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 Dr. Ken.

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PostSubject: Dr. Ken.   Thu Jun 03, 2010 8:47 am

Name: Kentitachi Kenjikouto
Alias: Susamajii Kenjikoutto no Juanchi
Prefered Nickname:
Mario or Kenny

Ex-Division: 2nd
Age: 255
Visual Age: Late 20's


His head is a sikingly rounded while edged shape. His left eye have small narrow bags under them hardly visible from a distance of 5 feet or more, his eyelashes are extremely short and black unlike his natural pale orange hair color. His visible eye is narrow too and the Iris is colored in a gray cyan surrounded by a extremely thin and hardly noticable pupil. His eyebrows are 'sharp', like a cone it narrow as it lengths but normally it starts just above the corner of his eyes not exceeding the width of 2 centimeters and finally narrowing down the width as it drags to the outer corner of the eye (again, just above it). Like the eyelash the eyebrow is colord black as opposed to his natural hair color; Pale orange. His nose is slightly rounded and narrow while having a long bridge. It doesn't give his face a lengthy flow; but merely blends in with his face thanks to the lock of his hair that conveniently hides the nose. The mouth is just as Narrow as most of the mentioned parts of his face, usually shapping a triangle when he talks or makes common facial expression and it hands just a couple of inhes above the 'sharp' chin that keeps his facial structure that already seems well rounded from seeming too rouned. His right eye is covered by an eyepatch, the eyepatch itself is nothing special and does nothing for Ken except keep him from using his Right eye which is instead of having a color; displays the image of clouds in a Sapphire blue sky. The image isn't really an image; but more of a animation that calms Ken's foes and friends alike. His hair is pale orange and long enough to reach his shoulders, it is straight and kept in good condition. A lock of his hair covers his nose periodically and his Voice is incredibly deep and scratchy during times he has cigarette(s) in his mouth and when he chuckles it seems rather high pitched and childish. Though he smokes, his teeth are in perfect condition and extremely white.

Kens skin complection is just as pale as his hair and just as white as his Mask. Being an Ex member of the 2nd Division, Stamina and cardio was his second lifes work along with executing orders easily and abruptly which explains his well structured torso. Tight muscles and a fair build (still torso wise) but while wearing his regular white silk button up shirt and black Jacket he gives the appearance of a slender man rather than a fairly built one. This 'tone' is confirmed with the other slender features of Ken: His extremely bony and long slender fingers, his incredibly long and slender legs and his narrow but long neck (The neck isn't abnormally long or narrow like any of his other body parts except the one between his legs). It is also accurate to assume that his calf muscles and gluttons are pretty well built, he ran alot during his days as both a Human and shinigami and the various and tiring workouts he endured. Across his back diagonally is a long and wide slash mark which sealed up years ago; This being from one of his many encounters with another member of the 2nd division, a close friend actually. Another note worthy marking on his back is the Tattoo of a large Ex trying to cover the long and wide scar on his back, on his Torso he has another small circular mark right where his heart lies underneath. This seems like another pinkish burn mark but it is in fact nothing of the sort.

As stated before he wears an Eyepatch on his right eye (It serves no purpose other than hiding his right eye. He doesn't really like having it seen by other people due to how it looks.) and a white silk buton up long sleeve shirt. He doesn't button it up all the way, he leaves the top two unbuttoned to show the top half of his chest, and over it he wears a black jacket that he never buttons up. The black jacket and the button up shirt is rather tight. On his right ring finger he has a golden engagement ring, on his left wrist he has a silver rolex and a silver bracelet with a jet black jewel embedded into it. He wears long black slacks and holds them up with a small leather belt with a small rectangular buckle. He wears White cotton tube socks and black work shoes.


Gender: Male

During times when lives are at stake; He acts serious. But only when these lives are the lives of people he trusts since he believes there aren't many more people in the world he can trust and rely on. He acts serious in his own way though; He doesn't act too emotional and he doesn't say much, he does what needs to be done without applying too much effort or without resorting to any of his 'Comrades' (Either his inner hollow in the form of a mask or his Zanpakutou) due to the fact that he is a very proud person and enjoys using his fists for body language. Though he rarely trusts or relies on people, that doesn't mean that he treats them with respect of kindness, he acts the way he acts up until the very moment his 'allies' become disposable. He tries to distance himself from Shinigami as much as possible for this very reason and wastes little to no time telling his comrades just exactly how they will be treated by him if they cross him or become useless to him. He seems saddened however during these occasions as opposed to serious though do not mistake it, he is actually really serious when he looks sad, the only time he has every really felt sad was when his Wife died. He was not always this cold hearted.

