but in reality, it's just a true expression of his persona. It allows him to gain an insight on the personalities of those around him as well, depending on their reactions to his apathetic outer shell, though on the inside, things aren't always the same. He is always seemingly content, albeit he goes through the same inner struggles as others. Heck, "more than others" might be the better term for him. If there were any problems with Kaitoku, you can bet he were trouncing the dilemma with his synthetic beam.

Very few are willing to trust the unfathomable boy for many reasons, and the fact that he carries a very mocking undertone doesn't help the cause much. When in the face of someone like him, many choose the easy route and go with what comes to mind first. Why slog the rather treacherous steep walkway when the simplistic bridge is at one's feet? No soul would produce the effort behind unwinding the tangled string that he has produced. It would call for a lot of time and patience on one's hands to unstitch the mystery that lies behind the facade. He adapted to the way of life he created quite nicely, taking the shun that he receives from others as amusement. It's as if the incessant shirk is one gift after another, like a mere game dancing at his finger tips in which he plays the king's piece. All of it, wherein, he could tower above the rest, smiling down upon them - a mocking smirk of victory in the wake. One should be able to take what one dishes out, right? Indeed, correct; as do the others say when they dodge his un-enjoyable personality.

In battle, nothing really changes. As much as he is the person you'd want to turn away from on the regular, if you were wise, you'd want to do the same when it came to combat. Kaitoku can make or break you--most likely the latter. Only the most mentally stable have a chance of thriving in his presence, if not anything else. His undying, derisive intellect can throw off even the most physically endowed warrior, conferring a lot of meaning to the saying "to be all brawn and no brains." Whether you didn't have the patience to deal with him before, you better had found it in the midst of battle, for you have already went as far as to wander into the deep, dark abyss the boy's soul lies within. You'd have to surrender some type of train of thought if you wished to triumph, and those who achieve this, as well as besting him on the power scale, have it all in the bag.

Every person who knows Kaitoku will view him in a radically different way, such is the extremity of his character. Mostly, this will be determined by whether or not they have fought him, or even seen him in combat. Of all things in life, there is one source of pleasure that Kaitoku constantly seeks with a passion, a hunger that cannot be filled, and that is combat. Not a mere spar, no, although he won’t be the one to turn down one if it is offered. Nor does he search for random, pointless fights against people who cannot strike back against him, for such would be the actions of a tyrant and a coward. No, Kaitoku seeks an entertaining fight, a battle where both warriors can fight, where he will be tested, pushed to his limits, brought closer to death. He isn’t suicidal, and neither is he masochistic, despite how it might seem to others. Pain and injury is simply a form of currency in a fight, paid in for pleasure.

This way of life has naturally shaped other forms of Kaitoku’s personality. Since he lives for battle, thrives in the shedding of the blood and the clash of steel, his mind no longer holds any concept of fear. Fear is an emotion that was ousted long ago, the sleek serpent that is terror caught and strangled. No, Kaitoku simply does not care if the foe can cut him, and does not even care if they are able to kill him, so long as the fight is interesting. Death is an adversary he can look straight in the eye, without fear, only a crystal clear calm. He dislikes weakness, but only when that weakness is down to the thoughts of another. People who believe they are weak, believe they cannot become stronger, and people who begin to feel terror when facing him and thus become weak are sources of displeasure.

When one exists for combat, one also develops a strong sense of honour and pride. Kaitoku, despite being called the shinigami that has killed the most enemies, prefers not to kill the foe, provided they manage to distinguish themselves in battle. There are three kinds of people – those who simply fail against his strength, those who make a battle fun, and those who can force him to go all out. The former are the ones who will die, just because they won’t be able to live after taking a hit from the Captain. Those who make a battle fun will likely be spared, so long as they give it their all and don’t succumb to overconfidence or fear. When someone can make battle interesting, they need to stay alive, after all, so they can become stronger. The latter, the ones who force Kaitoku to go all out will definitely be spared, unless they force Kaitoku to finish the off Enemies who ask for death once defeated are quite the opposite to Kaitoku’s thoughts, for defeat should mean that one should train to grow stronger and best the one who brought them down.

