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PostSubject: Grant   Tue Jun 15, 2010 1:19 pm

Disclaimer: Any and all characters I use in this app are purely for explanatory processes and do not represent any player character on this form. If accepted, I will change the relevant names to the correct forms or leave them as they are depending on othe approvers discretion.

Name: Grant (Other names include: "The Mage", "Faceless" and "Taicho")

Rank: 7th Division Captain

Age: Approx. 114 (looks about 18)

Most of the time Grant wears a heavy black robe with a hood. He also wears a handkerchief around his nose and mouth so that only his eyes are exposed. Grant's eyes are, a bit unusually, red. His eyebrows are red and thick but not unreasonably so. His face underneath the handkerchief has a strong jaw and relatively full lips for a boy. His nose is also prominent but not very large. It's got a refined bone structure.

His body however is willowy and thin with reasonable muscles. He looks very flexible and is for he can be seen stretching every morning in the seiretei. He is also known to keep his combat abilities on top form. As such, the staff on his back is seen oiled and well looked after.

Under the robust cape/robe, he wears a tight leather jacket with metal reinforced shoulders and sides. His arms are bound up to the elbow in bandages and his hands are covered in large-cuffed black gloves. On these gloves he has burnt the insignia of his division. On his left shoulder he has a tattoo of a swallow.

His pants are baggy up to his knees before they too are bound in bandages which disappear into heavy black boots. His belt has two loops on them which fall around his waist. On these belts are explosive cylinders he is known to use against tough opponents or in recon missions.

There are two forms in which he fights and lives: One form is the cloaked and hidden Grant who is cool and immutable in resolve. He is most often in this form, rarely taking off his handkerchief or hood.

Second is when the cloak becomes a cape and his hood falls back exposing angry red hair. His hair is short and spiked backwards. He will then expose his face to the enemy, a sign of respect. His face when he has no mask on is often sombre and determined.

Gender: Male

Overall, Grant is a quiet man. He doesn't talk much because he feels that his actions are often right. He will take orders with the faith that they were given in the greater good. As such, you will not get long emotional speeches or arrogant proclamations from Grant simply because he's not that all of a confident person. He is very much shy as an individual which is why he appears to be aloof towards other people. This is not down to arrogance but his own misgivings with people. He tends to be frighteningly honest when asked a question directly.

However, he is always cool. He never loses his temper under any circumstances save for several certain things. His mind is quick to find excuses for cruel people. However, if he's been ordered to hurt someone by a superior then he will. Normally he wouldn't hurt a fly. Rarely does he question orders unless he's sure they go against his morals.

Grant's morals are very simple: Protect the Soul Society from threat. Anything else and he will not stand for it. For instance, if he were told to go to Los Noches and slaughter everyone in there he would say something along the lines of "No needless deaths will be on my consciousness". He'd say it with such conviction that anyone with a brain would know better than to argue. Grant is a firm believer in "all life is sacred" and as such, will only kill when he has to.

However, Grant can get angry. When he does the results are incredible.

Once, an arrancar remarked at how Grant was letting his men die so easily. That made Grant's temper snap. He however did not shout for even when angry he is silent. He simply showed the Arrancar his Bankai and killed him within a split second. People often make the mistake of thinking Grant is just a weak rogue shinigami until he pulls out his zanpakto. They then admit he is tougher than they thought. His weak appearance is his best weapon against the arrogant who are too confident in their own power to consider appearances are not what they appear.

Grant's attitude to traitors is sadness rather than anger. He believes that a traitor, no matter how powerful, is weak in the end. He believes that those without a cause for fighting are always weaker than those who fight for an ideal.

Division: 7th


Hair Color: Red with orange highlights

His Zanpakto Spirit
Bright spacious places

Being too weak to protect his comrades
Having to devise ever more complex arrays

Reasonably attractive body
Girls with strong abilities
Girls who understand what he says when he says it


Specialties: Chess, Massage, First Aid and Leadership

Grant's story begins in a city in Germany in 1880. When he was a little boy his father was his best friend. Little boys from the village rarely came near grant because of his odd eyes and hair. His father had gone grey so he was permitted to come into the village. He was blind so his once brilliant red eyes were gilded with white film, making them appear pink. Grant's mother was a kind pretty lady who cared for her men greatly. She (unusually for the time) shepherded the sheep and milked the cows with Grant while his father chopped the wood. It was from his father that Grant first learned how to swing a blade.

Grant's father told Grant that he would have to protect the family in event of bandits or robbers coming to take their money away. As such, Grant learned from his father how to swing his sword blindly. Grant fought with his eyes closed for he knew that with them open he was vulnerable to feints and tricks the enemy played. However, with his ears trained on the ring of the enemy blade, Grant could fight with his eyes open and not fall for enemy tricks.