Usually he is carefree. His only motive for living is his need for revenge against soul society, but he is't serious enough to act the part. He has a high tolerance and a very big sense of humor, he puts up with anything and takes almost everything as a joke. His friends and foes alike seem to get angry at the fact that he is constantly displaying his carefree attitude in the most dire of situations to them. Being so carefree enables Ken the ability to not really be taken by surprise easily or to care much about the actions of others both directed and not directed to him. It is hard to make attract Kens attention if ou are not after his life and it is difficult to get much interest from this guy unless it is with a pack of cigs or opening up a conversation with the Topic being about his late wife or His days as a Human. Though often on rare occasions Ken plays little jokes on people (Humans and comrades) to lighten his own mood.

While it is rare to get much of a response or much of a reaction from Ken, The most effective way to get a response out of him is to get him angry, it is easy to get him angry and when he is he doesn't think logically and he doesn't do anything unpredictable, he acts with linear movements and dangerous manuevers. When he does become incredibly angry he uses his Hollow form and then goes berserk, he convinces his mind that he needs adrenaline and he gives himself an objective.


Ken was born in Glöfgen Germany, a small but organized town without a hospital to deliver children, so parents were supposed to give birth to children on their own. Alot of children died because of this, Luckily Ken wasn't one of those unfortunate kids. He was born healthy. His mother, a french architect by the name madaline au'deuare , named Ken; David Summers. His father, a African American Detective and former member of the President of the United states secret service, agreed with the name and raised the child with much love and care in his own way. He prevented him from going outside the house he was born in to try and keep him hidden from the treachery that was the cruel and unusual world. To keep him educated, he forced him to read encyclopedias and Atlases for 15 years of his life. When he was 9 however, his mother was diagnosed with Acute stress disorder, something that had hidden itself with her for 9 years since Kens birth and killed herself when Ken turned 16. Ken's father didn't really act different after her death and even after dissolving her body in their bathtub filled with Acid, he wished it happened a different way but there was nothing he could do now and he accepted it. Ken, not being used to seeing dead people, didn't know exactly how to act to her death. So he merely shed a few tears and prayed for her soul every night. Later that same year, his father enrolled him in the military, after taking him there, he never saw his father again.

For the next 4 years of his life he underwent vigorous training, endured mental abuse and learned incredible stuff as well as enhancing his body. As he turned 21, thanks to his incredible display of leadership and bravado; he was assigned a role on the Sand sweeper troop whose purpose was to hunt and kill Japanese soldiers and gather intel on their enemy government by acting as Double agents after fulfilling the assassination contracts given to them to carry out. Ken by then, was used to killing people, and had destroyed his conscious along with what he wanted to believe was his emotion. While he as apart of the NSAS' Japanese police task force (an enemy fraccion) for 6 years, seeming incredibly Loyal and even obtaining Gold medals for his bravery and excellence in desperate times. When the time came to pull the plug on his entire operation and to assassinate the man who trusted him most, Nathan realized he was too attached and his cover was compromised when he purposely failed to carry out his task. He no longer was a friend of any side and was now an enemy to both his homeland and the Country he lived in. Desperate to erase the Existence of David summers, Ken faked his own death in a Opera show where he was surrounded by many of his enemies so that they could be convinced and he would no longer be pursued. How he reached such a predicament is another long story in itself but lets not get into that.

When he became 28, he had an alias, Kasumi Yamamato, and he joined enrolled into college with the help of one of the administers who knew him and though of him as a dear friend. He graduated 4 years later with a Major in Psychology and ambitions in becoming a Doctor. He realized he had to go through another 4 years of medical school to have the opportunity to become a licensed Doctor. Ken didn't really care much for wasting more of his life on learning about a subject he knew everything about so instead he took the identity of a Doctor who was chief of Medicine at the local Karakura town hospital. As this person, he legally changed his name to KAsumi Yamamoto and assumed his role as chief of medicine at the hospital.

He served as a Doctor for another 2 years and was quite successful at it, until a tragic accident led to him losing his life. This accident involved two poison darts to the neck. . . As a Whole he wondered around the Karakura town thinking about his life and feeling as if he was wrong in everything he has ever done. The chain hanging from his chest and the fact that he was ignored by everyone he knew meant that he was some kind of ghost. The traditional ghost image he thought of was him in the condition he was killed in. But the chain on his chest was the weird part. 2 years and 7 months later, he stopped moving around Karakura completely, occasionally he was chased by a Hollow but cleverly escaped, and other times he encountered a Shinigami but luckily escaped their clutches with his soul still belonging to him. The last reaper he met about 3 months ago explained to Ken what was going on with Ken and what his duties as a soul reaper was which gave Ken even more of a reason to avoid The shinigami. Also, during the 2 Years and 7 months, his chain seemed to have gotten shorter little by little. By the third year; Ken disappeared completely and reformed as a grotesque hollow right in front of a Shinigami who quickly cut his mask in half before he could further explore the world as a Hollow.