Being the humble Shinigami he once was, Kaitoku prefers not to intertwine in conflicts that do not concern him. In truth he prefers to take the “route with least bloodshed”. This does not justify his reason for siding with The vizard & the Shinigami, however he does this with obedience to the fact that he could possibly die otherwise. Kaitoku has an unknown fear of death when it comes to anyone higher in power than himself, and he tries his best to keep order in, not only his life, but the life of others at well. A believer in true and powerful justice, kaitoku appears as the Anti-Villian, trying with all his might to stop conflicts from starting or spreading. He is a peaceful man of very simple pleasures, but he has a deeply pure soul which many people can see, though they cannot understand him from the outside. He had felt his share of loss and despair, and once had loved, however he is one who buries his feelings without allowing anyone else to bare witness to them. His primary trait is his kindness and selflessness toward anyone who approaches him with a humble and lax attitude, for wishes to do no harm unless his life, or another, is truly threatened.

Overall, Kaitoku is a Pacifist, his theories and ideas on a “greater law” even surpass his own way of upholding “his law” which is something short of perfect. He tries to do what he has seen done by others and improve on it, especially what he has seen from a respectable male when he was in the Academy. does not incapacitate him in any way, but only makes him mentally stronger. Over the years of his (Self-) Exile, he has perfected in the arts of fighting and Kidou and continues to try to uphold the law which he has in his mind as the true law in the Soul society.

Complicated... Indeed complicated is a very good word to use. Beware the man in the Shinigami outfit... For he is more then what he appears...

3rd division


Hair Color:Black




No one


Specialties:Fighting. Heh, there can only be so many methods of achieving the same goal. Same goal? No. Not for Kaitoku. Long ago, roughly a century earlier, Kaitoku had perfected a powerful ability. The ability to kill without killing. He has mastered the sword arts of Zanjutsu to the point that he can slide his sword in and out of a body without striking a single vital organ. He can cut someone down easily with this method and allow them to live, prostrating on the ground and watching as his glory continues. A fault of his personality to an extent, Kaitoku will not simply needlessly kill. He simply kills those that he needs to and leaves it at that.

Overall Kaitoku is an amazingly powerful Shinigami who uses little Reiatsu in his fights and still achieves a devastating effect. He is still fragile though

History:Kaitoku Shinra was born into that of the Kyoto prefecture in the duration of the last decades of the Tokugawa Shogunate. The only child of a well-respected government official and his wife, Kaitoku lived a simple, but comfortable life in a fairly large home located in one of the higher-class districts of the city. His mother was a kind and gentle woman who took great care in raising her son. His father (in the tradition of a male-dominated society, was the one who worked in the family) was the police chief. He was known throughout the city as a great man who was highly respected by the public.

What many people were not aware of was the extent of his father’s skills as a swordsman. Outside of a few close family friends, many people did not know that Kaitoku’s ancestors were the creators of the Kogen Shinn-ryu style of Kenjutsu, and had been passing the techniques down from generation to generation. At the tender age of 5, Kaitoku’s father started teaching him the basics of Kogen Shinn-ryu. It was considered a rigorous discipline for a boy so young, but in the end run, the principles embedded within the style would help mold him into a fine young man. Within the next six years, Kaitoku would excel in the art of swordsmanship, his skills maturing as his mind and body did. Yet, swordplay wasn’t the only area where Hisagi’s father would train him. He also introduced him to basic philosophy and ethics, aside from the mathematics, writing and reading he was learning in school.

For Kaitoku, life was good. His family was prosperous and healthy, and his skills as a swordsman were improving. Things however, would turn for the worst as Kaitoku’s father would eventually get caught up in a scandal started by his enemies, and further fueled by Shogunate paranoia of the Imperialist uprisings. According to the charges, he had helped a wanted Imperialist rebel escape from prison and given him vital information about Edo Castle. One week after Kaitoku’s 7th birthday, Kaitoku’s father was arrested on the grounds of treason. Somehow, false evidence planted by his father’s enemies of his disloyalty to the government was conveniently “uncovered”. Soon, he was imprisoned, tried, and executed, all within the frame of three weeks. Kaitoku’s mother, devastated by the loss of her beloved husband, soon died of grief, leaving Kaitoku parentless. With the members of his family dead, Hisagi developed a grudge against the Tokugawa Shogunate for their quick persecution of an innocent man who had faithfully served them during his entire life. He soon found himself enlisting into the ranks of the Imperialist rebels and joining their cause to topple the powerful Shogunate.

