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 New Zane

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PostSubject: New Zane   Thu Jun 03, 2010 7:01 pm

Name: Zarander, Zedicus (prefers to be called Zane)

Rank: Lt

Age: 369/21

Appearance: Overall Zane is a very normal person with good looks. He is a medium height, around 5’10” and normal weight of about 160 pounds. His skin tone is that of a fair tan, he is not pasty and pale but he is not exactly a surfer dude either. His hair is natural blonde, kept at a medium length, and always straight as that is the only appearance thing that Zane actually takes pride in. Instead of the normal uniform and lab coat Zane wears a more traditional feudal age set of robes with red lining on the inside both when he is in a gigai and when he is not. His muscular build doesn’t do him credit though it serves the purpose of telling people that he is not a little push over it fails to warn them just how much physical strength is in him. All over his torso Zane is covered in scars of various sizes that he has obtained over the years both through combat and lab failures. There are burn scars that mostly come from failed lab trials but on his back there is a particular wound that took on the shape of a black dragon that he received from a more challenging opponent in his early days in the Gotei, he now wears it proudly as a tattoo.

Gender: Male

Personality: in retrospect Zane is a very complex person. But to put some detail into it, he would almost certainly be viewed as insane due to what appears to be a multiple personality disorder and serious mood swings. This simply means that Zane has a knack for changing his mind set to fit the situation while on an assignment. For instance, say he was set to assassinate someone. Then Zane would become very stealthy and cruel relying on survival instinct and tactics. Where as, say he was assigned to be a type of body guard for a child whose parents were recently killed or went missing. Then he would change himself into playing the role of something like an older brother that would not only protect the kid but also try his best to comfort them. Over all, Zane is a very calm and laid back guy. Almost like a pot head, just not nearly as random. Though there is one thing that Zane will not tolerate, that is an insult to or any form of damage done to his squad and its barracks. If someone were to cause even the smallest crack in the wall or misplace a single pebble from the inside roads he would then force himself to attack that person until he either felt they had repaid their debt to him or until they agree to pay for the damage.

Division: 12


(This piece is optional)

Hair Color: blonde

Likes: Zane enjoys anything that lets him just hang out and chill with friends

Dislikes: Zane hates to be talked down to as though he were ot on equal terms with anyone else in at least one way (strength, intelligence, ect…)

Crushes: An open mind and a calm personality, these are the things that can catch his interest.


Specialties: listening, He sometimes could be cosidered the local therapist.
Life was hard on Zane right from the start. When he was still very young a mad man burst into his home and forced him to watch as his parents, brother, and two younger sisters were murdered. Zane only survived because just as the crazed killer turned to him and raised his blade, a fierce burst of spiritual pressure erupted from Zane’s body like a shadowy appendage that took hold of the intruder and rammed him face first into the floor until he was dead and his skull flattened down to his shoulders. Zane had of course blacked out and was unaware of what he did so when he awoke from his dark slumber he saw the man’s remains and threw up the wept until an alerted soul reaper came onto the scene. Seeing the bloody sight and the boy’s dead family he asked Zane to come with him as a type of younger brother because he assumed that it was Zane that had taken out the deranged killer ad wanted to see his full potential.

Over the course of the next one to two hundred years Zane also became a soul reaper in squad two with his “brother” and lived a very happy life. Until one day when a small group of soul reapers were found with their bodies twisted into unnatural shapes and a few…parts missing. Zane and his proxy brother were sent on an assignment to identify and eliminate the source of the assault.

After a full day of searching the two were exhausted and scouted out a place to rest. After a short search they stopped under a large tree to take a short breather. They sat and talked about a few things for the best part of an hour. Then when the two were ready to get up and resume their search, a mass of thronged vines burst out of the roots of the tree and took hold of Zane’s throat and sword arm. “Damn it,” yelled Zane wincing at his new found pain. Tsuneo drew his zanpakuto and said, “Guess we found it.”

In a split second Tsuneo had produced a kido of flames that incinerated the plant’s arms from Zane who immediately got to a safe distance away. Zane said a few quick swears then released his zanpakuto. “Come forth from the reach of night, Yoru Tsume!” An arm of shadows burst forth from Zane’s chest and reached for the vines and saw that while helping Zane, Tsuneo had been caught by the vines and they were wrapped completely around both of his arms and were slowly making their way to his throat cutting him deeply and they crept. Upon seeing this Zane’s anger took over just as it had before when his family was killed and the shadow appendage that sprang forth from him latched onto the oncoming vines. When the vines were in his grasp Zane, now aware of his actions used the shadow to pull the hollow from its camouflage inside the tree’s trunk and produced a grotesque Venus flytrap like creature.

“Damn you”, said the hollow. “Let him go,” yelled Zane, “or else you will die just that much sooner.” The hollow almost looked as though it were considering its options, but it was all just for show.
The hollow laughed and said, “You really are a great negotiator boy. Die now or die later? But in reality I don’t believe that you could destroy me at either time,” the hollow turned his one disturbing eye toward Tsuneo, “Although your friend here might actually do me some damage. Therefore, he dies now.”

