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 Mortem - Kurumu Hikari

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PostSubject: Mortem - Kurumu Hikari   Mon May 31, 2010 3:31 pm

Name: Mortem

Essentially, it looks a lot like the Grim Reaper. The classic hallmarks consist of black angel wings, skeletal features and a scythe. The skeleton is clothed in a long dark and billowing robe. It is also surrounded by a black halo and had red glowing eyes deep inside it.

However, the doll also has a young girl in a white dress that stand near to it. She has white hair and red irises. She has an evil grin on her face most of the time and holds an hourglass in one hand. The sand is either full or empty depending on how much Kurumu wants the enemy dead. If she does, the sands will be empty and the skeleton's scythe will glow. The girl will either ride on the skeleton's back during a fight or fast travel. Otherwise she's sitting next to or walking after the skeleton.

Now I must stress that these two are the same entity. They speak in perfect time, move with one mind and attack in the same way. They are one doll's mind in two bodies. One creature disguised as two.

The little girl can also go back into the cloak. It when exposed, the little girl is stuck inside the skeleton's ribcage, her arms and legs bound to those of the skeleton.

Kurumu focusses the doll into existence by turning her staff into black dust which forms the skeleton. From within the folds of the skeleton's cloak comes the little girl half of the doll.

Her staff itself is made of black wood and curls over at the top like a Shepard's crook. On the end of this crook is a bell made of black metal. Naturally it rings merrily when she walks around.

Doll Ablity:
Mortem has, over the years, picked up many dead things. These things include dogs, mice, rats, spiders and people. Mortem's special ability is to take a dead body and make it autonomous again. Note that the body has no thought: it is simply a puppet controlled by Mortem's reiatsu. Through them, Kurumu controls the puppets.

The dead bodies cannot be killed until the reiatsu making them move stops being fed into the bodies. Cutting off their arms, legs and heads can disable them in some way though only cutting off their supply of reiatsu causes them to fall back, as dead as they were before. Naturally, they are all chained at the neck to the skeleton's waist.

As for how many bodies are contained within the folds of the skeleton's odd cloak...nobody knows for sure. Kurumu professes that there are six human corpses in there and two hollows. Innumerable small cretins such as mice and spiders and a few dogs. When Mortem kills an enemy, their soul is turned into reishi and absorbed into the cloak then reconstructed. As such, the cloak never really looks that full.

Note also that Mortem cannot call forth the powers of enemies it has defeated. For example; if they killed someone with the power to shoot fire from their eyeballs, that power disappears with them. The flesh is Mortem's only weapon. That and the zanpakto/knive/sword etc. that they died with. No, zanpakto cannot keep their powers. The zanpakto just becomes a sword.

Also, Mortem does not keep the rate of decay. In other words the smell of rotting flesh is unmistakeable when Mortem summons his minions. Many of the corpses they keep have turned to bone...or at least have dregs of skin clinging to them.

Element: Shadow/Dark
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PostSubject: Re: Mortem - Kurumu Hikari   Fri Jun 04, 2010 2:20 pm

For your ability could you please state how many bodies you have or could you put a limit on how many bodies you can have at one time and a cooldown before you can summon more just because I wouldn't want to see you pulling a million different people out of your cloak at one time.
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Age : 1008

PostSubject: Re: Mortem - Kurumu Hikari   Fri Jun 04, 2010 2:25 pm

Varies with the object in question. For this I shall use my all-powerful bs producer and make us a table:

Spider = Hundreds of them. the amount of energy it takes to power a spider is so tiny that it would be ludicrous to put a number to how many she can control at once.

Mouse = 75 because they're mice and warm blooded.

Dogs, Cats and other medium-sized mammals = 10

Humans = 6

Elephants = 2

Blue Whale = 0.5

If that's enough to define the whole animal kingdom I shall take my leave :S
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PostSubject: Re: Mortem - Kurumu Hikari   Fri Jun 04, 2010 2:27 pm

Half a blue whale... interesting anyway, APPROVED.
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PostSubject: Re: Mortem - Kurumu Hikari   

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Mortem - Kurumu Hikari
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