When he came to, he was in Rukongai, distorted and felt weird with no memory of his previous life. He awoke in robes, dirty, dingy and unfitting with a Zanpakutou laid on his stomach. Oddly enough, as he got up to his surprise, in his head he knew exactly how to hold the blade and he knew exactly how to use it. The unfortunate part about his second life however was the fact that he knew nothing about himself. So he traveled, and noticed how everyone pointed at him in amazement as if his being there was taboo. He traveled that district of Rukongai for 4 days until finally he felt famished and fainted on the ground. Hours later he was awakened by an old woman who threw water on his face and held an apple before his face with a large smile on her face. She was exceptionally short but she didn't seem too stocky. Ken accepted the apple and became quick friends with the old woman, but as she went her way, Ken followed because he was grateful for her saving his life. He vowed to protect her with his life. Ken spent 50 years traveling with this woman who merely wandered districts with him to protect her buying and selling foods to different people. One day she came face to face with a shinigami student. The shinigami student was her grandson and he seemed happy to finally find her and the shinigami gave her thanks to Ken who protected her on her long journey. When she asked for his name Ken didn't have anything to say, so instead she smiled at him and named him Kentitachi Kenjikouto. Upon noticing his Zanpakutou attached to a leather strap around his chest diagonally, something made by the old lady during their travels, and offered to take him back with her to the shinigami academy and mainly because of his vast spiritual pressure. He did so and left the old woman by herself after dropping her off in her incredibly big house outside of District 70 of Rukongai in the forest. Ken never saw that woman again.

Ken enrolled in the shinigami academy and remained close with his colleague, finding himself attracted to her. After graduating they both joined the second division. They went on many mission together and soon they married. After 105 years of living together in love, a dark and fateful night changed their lives forever. During a day when Ken came in contact with a Arrancar in Karakura, his inner hollow became incredibly riled and emerged, this inner hollow was the result of him being purified by a shinigami, though oddly enough, not all of the hollow inside of him was 'purified'. His wife and a few other subordinates were on this same mission with him but as he became feral, he didn't care about his comrades or foes. In fact, everyone became foe. He killed (Without remorse) the Arrancar who opposed him, his subordinates and sadly.... His wife. He continued to run feral through the streets of Karakura and almost became completely Hollow until his Captain went all Bankai on him. He survived and his hollow mask was completely destroyed. Instead of taking him back to Seireitei, his Captain sympathized with Ken and allowed him to live. He went back to seireitei and left Ken alone in Karakura town to live his remaining days in shock. Instead, he was forced into his head where he had a long and exhausting fight with his hollow over who was superior. Ken proved superior and vowed revenge against Captain Kuro who spared his life.

Sample Chapter:
Nathan sat in a incredibly large and comfortable
chair with a red leather interior to fit the sync of the rest of this quiet and subtle room. The orange glow of the setting sun shined through the Two large windows set up against the wall in which the Chair and Nathan faced lighting the room up slightly to reveal most of the contents of the room. Nathan himself was flipping through a hard covered book, he was doing so incredibly fast as if he skimmed through the pages of the thick book instead of reading it. When he finally flipped the last page he closed the book entitled "A room of one's own" By Virginia Wolf (It was Nathans favorite book yet he treated the material as if it was just a bit of non-fictional crap) he tossed the book altogether towards a desk and tilted his head as his right elbow was rested on the arm of the chair and his head sat in the palm of his right hand. With his left hand he dug into his wool coat and quickly afterwords, took out a pack of cigs. Smoking wasn't an amusing thing to Nathan, Nor was it something he enjoyed doing, but his will wasn't strong enough to fight his addiction. Suddenly a ominous sigh reached Nathans ear which alarmed him and convinced him to dig into the side of the Chair between the cushion and the inside of the chairs arm with his right hand, and take out a Desert Eagle .50. He quickly realized it was the taunting sigh of the doll belonging to Nathan and it was because the Doll was bored. Nathan became alot less tense and sat back in the chair scratching his head with the tip of the Gun. <Alright I get it, It's time to go then I suppose> He assured the Doll in hopes that he would express his gratitude in a way other than letting out a irksome sigh. The doll didn't reply at all to Nathans surprise, but that itself didn't stop Nathan from lifting himself up from the chair and walking towards the door left of the Position of the chair which was against the Wall of the small hardly lit room.