Three years later, two months after his 10st birthday, Kaitoku would meet his untimely death. Motivated by the presence of one of the four famous “hitokiri” Imperialists Kawakami Gensai. Enemy ninja had been ordered to infiltrate a nearby imperialist rebel base and assassinate anyone residing within, the young Kaitoku had taken residence here. Without fail, Kaitoku had fallen prey to these men, receiving a gaping gorge on his neck. Inescapably, the boy of 10 had succumbed to bleeding to death.

His eyes opened once more looking upon the dark skies above. From his chest was a long silver chain that seemed to be broken after about one meter of length. His eyes and head throbbed for a moment as he got up and looked around. He was standing near the ruined rebel base. He did not know why he was here or how he survived his fate or why there was a chain in his chest. He pulled on the chain a bit and noticed it was locked in there firmly. Any chance of interacting with wandering others was in vain, it was as if they could not see him, as if he did not exist. It was madness. How could they not see him if he was right here? It did not make sense. He decided to travel to nearby town, as it made him feel safe, at least at the moment.

That safety lasted for a week. A week of loneliness and isolation, a time that people would flutter about but no one would even realize he was there. His chain was slowly degrading and he did not know what that meant. A loud crash and a roar interrupted his pondering. A large creature appeared out of the forest. It had a white mask over its face and two long white horns as if some sort of demon. The people in the area scattered but it seemed like the creature was after him. He started running trying to get away from this monstrous demon that was intent in running him down. Even after some fancy footwork and some evasive maneuvers the monster caught him and ran him through with his horn. Tossing Hisagi to the ground it snorted and moved in for the kill. Kaitoku felt his life slowly melting away. This was a horrible way to die. Once he decided it was all over he hear a voice. It said something along the lines of ‘Todoroki, Ikazuchi!’ and then there was a thunderclap in the sky. There was no rain earlier and now there was a flash of light in the sky. As the light flashed there was a man in the sky, Kaitokuswore he saw someone. Lightning crashes from the sky and strikes the monster through the head, shredding apart its skull. After a second the monster simply vanishes and the man was standing over Kaitoku.Kaitoku could not see very well, his vision blurring as death approached him. The man’s sword turned from its lightning bolt shape to that of a normal katana as he pressed the end of the hilt against Kaitoku’s forehead saying, ‘Don’t worry. You will be safe now.’ Then the world faded and he felt better, like he was going to a place where he belonged.

The next thing he knew he was in a town. The place was nice, reminded him of home. A swift pace was about here, people going about doing their jobs. This place he would soon know was called District 15.

Years had passed and passed, Kaitoku had met other children and formed friendships and soon he felt at home. Without warning, young Kaitoku and several of his playmates fell prey to a Hollow attack in Rukongai. Luckily, it wasn't long until they were saved by another shingiami After defeating the Hollow, These shinigami attempted to cheer Kaitoku up (albeit with a slightly scary, demanding manner) and asked his name. This was when Kaitoku saw Those's shinigami “smile” on their face and acquired the inspiration to be happy. The sight of Shinigami and the power they possessed sent shivers into Kaitoku, the goal of becoming one of these peace protectors was soon all Kaitoku began to pursue. Without much difficulty, Kaitoku soon entered the Shinigami and met with great success.

Kaitokuwas already a famous Shinigami even before becoming a seated officer. He began taking missions with the Gotei 13 when he was still a student of the Shinigami Academy. During his last year of study, Kaitoku and two of his classmates, Kanisawa and Aoga, were assigned to lead a field lesson on performing the Konso; with Freshman Class One, the class which Naien Shinra, takeo shigeru, and Kaiyo otori were members of. All went well until the end of the lesson, when a group of Huge Hollows took the class by surprise. As both Kanisawa and Aoga were killed, Kaitoku ordered all the freshmen to run and tried to fend off the hollows himself until help arrived. However, he was quickly overpowered, and if Naien, takeo, and kaiyo hadn't turned back to help, he could easily have died then and there. Fortunately, back-up arrived in the forms of The shinigami who helped kaitoku before and his squad friend. The scars on Kaitoku’s face were acquired in that incident. Naien mentioned that Kaitoku failed the entrance exam for the academy twice. However, his talent allowed him to become a seated officer in the Gotei 13 without having to pass additional tests in the end.

