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 Bount Doll: Cruzada [means Crusader in engish]

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Mr. Kleimpole


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PostSubject: Bount Doll: Cruzada [means Crusader in engish]   Thu Jun 10, 2010 3:36 am

    Name: Cruzada [means Crusader in engish]

    Medium Form:

    -- Crusader takes a form of an expensive type of camera on its sealed/medium form. It was the camera he found on visiting the warehouse where the things from his parents was left. Crusader's medium form can be used like other simple camera. But unlike other camera, this one is smaller, it has the size of a trading game card so it is easy from Klim to carry it --

    Class Type: Magic-Type
    Sub-Type: Fusion-Type


    After saying the word "Zeige Dich" which means show yourself in english, a great pressure of spiritual power will be felt for miles and miles and a blue spiritual flame will cover Klim's entire body leaving no part of his body exposed. After few seconds, the flame will burst, causing an explosion of flame up to 5m infront of his body burning anything who stands on its path. Once the flame disappears, his do, Cruzada will stand next to him wearing a crusader outfit. Cruzada wears a goldn armor which has a large shoulder guard and a golden cross between her breasts. Cruzada wears a golden hakama same to the Arrancars but unlike the said race, Cruzada's hakama is yellowish brown with four white cross connected to each other. Her limbs and arms are covered with a silver steel, same to the Hierro which Arrancar have. On her left hand, she carries a brownish shield with a yellow cross and red heart at the middle. On her right hand, she wields a sharp, long and thin white blade. Behind her is a purple cape with a ragged ends. Cruzada has a lot of cross designs from different parts of her body enhancing her concept as a Crusader.

    Cruzada is tall woman with an age between 19 and 20, very mature and a skilled warrior. She has purple long hair with curly ends, two dark eyes, pinkish lips and a fair complexion skin. For a woman, she has a slender body but yet strong to match Shinigami and Arrancar. She has a height of 178 cm and a weight of 49 kg, almost taller than his master Kleimpole. Cruzada is a cooperative and loyal doll for Kleimpole, he will use all her power just to protect his master from any harm or even throw her life to death. Cruzada has a secret crush on her master, she is always jealous when her master flirts with another girl and gets blushed whenever her master tries to make flirting jokes on her. However, Cruzada is a perfect warrior used by Kleimpole for defensive purposes against other people's attack or even absorb them to empower his master.

    Core Form:

    Cruzada becomes a pair of golden gauntlets when transformed into weapon. Silver on the left hand and golden on the right hand. Using this weapon, Cruzada offers some of her reiatsu into his master which enhances Kleimpole's strength and speed for melee combat. Using this gauntlets, his master could even kill a single opponent with a great concentrated punch and powerful enough to block against Zanpakuto swords. While wearing this gauntlets, Kleimpole will posses a great aura of purple spiritual energy which becomes the symbol of his power.

    Doll Ability:

    Cruzada allows Kleimpole to absorb any forms of opponent's energy attacks using his silver gauntlet located on his left arm and store it inside. Cruzada may share the spiritual energy she absorbed into the user enhancing his strength, speed, and stamina by 50% of the absorbed energy attack meaning, the stronger the attack, the higher the percentage of enhancement Kleimpole takes. Also, the spiritual energy attack which Cruzada absorbs can be fired back into opponent from the right golden gauntlet but when firing back, the attack becomes weaker, reducing one fourth of the original power when it was absorbed. Instead of firing it into the enemy instantly, Kleimpole may store the absorbed energy inside his body and fires in a form of purple energy with the total amount energy attacks he stored inside his body. Cruzada also allows his master to absorb any forms of spiritual energy from the opponent's body at close contacts allowing him to take away 15% of the current spiritual energy amount from their body. Absorbing of spiritual energy in a form of attack using the silver gauntlet can be done once a post. Note: When Cruzada uses this ability, the shield will be the one to absorb like a vacuum while the sword will be the one to launch.

    Element: Reiatsu

    Name: Curación [Cure]
    Type: Healing, Support
    Condition: Summoned, Fused
    'This technique must be used when his master, Kleimpole commits injuries and major wounds or cure herself when she is also injured. She will simply convert the absorbed spiritual energy into a healing energy. Once converted, she can increase the regeneration speed of her master's cells in a higher level turning back the stamina he lost in the battle, growing limbs, or even resurrecting him back from death. When Cruzada heals other persons, she must be summoned in order to heal them. While his master Kleimpole is moving, Cruzada may still heal him but only used once fused.
    Duration: Minor Wounds/Injuries: half a post, Major W/I: 2 and a half post, Regeneration of limbs: 4 posts, Resurrecting: 7 posts
    Minor: 2 posts, Major: 4 posts, Limbs: 7 posts, Resurrection: Once a battle

"I will add some techniques soon"

Last edited by Mr. Kleimpole on Mon Jun 14, 2010 1:20 am; edited 1 time in total
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The Hunter


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PostSubject: Re: Bount Doll: Cruzada [means Crusader in engish]   Fri Jun 11, 2010 11:30 pm

Excuse me, mate.. But how long is a round for your doll? And add another weakness on your doll ability, will you?
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Mr. Kleimpole


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Age : 23

PostSubject: Re: Bount Doll: Cruzada [means Crusader in engish]   Mon Jun 14, 2010 1:23 am

done, I think i have made enough weaknesses, by the way, rounds means posts ..
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PostSubject: Re: Bount Doll: Cruzada [means Crusader in engish]   

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Bount Doll: Cruzada [means Crusader in engish]
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