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 Layle's Resurrección[Finished]

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PostSubject: Layle's Resurrección[Finished]   Mon Jun 14, 2010 8:54 pm

L'acqua di Dio [Spanish Form: El Agua de Dios{Meaning The Water of God}]

Release Phrase:
~Disperse, L'acqua di Dio!~
The release of Layle’s Resurrección has to have a couple of things that must happen first before he can release his hollow powers. First of all, Layle must have his innate ability activated. The second thing happens from his innate ability being activated, which is that his Zanpakuto blade must be dripping wet from the Infinite Pioggia, or Infinite Rain. Once, that is complete he only needs to speak the Release phrase, “Disperse, L'acqua di Dio,” to release his full hollow powers.



Sealed Description:
Layle’s hollow powers are sealed within a rather normal looking long-bladed combat knife. This knife is kind of like the American created Bowie Knife. The hilt of the Combat knife is rather simply looking it is solid silver with a black leather grip wrapped around the middle of it, so a little bit of silver sticks out from the top and the bottoms. Also, the hilt has finger grooves in it to help with gripping it for combat purposes as well. Now, the hilt has something hidden within, which is a simple healing paste that rapidly accelerations the cells of the Arrancar body to heal quicker. The amount of paste is only enough to cover about ten small wounds, five medium sized wounds, or one large wound. [This is only used for after battle purposes. So, if I still need to put a post amount then that is fine, but I don’t think it is needed if I’m only using the paste after battles.] The hilt stops at a small guard-like raindrop-looking piece of Solid black steel, this is the simply but small guard of Layle’s Zanpakuto. The Blade is something that is very unique and basically one of a kind; it is 10 inches long, 0.25 inches thick, 1.5 inches wide with a mirror-like center with a rough sharp edge. The blade slightly curves all the way to the point to get the perfect edge for the way Layle fights. The Saya, or Sheathe, of the Zanpakuto is basically a all black leather one that is attached to Layle’s right hip, and it has two black leather straps that button together to hold the Zanpakuto in its Saya while Layle runs, trains, or does Parkour.

Released Description:
Credit Goes to Zealouske for the Picture

Once, the release phrase of L'acqua di Dio is spoken. Layle will be surrounded by the rain form his innate ability and an ocean blue color will explode off of him. The Explosion will send water in every direction in a non-harming fashion, and Layle will be in his release form after the explosion of Ocean Blue light disappears. Upon, the Release of his Resurrección, the rain will pick up to a storms level. The Rain will begin to basically pour down on the area his innate ability has affected. Even though, this is the rain similar to his innate ability it is no longer his innate ability. This is a non-spiritual energy infused rain caused by Layle’s release, which will basically mean that his innate ability is no longer activated.

Now, Layle will have a couple of things different about him in his Released state. The mask fragment, which was a Sapphire ring that is on his Right Ring Finger, will no longer be on his finger. During, the time that the Ocean blue light has surrounded Layle the ring will melt into his skin, which in turn will darken his skin to its natural color. Yet, Layle’s skin isn’t the only thing that has changed after his Release; Layle’s eye color has also changed during his release. The normal red color of his eyes is now swirling together with an ocean blue color, but neither color is completely mixing together.

The Long-bladed Bowie knife will disappear as well. This makes the young Espada revert back to his basic form of fighting, which is Hand-to-hand combat. The long-blade bowie knife will return once Layle reseals himself, but that is the only way it will come back. Yet, if he chooses to fight with some sort of weapon, he will usually simply create one out of the rain falling from the sky.