Shortly after attaining his position as new shinigami he asked the captain commander meet him in a secluded area of Soul Society. Upon his arrival Kaitoku asked that captain commander remove him from his position as during field practice he couldn't effectively battle as he was scared. He explained that he has done similar drills in the real world and notes that his injured right eye was a direct result of one of those drills. He tells ,Captain commander that ever since then he cannot settle himself every time he unsheathes his blade. Though Captain commander tells him that his feelings of fear are the very reason he should strive to become a seated officer, as power shouldn't matter to a soldier but knowing his own limitations should. It is Kaitoku fear that allows him to hold his blade for those who share the same fear. momo further explains that a man that does not fear his own blade has no business removing it from his sheathe. He tells Kaitoku that if the thought of engaging an opponent on the battlefield truly terrifies him to his very core then he is a soldier within in his possession something that is priceless.

-Recent Times-

Rusty from inactivity, Kaitoku was quite eager to act when the Espada broke into Soul Society. After he sees a shinigami was defeated by one of them, Kaitoku hunted down the strongest soul, 3rd espada, and challenged him to a battle to the death. In the end, both were defeated, and for the first time, Kaitoku knew defeat, the blade of his Zanpakuto breaking. Defeat, and yet the greatest battle he had had in his whole time in Soul Society. Kaitoku decided on that day to grow stronger, grow closer to his Zanpakuto, and he would fight yuuta again. Their battle had been one to the death, and both were still alive…so one day, they would have their rematch.

Before CC and the other traitors abandoned Soul Society, Kaitoku managed to get one last great fight by encountering 2 vice captain,and two other Captains. The 1st vice captain was defeated, and his battle with Komamura 2nd vice captain, ruining a potentially fine battle. Quite the disappointment, but there was nothing that could be done; Kenpachi returned to official duties and let others work on the plans to defeat the arrncar. Nevertheless, Kaitoku got his ultimate battle later, when he fought the primera espada in a no limits showdown to the death. In the end, he had to rely on the technique taught to him by the Teacher in shinigami academy one hundred years ago, kendo – the way of the sword that Kaitoku disliked and never wanted to use - but it ended the dangerous battle swiftly. But now, Kaitoku has little to do except wait until The espada’s plans begin, and enemies start crowding up to die against his sword…

Picture of Character:

Sample Chapter:
(Taking place during Kaitoku’s early academy days)

Kaitoku took a deep breath and pushed open the training room where he knew his sensei would be waiting for him very patiently. He had asked recently asked his sensei to train him in the ways of new kido, allowing him to gain a better experience with reiatsu control. Kaitoku at the time had been the best with kido, hardly an expert and wanted to train more in order to improve. The young Shinigami could see the lights casting ominous glows as he walked in. Kaitoku’s teacher was standing there, waiting for him. The young man casted a glance round the room. There were wooden boards, like the ones used for archery, hanging about three feet away from where he was currently standing. Hisagi bowed to his sensei and humbly uttered,"Ohaiyo gozaimasu, sensei""You're very on time, Kaitoku-san. Now, let us get right in with the training session, shall we?"

The new Shinigami heaved a sigh and then put on a willing smile. Then nodded his head, signifying a mutual consent to what his teacher had said. With the nod, the old man before him produced what he knew as a Kido Handbook. Kaitoku had seen the Kido Handbook when he had first begun learning kido spells in the academy. Minato also knew that his teacher often used this book for training his students. He leafed through the pages, searching for a kido. Then he settled on one kido."You are capable of something more than kido spells such as Soukatsui or Shakahou. Let me see how you fare with this one. I will leave you with this Kido Handbook. It will prove to be very useful. Remember, every time you want to train kido spells, just come here and look through this book."

And with that, he tossed the book to him. Kaitoku take a look at it and his eyes widened. The kido before him was more advanced than he had ever been associated with. Kaitoku looked at his sensei for a moment and he had nodded. So, he had so much trust in him? This added pressure to the academy student but he knew that it was only for his own good. Kaitoku’s objective WAS to learn new kido spells, wasn’t it? His teacher smiled at him and said. "You must first perfect and completely master Hadou and Byakurai first before attempting the kido." Kaitoku nodded his head and stepped towards one of the panels three feet before him.

