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 Amy Penhaligon

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PostSubject: Amy Penhaligon   Fri Jun 11, 2010 11:36 am

SuperHuman Registration
(Brace yourself, this is hopefully going to be a long app if I've got the appropriate amount of detail in it.)

Name: Amy Penhaligon (The Iron Maiden)

Rank: Ascended One

Age: 22

Her normal appearance is of a woman in her late teens with long blue hair and yellow eyes. She has a severe face and rather thick eyebrows. Her nose is a small button-like nose. Her body is built to be thin and willowy. However, her body is riddled with muscles underneath her garments. She's much stronger than she looks and even then she looks damn strong.

Over the top of a red leather dress reaching to her knees, she wears a breastplate with attached epaulettes of steel. Her boots are fur-lined steel grieves. Her boots are also made of metal but with leather soles. Naturally it does get a bit sweaty in there.

Gender: Female

Amy is a cheeky but stern woman. She is hardly ever funny and never intentionally makes herself out as the centre of attention. She's cool calm and collected most times. Except when someone breaks the rules. To her, rules are very important and are valuable to everything in society. She is very quick to anger when someone breaks the laws of the land.

But do not mistake strict for unfriendly. Amy may not show it often but she cares dearly for those around her. If they look after the rules and keep up to her standards of decorum then she will consider them friends.

She is also very forgiving. If someone tells her they're sorry and means it then she will forgive them on the spot without a second glance backwards. She loves anyone that has the capacity to feel remorse.

In short she is the personification of Justice and kindness. Every bit the superhero her fans make her out to be. Although, her Apostate armour is proof that darkness lurks somewhere in her heart. She is known as the Iron Maiden because she causes pain only to those who deserve it. This pain is delivered swiftly and justly and soon forgotten about afterwards. You see, Amy has a habit of running for everything she thinks 'wrong'. She dislikes killing people but somehow has ended up doing it on more than one occasion. So she forgets it. She buries everything bad in her life and keeps soldiering on. Her endurance is a testament to how her armour came into existence.


Hair Color: It varies.

Martial practice
Her Dragon King Armour

Her Ice Queen Armour
Ranged weapons
Armour of the High Priestess (for different reasons than Ice Queen)



Specialties: Martial Arts, Swordplay, Axeplay, Reiatsu control and defence

Amy grew up as a young British girl who developed her powers at the age of 9. She discovered her High Priestess armour at a very early age and has developed it ever since, making it her strongest armour.

She was determined to raise this armour to its maximum power as she wanted to be a super hero. It was her genuine desire to protect the citizens of the world from super villains. However, as she grew, she found out that she liked being in control of things. She liked to fight people and tell them they were weak when they could not damage her. She was falling through the cracks of society, making herself one of the most infamous fighters of the underground movement. She was known as the Iron Maiden even then simply because of her detachment. Many bad men has wanted to control her and hold her under their thumb but there was not a price that she was willing to accept.

So these men sent thugs to kill Amy when she was just 17. But she was not in a merciful mood and left not one of them alive. She has used her apostate armour that time. If anything, it fed her assumption that she was the most powerful of human beings.

This arrogant assumption was beaten down when she was. She was beaten by a shinigami one day who decided to spare her. The Shinigami left Amy a broken woman. As such, she spent the next three years developing her power and training her mind. She would never again presume herself the most powerful. She would remain the portrayer of Justice in the world. She was soon feared by the criminal underworld as the bringer of death. She truly was a merciful killer, showing mercy only to those who repented. She was insanely religious at this time.

But those two years she spent killing evil men made her think: what was she worth really? Was she much better than the men she killed? However, she still struggles with this question today. She remains, as ever, ambient about the morality of her actions and simply does as her own personal law tells her. No man could ever control her.

And so, she wonders the world. She kills off people who are in her eyes 'evil' and protects those she deems 'good'. Her morality isn't "killing is wrong, taking drugs is wrong, protecting kittens is good". Hers is far more flexible. Her morality is "The good people deserve to live. The bad deserve to die. Those that don't agree with my morality must die."

Her ideals lasted her five years and will not easily change. She believed firmly in absolute morality for a good portion of her life but now she is not so sure. Her faith is also in crisis as she fails to care whether she will go to heaven or hell. She thinks that eternal life would be somewhat tortuous.

Picture of Character:
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PostSubject: Re: Amy Penhaligon   Fri Jun 11, 2010 2:32 pm

approved as Ascended, post what rank you want here
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Amy Penhaligon
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