*Agility: Once, Layle releases his Resurrección. He loses his only weapon, which is his long-bladed Bowie knife, to make up for this. Layle’s Agility, Strength, and Heirro are all enhanced to give him better things to work with his Hand-to-hand combat. Agility is the ability to change the body's position efficiently, and requires the integration of isolated movement skills using a combination of balance, coordination, speed, reflexes, strength, endurance and stamina. Layle’s agility boost helps him effectively dodge attack much more easily.
*Strength: Layle’s strength is also enhanced along with agility and his Heirro. This will greatly increase his chance of damaging his opponents more since he doesn’t have his Blade anymore. He has to use his fist and legs. So, the amount of increase in strength can’t really be measure, but he has gotten enough strength to break bones and damage tissue if they are hit with a full force blow with a kick or fist. Now, there are things that can’t be seen, like Heirro, kidou, ginto, and thing of that nature that will decrease his damage done.
*Heirro: Upon, his release Layle’s skin will darken. Yet, this isn’t only for looks. Layle’s dark skin is a strong Heirro, which is basically the Heirro he had before sealing his power away. The enhanced Heirro will allow Layle to block nearly any weapon with his bare hands along with deflecting them. Yet, anything below Captain-level can not cut his Heirro at all. Anything of Captain level or higher will be able to cut his Heirro if they place Spiritual Energy into it.

Ultimate Ability/Attack:
~Corpo Interiore Corrosione[Meaning Inner Body Corrosion]~
Layle’s ultimate ability is something rather amazing it requires the target to be infected with Layle’s Spiritual energy Infused water beforehand. Once, that is done it will only take a simple touch to activate the ability to its maximum power. The ability makes use of Layle’s ability to manipulate water and change its Ph level. So, once the Water entered the targets body through a wound, mouth, eyes, or something along those lines. Layle simply needs to touch the spot where the water is with his Spiritual Energy focused around his hand.

The Water that has infected the Target, once it is hits with that Spiritual energy infused touch, the water will quickly turn acidic, which is -20 on the Ph level, inside of the targets body. The water will only infect one body part at a time, which will limit the overall damage of it. This is how the Ultimate ability got its name, which is Corpo Interiore Corrosione. The ability corrodes the infected body part from the inside out, which means it will be reduced to a liquid puddle within an X amount of posts.

The Acidic Water that has infected the body will corrode at a rather fast rate it will be completely reduced to a liquid form within three of my posts. Now, this can be slowed by simply focusing Spiritual energy to the infected body part, but either way the process of corrosion will be extremely painful.
Duration: Three posts[Without Spiritual energy slowing down]/Five Posts[With Spiritual Energy Slowing it down]
Cooldown: Once per battle

Resurrección Special Ability: (All Arrancar have an innate ability, what is yours?)
Layle’s special ability in his Resurrección revolves around water basically. Layle can control and Manipulate water around his body, like the rain that falls from the sky when he releases. The water can be formed into weapons, shields, barriers, etc. etc. Layle can control any water within his line of sight that is infused with his Spiritual energy. So, that means he must first infuse his Spiritual energy into the water before he can control it at all.

Yet, Layle has another ability that can be used with any of his techniques along with be placed on any of his water that he is currently controlling. The ability is to actually lower the Ph level of the water that is infused with his Spiritual energy to a level of -20, which makes the water highly acidic. The Acidic Water can be controlled and manipulated just like the non-acidic water could be.

~Will be Created Later~

Last edited by Layle on Wed Jul 07, 2010 10:17 am; edited 1 time in total
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PostSubject: Re: Layle's Resurrección[Finished]   Wed Jul 07, 2010 10:06 am

Water[adic] <--- Acidic? That would mean you'd have a sub element of Acid. Edit.

(Just put Water/Acid)

For your innate ability, the weapons you can create will still be water, correct?
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PostSubject: Re: Layle's Resurrección[Finished]   Wed Jul 07, 2010 10:18 am

Yes, The Whoel Ability of his Ress is to manipulate water and its Ph level. I hope that is fine. I made my Ability basic to allow more Technique to be used from it. So, I hope that is all the questions.
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Mister Smiles


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PostSubject: Re: Layle's Resurrección[Finished]   Wed Jul 07, 2010 10:30 am

Approved unless proven otherwise.
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PostSubject: Re: Layle's Resurrección[Finished]   

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Layle's Resurrección[Finished]
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