Kaitoku took a deep breath in and closed his eyes. He needed full concentration for a technique such as this. He could feel his reiatsu coursing through his veins, a heat which made him tremble slightly. This was one of the most important steps to learning any kido spell, as he had been told many times during kido class. This process was very important for the success of any kido. Kaitoku at the moment usually needed almost five minutes in order to conjure up the necessary reiatsu for a kido spell as high as Hadou no Gojuuroku. "Hope I can get this right..."

He knew that he would have to first perform the Byakurai technique which was not a problem since he had already learned and mastered the kido. Kaitoku could feel the reiatsu conjure in his body and travel to one place, his right arm. The right arm was his dominant, the one which he used for kido spells. Kaitoku pointed his index and middle finger towards the wooden panel on the far right. He hoped to be able to perform this technique to its fullest, where the reiatsu discharge would be the greatest and where his accuracy level would also be great. Once he felt the numbing feeling in the palm of his hand and edge toward his fingertips, he whispered,"Hadou no Byakurai"

A bolt of blue light discharged from his fingertips the second he finished speaking the phrase. Kaitoku knew that with his reiatsu discharge, it was at a great potential but that he would have to conjure up way more reiatsu for Hadou no Gojuuroku. He knew that Byakurai only fired one white lightning spark but Kyouran Byakurai would fire multiple. The more reiatsu discharge and the more refined, the young man would be able to fire more white lightning sparks. But Minato knew that he was going to need more concentration and more accuracy for this. But he was ready for anything which lay ahead.
"Good, now make sure that your reiatsu is more defined, more precise and stronger. The stronger the reiatsu discharge, the better chance you will have of being able to learn this kido."

Kaitoku dismally smiled and nodded his head at his sensei’s words. This was going to be harder for him now. KAITOKU turned his attention back to the boards. His objective was to hit three boards, which meant that he would have to cast Kyouran Byakurai. The young Shinigami closed his eyes again, concentrating on reiatsu formation. This was the first time he was performing a kido of such high level and thus he did not know how much reiatsu was enough.Kaitoku felt the warmth in his body as he felt the reiatsu travel. He trembled slightly at the sudden warmth as it began increasing. Kaitoku directed the energy towards his hand. He could feel his hand numbing and his fingertips begin to numb as well. He brought his right hand upward, pointing his fingers towards one of the wooden panels. Then he opened his eyes abruptly and with no hesitation, he whispered the incantation.

"Lord, the shattered vault! Pale the midnight rose. Silver rain, broken sky. Sigh the man's cry in the deep sepulture of cowards. Carry the arched fool to the gates of torn hearts!" Minato could see his hand radiating with the blue and white energy as he said the words. It was only after he said the incantation that he stop for a moment, allowing the reiatsu to refine before discharge. Then he called out "Hadou no Gojuuroku Kyouran Byakurai!" His voice was only a mere whisper as he said these words. As soon as the words were said, Kaitoku released the reiatsu in his hand, seeing the blue and white energy flow from his body and into the air.

"Don't fail me now..."Kaitoku could see the spark carry and launch towards the board. It should then separate as soon as the reiatsu was launched from his fingertips. From what he could tell, it wasn't doing that. He wondered why and looked towards his sensei who was also assessing the situation closely. His fingers fell to his side as the spark was launched and the disappeared, before hitting the wooden board that was his target. He thought of reasons why it was successful.

“Perhaps it is too early to teach you such complex things. Do not feel discouraged, you gave it your best.”
That wasn’t enough for him, Kaitoku wanted more, but he knew that his sensei was done with him for the time being. Minato bowed and faked a smile. It was completely useless, after training in only three kido he thought he could manage such a thing? He could have hurt someone.Or Kaitoku could have mastered something that no one her rank had. Determination swelled within him as he rushed through the doors into the soft breeze.

Beast fight :

So. Kaitoku was on the path towards the gate that would lead him down to Karakura, a path that he rather fortunately knew well by now. It was an inconvenient fact that Kaitoku had sense of direction, something that his zanpakutou often found infinite amusement in pointing out. Not that hers was any better, of course. At least, that was what he thought; problem was, there was always that optimism that she might be right. Well, she wasn't with him today. The whole reason for this journey was down to his instincts, and they were telling him that it would be a very good idea to be down on Earth at the moment. Fortunately, one of the other Vice captain had agreed, giving him quite the perfect excuse to go, fairly certain that he was going to get into a fight. So he had received permission as quickly as he could.