When Grant was 15 he left his parents' house to go to Berlin where he signed up for the army. Long he travelled the world with the German army, astounding the lieutenants with his skills with a sword. He actually became the Oberstleutnant for the army. However, their job was simply infiltration and recon. The real fighting was left to the guns and the cannon.

However it was on a military mission that Grant met his death. They were caught trying to sneak into an enemy compound. The snipers opened fire and killed many of his men. But Grant was left with ten others who had hidden behind a wall at the last minute. Armed with only swords and a pistol, they knew they were going to die. But Grant would not accept defeat: he leapt over the wall and ran at the snipers before they'd even reloaded. He sliced the heads from their shoulders and cut arms off shoulders. His men looked at him stupidly as if he were some kind of demon. He had a glint in his eye that said he was.

However, more snipers came and shot him in the back. But he continued fighting. His body was riddled with bullet holes before the pain became too much and he fell to the floor dead. However, with his last sight he saw his men getting away. This made his heart light with joy that at least he'd saved some of them. He'd died a noble man.

However, he did not leave the Earth. He was hoping to see his army plough through the enemy and claim victory from the jaws of defeat. Three days later, he got what he wanted: his army jumped over the walls and destroyed the enemy in an all-out assault. Grant could now rest in peace for his task was complete. He'd helped to win a war.

It was then a shinigami appeared to him (he thought her a valkyrie). He wondered if she'd come to take him to heaven but she simply said he'd be a member of Soul Society. Grant just went with it and took the shinigami in the hand she offered. They went through the Senkai together and came out in front of the Shinigami Academy. She told him that he should become a shinigami and protect the world from hollows. She told him that only shinigami material would willingly sacrifice themselves for their comrades.

And so, Grant learned how to become a shinigami, graduating in just under two years. Apparently he had a talent for what he was doing and as such, left the Academy with glistening approvals from almost every teacher he'd encountered. The only class he'd been bad at was Kido because he found the incantations annoyingly long.

He entered the Seiretei in the 11th Division but was kicked out when he achieved his Shikai. They thought his ranged Shikai was making him a wuss. They could not have been more wrong: When he joined the 7th division his power bloomed. He fought his way up to Lieutenant level and became dear friends with his captain. They would have started dating had she not been killed on a mission. Grants became silent after that, wearing black all the time as a symbol of respect for his dearly departed captain.

He later found out that he was to be her replacement by decree of her will. In fact, the captains of the Gotei 13 had said he wasn't half bad. He has been a captain for many many years of his shinigami career and rarely ventures into Seiretei. He is known for simply appearing, getting his missions then disappearing off to do them.

Of late, he has been gone for 20 years destroying hollows in the Forest of Menos. He has not had to use his Bankai since his first usage of it. He is thankful for this because it is the most terrifying of his abilities. He would not wish to visit these horrors upon Gillian, who do not understand that the horrific slaughter they see is his power.

His lieutenant takes the brunt of his paperwork as he's been gone. She looks forward to his message every day just to make sure he is alive. He sends her regular reports which she files forward to the Captain Commander. She herself has taken charge of making sure the lazy slobs of Division 7 keep up their training as Grant instructed. Grant is firm in his orders and his lieutenant is scary in her delivery of them so work tends to get done in the 7th division.

Sample Chapter:
(I should point out that Lao Chan is her name and not Lao with a honourific ^^")
Grant hopped out of a Gaarganta made by a machine the 12th division had given him and looked about quietly. His division seemed not to have changed much when-

"Grant-sama!" His lieutenant flew into his side and grasped him around the middle. She was only about half his size and peered up excitedly at her captain. Grant fell to one knee and patted the young woman on the head, his eyes closed happily. He wordlessly got to his feet and walked towards the division as his lieutenant rattled off a list of things she'd been ordered to order him to do. Grant nodded as she ended her list and gripped her shoulder in thanks. Grant's Lieutenant, Lao chan, knew that Grant didn't like to talk and as such, gave him a list of jobs she'd written down as soon as she'd got the message he was back.

"Taicho!" His third and fourth seats had arrived... "Have ya killed a lot of hollows, Grant-taicho?" His third seat added, hoping as ever to get his captain to talk. Grant simply nodded and looked about. There it was: Lao chan had prepared some tea for him and herself as they shared what had happened in the last 3 years since his absence. Lao Chan always missed Grant, like a big brother. Jake and Sasuke missed him but as a friend for they treated each other fondly.

