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 Osutin Shiori

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PostSubject: Osutin Shiori   Wed Jun 02, 2010 7:51 pm

Shinigami Registration

Name: Shiori, Osutin

Rank: Regular

Age: Actual: 156 Appears: 16

Appearance: Osutin has jet black hair and dark brown eyes. His hair comes is often in a messy form of a short spiked look. He is approximately 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs 145 pounds of mostly muscle. Hes not "beefy" but he is at least fairly strong. He generally wears the typical shinigami robes, except for his sash, instead of it being white, his is blood red. There is something special about his robe however. On the inside there are a couple dozen pockets, all within easy reach for him. In these pockets he keeps a plethora of things. Some contain shurikan, some throwing knives, some snacks, and some are empty.

There are a few identifying marks about Osutin however. One is a scar that runs the length of his back. He has no idea how he got it, only that he has always had it. Another is only visible if both you and Osutin are in the dark, and he is angry at you, if this is the instance then his eyes will change from brown to a deep red and become visible in the dark, much like a cat's or dog's eyes.

When he is not in his shinigami uniform he tends to wear black or snow camouflage cargo pants, a black tee shirt with either a red, blue, silver, or green tribal design or emblem, and a black jacket. If it is hot, he will roll up his jacket sleeves to keep cool. The jacket has been modified in much the same way as his robe has, but with less pockets.

Gender: Male

Personality: Osutin tends to be anti-social. He doesn't enjoy feeling like the new guy of the group so he tends to not associate himself with more than one or two people, and even then he is hesitant. He would much rather be left alone and nap all day. Although if you can ever break down his barrier you will find one of the nicest, most caring people you are likely to ever meet. To be labeled as "friend" by Osutin would be the equivalent of being named Royalty. Only those that he feels he can trust without the shadow of a doubt are to be called friend by him. However, if you do gain this title, you will have also gained someone who would go to the end of the Earth and beyond for you, but would expect the same in return.

He also tends to have dark thoughts. He doesn't think very highly of himself, and will always put himself down. He tries to not show it as best he can, but he tends to go around with a constant frown on his face. He also has a habit of looking at the ground while he walks, only looking up every few steps. Something that tends to set him apart (at least as far as he knows) in his thinking from others is that he doesn't believe in love. He doesn't think that there is another being, human, shinigami, arrancar, vizard or otherwise, that can ever have any feeling relating to love towards him. He tends to think that any love is doomed to fail because love is an illusion, at least that's what he thinks. So may speculate that this is the reason that he tries to keep himself secluded from everyone else and why he would rather watch everyone else have fun then have fun himself.

Second Division


Hair Color: Jet Black

Likes: Sleeping, darkness/shadows, eating, watching the people around him, reading.

Dislikes:Work of any kind, bright lights, interacting with large groups of people.


Specialties: Keeping himself hidden for long periods of time, reading quickly and retaining what he reads, and being almost completely silent while moving.

History:Before Osutin died, he had a good life. He had everything ever wanted, and more. His name was also Austin, but for some reason when he died everyone called him Osutin. His parents gave him just about anything he asked for, and a lot of things he didn’t. The two big things though were video games and swords since he collected both of them. One day, his parents got him the biggest and most unexpected gift ever, this one topped all of his swords, guns, knives, video games and anything else they had given him; a car. It was his sixteenth birthday, and his parents had gotten it for him as a gift. It had been used, but he didn’t care, a car was a car. So, they let him and his friend take it for a test drive. It drove alright, some like glitches here and there, but over all a good car. They had just left a gas station where he had filled up and bought him and his friend some drinks, they were pulling out from the intersection when a tractor-trailer drove threw the stop light and read-ended him going over eighty miles an hour. His friend survived, but just barley. The only recognizable part of Osutin was his arm, which was left lying in the ditch on the side of the road.
Once Osutin entered the Soul Society, he quickly learned of the Shinigami and managed to get enrolled in the Shinigami Academy. While he was there, he kept away from most everyone. When he would come to class, he would almost always scare his teachers with how quietly he entered and exited the room, and he could almost always be found in some shadow reading a book on something. As the years past and he graduated from the Shinigami Academy, he was quickly placed into Squad 2, presumably for his natural stealth abilities. He hasn’t really done much in the squad, he doesn’t know anyone in it, and generally tries to keep to himself.
No one in the squad really talks to him, and he returns the favor. He would honestly rather be a Rouge or Mercenary, someone that can stay secluded and only help other for personal gain, but he knows his chances of that happening are pretty slim. Thus far every mission he has been on has a been a success and every mission he hasn't has been a close call. Although he doesn't take notice of this, his squad mates seem to and none of them like him any better for it. He is the only one in the squad with a zanpakuto that can control it's self. for this reason, most of the squad seems to have labeled him a freak behind his back, not daring to call him that to his face. They both fear and envy him. They fear him because of the old saying: "It's the quiet ones you have to watch out for." and Osutin is most defiantly a quiet one to watch out for. They envy him because of his success, the same success he doesn't seem to take note of. Long story short, no one in the squad really likes him because of who he is as a person and the abilities he has.

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PostSubject: Re: Osutin Shiori   Thu Jun 03, 2010 8:40 am

More on history.
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PostSubject: Re: Osutin Shiori   Fri Jun 04, 2010 9:31 pm

um the history could be longer still but it is good enough

by the power invested in me I now pernounce you approved
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PostSubject: Re: Osutin Shiori   

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Osutin Shiori
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