The fiend quickened his pace as Tsuneo attempted to break free and caught his shoulders at the sockets. In just a second both of Tsuneo’s arms were lying detached and twitching on the ground. “Aw DAMN IT,” yelled Tsuneo in a cry of pain. When Zane saw his blood brother dying in the clutches of a hideous monster memories of when his first family flooded back over him. And just like last time the shadow arm from Zane’s chest went wild as his head quickly accessed the knowledge of what he was going to do. With a primal yell from Zane the demon stopped ripping Tsuneo like paper and turned his attention. The arm grabbed a hold of the hollow and used its unnatural strength to grasp its foe with several tons of pressure until it begged for mercy. “Please….have…….. Mercy...” pleaded the hollow. Zane simply kept completely silent and shook his head no as he exerted the last amount of pressure so that the enemy folded in upon itself, cries of pain ringing throughout the area.

Dropping the dead demon’s corpse, Zane used his shadow arm to bring his beloved brother in close to him and took him into his arms. Tsuneo was still alive, but the blood loss from his empty shoulder sockets meant he would be dead any second now. “Brother…,” said Zane. Tsuneo stopped his brother and tried to look comforting. “Now don’t go soft just because I’m going to die, “said Tsuneo laughing weakly, “you must not let my passing distract you. You must move on in your life and continue to be stronger.” Zane was nearly in tears but none the less taking in every word. “If you really want to mourn me, then do so through training. Every time you think of me and want to cry, come to this tree and swing your sword at it. Once you have done this so many times that the tree falls over, then and only then can you feel sad for me. But by then I hope you no longer feel the need to be upset.” Tsuneo winced as the blood flow increased. “I never said this enough my brother but I truly did love you as a member of my own house.” With these words Tsuneo went limp in Zane’s grasp. Taking to heart his brother’s last wishes Zane released the corpse and drew his unreleased Zanpakuto and violently hacked away at the tree for a full four days straight, barely cutting through at all. When he stopped Zane made a small grave and buried Tsuneo under the tree that now held great significance to him, and then reported back to HQ.

Over the many years to come Zane would go to the tree every day and cut away at it bit by bit. Until one day the great massive grave marker fell down to the earth. “I understand now, Tsuneo, you didn’t want your dying to ruin me so you set a nearly impossible task ahead of me. Because you knew that I would honor your last request. Well I am not sad anymore as you predicted, and I’m ready to begin anew from now on. You shall always remain in my heart as a precious person but now I shall forge a path of my own, fear not for I shall never fail a promise to you.” And with that Zane walked away from the downed tree never to return and set out to make a new life.

Picture of Character: Avi

Sample Chapter: Zane stood on sokyoku hill overlooking the entire Soul Society. “Interesting,” thought Zane, “I would have thought that a hollow of this size would be easier to detect, tricky bastard.” Zane brushed his hair away from his face and then shot up like a fired round. “There you are.” Zane stood up and flash stepped away towards the west gate.
The hollow was a large snake like creature. Zane was sure that he hadn’t been noticed because the hollow hadn’t moved since he detected it at sokyoku. He was almost ready to move in when a novice reaper didn’t realize that he was about to move right in between Zane and the hollow and also right into the striking distance of the beast. “Damn it,” thought Zane as he considered his options. After a moment he decided to go in for a strike at the demon any way.
As the massive fiend prepared itself to swallow the stray soul, Zane moved into position just a little faster and struck. Blast gods. Decimate the foes body, and steal their mind. Hadou number three Byakurai. White lightning sprang from Zane’s fingers and struck the hollow on the bridge of its nose. The hollow was mostly unaffected but it hurt just enough for it to move for the other soul to see it and run away.
“That was my dinner,” exclaimed the hollow!! “And you can be labeled as my assignment,” said Zane. The hollow seemed amused by this and let out a chuckle. “Assignment? I think not, more like the one who ordered you off the menu!”
The hollow lunged at Zane, who easily moved out of the way. “oh please,” said Zane, “The western seas, bubble with heat. Heat of Ifrit, show your true form! Bakadou 23 Kasairyuu!” Four walls of magma spew from the earth, then turn to black obsidian. Rising up skywards, sealing the hollow inside.
“Damn you to the stone gray hell,” yelled the hollow. “Maybe I’ll see you there one day, make sure to book me a room,” said Zane. Zane drew his zanpakuto and raised it high. “ Have a nice trip,” said Zane as he thrush the blade of his ninjato into the prominent skull of the hollow. As it screamed Zane withdrew his sword and sheathed it and walked away as the beast dissolved into oblivion.

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PostSubject: Re: New Zane   Thu Jun 03, 2010 11:14 pm

The appearance and personality area are lacking. In appearance give more about his own body. What is a normal "complexion"? Is he tall or short? Is he fat or skinny? Is his hair straight or curly, neat or messy? These are the questions that need to be answered. Things like clothes can change constantly tell more about himself.

And for the personality tell more about his norms. If he always has multiple personalities explain them, if not explain his normal self. You need to know much more then he is just laid back. Is he shy or out going? How does he act around his friends. Is he nice or mean? Funny or serious?

Everything else is fine though. Just add onto his personality and appearance.
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Ajaket Diashi


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PostSubject: Re: New Zane   Thu Jun 03, 2010 11:30 pm

Just an additional heads-up.

12 Division LT. has already been taken. Unfortunately.
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PostSubject: Re: New Zane   Fri Jun 04, 2010 2:57 pm

ok good enough for mre...

by the power invested in me, I know pernounce you APROVED.
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PostSubject: Re: New Zane   

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New Zane
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