"Grant-sama you never said where you'd been!" Lao Chan huffed, making Grant sigh exasperatedly. He took a map from his pocket and pointed to the Forest of Menos on a map of Hueco Mundo. Lao Chan huffed and made a pained face. Grant looked enquiringly at the young woman. "How many times Grant-sama? You're not supposed to go there without friends!" Lao Chan chided. Jake and Sasuke laughed then stopped abruptly as they heard an unknown laughter. They then realised that the way their captain's shoulders were moving, he was the one laughing.

"Taicho, you laughed! Haha, we got you to talk!" Jake poked fun at his captain, making Grant blink twice in rapid succession then he began to laugh again as if Jake had truly outwitted the young Captain. Jake was simply smiling as the map of Hueco Mundo fell to the floor and Grant moved over to the tea table. Lao Chan picked the map up and hurried over to the table to pour the tea for her seated captain. However, Grant was already pouring his own.

"It appears I was missed." Grant spoke, making Jake fume with frustration. he could never make his captain speak but he always spoke of his own accord. But regardless he sat and drank his tea and Lao Chan complained that Grant was eating too many biscuits and not taking his handkerchief off. Grant was busily eating rice cake biscuits without much problem, dipping them in chilli sauce.

"Any epic tales for us, Grant-taicho?" Jake asked, nudging Sasuke under the table. This was bound to get his captain to talk. Sasuke grinned as the captain swallowed his mouthful...then took another. Jake bowed his head and whined. He was being ignored by Grant again.

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PostSubject: Re: Grant   Tue Jun 15, 2010 4:18 pm

I'm sorry to say this but I refuse to accept a superHUMAN that is over the age of like 80 at max. So in other words before I give an honest looking over to this appliation please edit any and all parts that concern being ancient.

Sorry to sound rude but I am being realistic to a point. Have a Nice day Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Grant   Wed Jun 16, 2010 2:22 am

Well it was tough finding the appropriate race for someone who is already dead and yet still manages to inhabit a body. She needn't be a super human but it is essential to the character to be 752 odd years of age. I was going to make her a Shinigami at first but then decided upon Super human because she is still technically a human. She's only ceased ageing because she's already dead. In this sense, she's permanently 27. If your only problem is the age then simply think of her as having eternal youth. But, being a mummified dead body, her age is and shall remain 751
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PostSubject: Re: Grant   Wed Jun 16, 2010 9:39 pm

"I refuse to accept a superhuman that is over the age of 80." Simple enough? Change the age or choose another race, which would require you editing your history. ^_^
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Ajaket Diashi


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PostSubject: Re: Grant   Wed Jun 16, 2010 11:06 pm

Super Humans are defined as 'Spiritually powerful human beings'. They are technically, a non-canon species that we have created due to the fact that the criteria for the classification of their 'power' is quite broad.

Due to recent developments in the Bleach plot, we know that the two characters (Orihime and Chad) that were the supposed 'examples' of the SH race were merely byproducts of a certain plot device and it's purpose. Yes, I'm dancing with a spoiler for all your people who are wondering what the hey I'm talking about, and I have no intention of repeating word for word what it means. Just go read one of the recent Bleach Chapters (I think Deicide 3, maybe 4), and you'll find what I am referring to.

Thus, due to said plot device NOT existing any longer because this is a non-canon forum, we are to assume that beings with spiritual powers acquire such power from alternative sources(including purported 'latent' power) that being left up to the Race Leader(Fulmine) to define as acceptable or not.

Which means, unfortunately, that if he does not permit you to have a human being exceed the age of 80 or whatever, then sadly, you cannot possess a character that does such. If your character is already dead, and still inhabits a body, I might recommend either a Bountou or a variation of a Hollow. But, you are NOT a human, and thus cannot be a 'Superhuman'.

So, yeah. Sorry, but you're going to have to change some things on this application.
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PostSubject: Re: Grant   Fri Jun 18, 2010 4:23 am

Fine, fine, fine! I won't change this character because it is essential that she remain the same. Instead I will have my second favourite character take her role.
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PostSubject: Re: Grant   Fri Jun 18, 2010 11:46 am

Hm. While I agree with most of what has been said, Ful should have that say in his race, as leader, let's remember one thing. Exceptions should be made in certain cases, particularly in the case that a character has their main power as regeneration. Such is not the case here, as far as I am aware, which makes this a completely unrelated point; but I had to state it anyway. Regenerators can stop aging by constant regeneration, or by the means of the cells stop aging from healing and regenerating so many times.
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PostSubject: Re: Grant   Wed Jun 23, 2010 10:19 am

Eh, good enough.. Approved as normal shinigami grunt.. No offense to grunts.. But you need to ask whoever the Captain Commander is for the spot.. Anyways, adios.. -disappears and gets eaten by a shark-
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PostSubject: Re: Grant   

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