It wasn't easy for a Vice captain to receive authorization to go down to Earth, and it was even more difficult for Kaitoku to get it - clearly, there were worries about the damage that could cause. While he was at it, he managed to get authorization to remove his limiter too, because although he did like to give people a chance in fights, he didn't want to go down into a potential mess with most of his power out of his reach. Of course, it was then that he had found out, upon returning to the 5th division, that his captain had just departed down to Karakura to help out one of the new Captains...he didn't remember the name, didn't matter now...so he would start there. If there was a Captain in need of help, then there was something good for him to fight. Flawless logic. It was just as well that he had got that limiter revoked.

Damn Hunter though, for getting there before him. Those two had better not kill everything before I get down there. He had to wonder what it was. All the Captains had their Bankai's, which Kaitoku had to admit were fairly powerful...most of the time. There wasn't much that could fight that, really, aside from other Captains who were not total failures, and then there was hunter, who was hardly a good swordsman himself. Well, he was still going there anyway; this new problem was just a nice bonus to everything else. Actually, bearing that in mind, it would probably be best that he hurried. Breaking into the kind of run that some shinigami would have difficulty keeping up with using shunpo, Kaitoku reached the gate leading to the human world quickly, smiling as he ran though. The gateway between the worlds had been stabilised, so the walls were not falling down, and the cleaners inside the realm were inactive, giving him a totally free space to move through.

Only to emerge at a scene of battle, the reiatsu so thick and heavy that even he, with his renowned lack of ability to detect reiatsu, felt the power collected here. His lone revealed eye glanced around, noting all the enemies that were gathered ahead. All of them menos hollows, pretty damn rare. He hadn't actually seen any before in their current states; he had just killed two Adjucas Arrancar when he had been in the Hueco Mundo last month...and one of them hadn't been worth talking about much. There were a few of those Adjucas here, he reckoned, and from that reiatsu, one of the hollows was a Vasto Lorde...even better. He'd have that one then. Glancing over, he saw hunter and the new Captain, neither of whom were looking like they had been fighting much, if you ignored the fact the Captain was using Bankai. Did she call on help before she even started fighting?

Drawing his sword, the jagged blade as murderous in shape and form as the hollows, Kaitoku stepped forward to join the other two, although he didn't intend to ask for their help. Alright, so he was trying to hear what his Zanpakuto had to say to him, but he sure wasn't teaming up with others. hunter would understand that. Looking at his captain, Kaitoku grinned. "You managed to get out of Sereitei pretty quick, didn't ya?" Still smiling, Kaitoku held his sword loosely in his right hand as he watched the hollows, waiting to see if they decided to attack. None did. That was good. He would get start off.

"Looks like there is something funny going on," noted Kaitoku. The hollows were proof enough of that. "I'm on a mission here anyway, and these guys are in the way." And with that, Kaitoku advanced on the hollows.

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PostSubject: Re: Kaitoku Shinra   Sat May 29, 2010 12:58 pm

Okay. It's obvious you blatantly copied your personality from a character in Bleach wiki. Why I state this you may wonder? Canon characters are listed in it. I want you to go back and edit your personality. Then I shall check your character application once more.
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PostSubject: Re: Kaitoku Shinra   Sat May 29, 2010 1:02 pm

I never goes to wiki ever and it's done by the way

false spelling has been repaired
wrong spelling or not a word has been deleted
personality is changed.
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PostSubject: Re: Kaitoku Shinra   Sun May 30, 2010 4:43 am

Good app, I guess, but I normally prefer for your char to only have one specialty.. Not skilled at almost everything, but pick one of those many skills you listed in your specialties..
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PostSubject: Re: Kaitoku Shinra   Sun May 30, 2010 4:46 am

Okay can i pick 2
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PostSubject: Re: Kaitoku Shinra   Sun May 30, 2010 5:21 am

Preferably just one, anyways.. Approved as shinigami.
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PostSubject: Re: Kaitoku Shinra   

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Kaitoku Shinra
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