-Moments later-

After walking through the Catacombs Of the Bounto basement, Nathan finally reached his lab. In this lab was a Table Directly across from the Entrance a little more than 2 yards away and against the walls; Cabinets and entertainment centers filled fill Empty glass tubes and Jars and even miscellaneous objects such as Syringes, Various blackberry phones, Half empty packs of gum, Bottles and packets of ketchup, Small magazines/tutorials that help one with limited knowledge perform Surgery, Balls of Yarn, Scalpels, Bullets, Handgun clips, Crusty dried blood stains Hand grenades and etc.. On this table across from the entrance, a Man squirmed and tried his best to liberate himself from the chains attached to Bracelets made of sekki sekki on all of his limbs. He had a Gag in his mouth so his noise making was limited to a bunch of Muffled sounds, Even though Him and Nathan were underground in a big empty Mansion in the middle of No where, The gags purpose was to keep the man from screaming and irking the nerves of His doll. Nathan removed his glasses and placed them on a shelf within one of the entertainment centers and then removed his coat putting it on the knob of the door to one of the contents of another entertainment center. Nathan moved towards the table and then checked the pulse of the Man who (sorry to say this so late in the game) was a shinigami by placing his right index finger and middle finger on his neck. The Man obviously suffered from Thrombosis just before Nathan captured him which meant he wouldn't have much time before he started becoming delusional and useless. Nathan moved towards another cupboard with much haste and swung the door to the shelves open and quickly grabbed a lighter. After he used the lighter to light the already in his mouth he inhaled a huge amount of the smoke and then started coughing unpleasantly while removing the Gag from the man. Nathan stopped coughing and then slapped the man with his back hand in hopes that he would stop screaming. His efforts were Vain, the man continued to scream horrified at his current predicament and finally Nathan put the cigarette out on the Mans neck whilst saying "Shut up, you're not dead yet." He quickly stopped his crude actions so that he could realize that he made an error, "Well technically being a shinigami, you have died once before so. . . To be more accurate, you haven't been killed by me yet. . . Or er. . ." The man stood silent only because he was confused with why Nathan sounded so awkward. Nathan shook his head and then back handed the man once again. "I need two things from you. One, that you tell me just how do I get to seireitei and Two, I to know where I could find Kuro Akarui." At the sound of the name Nathan mentioned just before finishing his sentence, the Shinigamis eyes widened and he seemed scarred " How do you know that name?" Said the shinigami, "The last shinigami I interrogated told me That I would have to kill this Kuro Akarui in order to weaken the Gotei thirteens strength, I think he is someone of importance an-" Just before he could finish the shinigami cut him off. " He is the second division captain and one of the greatest God damn you see this like it is The squirt of the matter smelled like AWEE!!!" He started sputtering nonsense after revealing that this Kuro Akarui person was a Captain. It was probably the effects of his thrombosis. Nathan chuckled a little at the various things the shinigami said and finally Nathan reached behind his back with his right hand and grabbed the handle of the Dessert eagle resting behind his back and finally he aimed it towards the Mans head and pulled the trigger blowing the shingamis head open decorating half of the Cabinets and cupboards surrounding the table with blood. Nathan sighed and then walked back to the Cupboard where his coat hanged on the knob and he quickly grabbed it and pulled it off the knob to get inside the coat. He then walked towards the cabinet in which he left his glasses and took them while holding the cigarette in his mouth. Nathan then left the room.

-21 Minutes later-

Nathan came walking down the stairs of the Bount mansion, He was heading for the door but felt it necessary to to take one more smoke before heading towards Karakura town high school. He placed the incredibly large suitcase filled with a Grenade launcher and a Desert Eagle on the floor while he sat on the steps and reached into his right pocket with his left hand to take out a lighter. He quickly lit up the cig in his mouth from earlier he put out using the Neck of the shinigami and blew a large cloud of smoke from within his mouth. After a few minutes of inhaling the lit cancer stick; Nathan picked the brief case up and then left the Bount mansion.


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PostSubject: Re: Dr. Ken.   Sun Jun 06, 2010 4:56 am

Approved, but I'm not sure if you're allowed to have a hollow mask.. I need to check it out with another admin that isn't on an absence.
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Dr. Ken.
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