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 Sairento, The Species Changing 0th Espada.

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Sairento Bakuhatsu


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PostSubject: Sairento, The Species Changing 0th Espada.   Fri Jun 18, 2010 8:34 am

Basic Information

Name:Sairento Bakuhatsu

Age:3002(Looks 17)



Number:0(Burned Off)


Hollow Hole:Stomach

Mask Fragment:Head(tail in back)and left side of face.

Number Tattoo:Right side of neck

Personality:Silent, and slow to trust. He usually allows other people to speak for him.


Relationship Status:Single

Weapon Information

Weapon Name:Chimera

Weapon Looks:

Weapon Description:This weapon can absorb enemy kido/ceros launched at him. And fire them back at twice the power.

Resurrecion Release Phrase:Devastate them, Chimera!

Resurrecion Information

Name:Hisan Ohitsuji







Description:This is a simple move from hollows that launches a single beam of red energy at an opponent, which can vary in power.
Duration : 2
Cooldown: 4
Range: Long

Description:Allows the user to take in any substance, his genetic code changing in the process, as he then uses the substance as an armor.
Cooldown: 2 turns
Duration: 2 turns
Range:Grabbing distance

Name: Inhuman Speed
This is a passive ability that Sairento has done much training to achieve, putting his reflexes and speed at a higher level than those of humans and average shinigami.
Speed: 75
Stamina:10 (the amount of stamina portrays how much it takes from Sairento)
Duration: Passive
Range: hand-to-hand

Name: Expert Martial Artist.
Sairento has trained for most of his life in different forms of martial arts, preparing him for any hand-to-hand combat (ex: school fights etc.)
Strength: 55
Speed: 55
Accuracy:Varies on how fast the opponent is.
Duration: passive
Range: Hand-to-hand

Name: Neutralization
As the name says, this reiatsu ability can neutralize the compounds of any substance. (ex: Chemical reactions, rabid wild animals etc.)
Accuracy: He must touch the substance.
Cooldown:Can only be used once per battle.
Duration: 3 turns
Range:Grabbing distance

Name: Snake Bite
The sword points directly at the opponent as it then begins to shoot out poisonous needles, containing Cobra Venom.
Cooldown: 1

Name: Fang of The Wolf
The male tightly grips his sword, fangs slowly growing where his canine teeth had been. His reiatsu grows stronger as he then dashes at his opponent, swinging with heightened speed. His bloodthirst grows.
Range: Close
Cooldown: 4
Duration: 2

Name: Great Moon Burst
Sairento places his blade on the ground, allowing two golden reiatsu orbs to form in his hands as he then pushes his body forward, holding them out in front of him, the orbs shooting out orbs of the same size at his opponent. Upon the slightest contact with these orbs, they explode, needles flying out of them, in all directions. The needles holding a special tranquilizer that render a body part, paralyzed upon puncturing. (Ex: Arm, Leg etc.)

First Stage, Elegant Dismissal: This will require the resurrecion form, and that sairento Be ready to fire his Heiden Ku cero and Ragnarok Cero. This does not need to charge for any amount of turns, and reaches the size of Ten city blocks. This attack is as powerful as three and a half ulq ceros.
Duration : 3
Cooldown : 6
Range: Long

Second Stage, Brute Departure: This also requires resureccion form and the Heiden ku and ragnarok ceros ready to fire. This needs to charge for a turn and reaches the size of a large city. This is used to obliterate many enemies at once.
Cooldown: 6
Range: Long

Final Stage, Complete Obliteration: This is the most powerful cero ever wrought, and only Sairento possesses it. That is because he made it, this cero has all the conditions of the first two stages, but must charge for two turns.(Two of sairento's turns.) This cero is 'maxed out' and has the ability to destroy the entirety of the spiritual world. (Hueco Mundo, and Soul Society.) Or even just the human world. If met with a cero of equal power, this cero will cause the matter of space and time around the two combatants, cuasing them to become implosive, them turning to voids as their bodies then become nothing.(Not dead, just gone without a trace).
Duration : 3
Cooldown: Once per battle
Range: long

Devastation : Sairento creates a giant dome of earth around him and his opponent(s). During this move, once the dome closes there is no light, so no one can see. During this, he channels his reishi around the entire dome, kneading it to become the form of water.He is outside the dome, so he then fills it entirely, leaving not even a slight bit of air for the opponent(s) caught inside to breath anything but the water. The water is made of spiritual energy, so ceros and other reishi attacks will be much less powerfull. And to keep the target(s) within, sairento cloaks the dome in reishi to make it strong.
Duration: 6
Cooldown: 10
Range : Varies

Gran Rey Cero : To perform this potent variation of the Cero, the Arrancar first draws blood from the Cero-generating appendage using his or her Zanpakutō, then charges the Cero while mixing the blood with it. The result is a Cero with a much greater attack power and speed, as well as a change of color unique to the Espada.
Duration: 2
Cooldown: 4
Range: Long

Garganta: An espada's way of getting around through the human world and Hueco mundo.

Gemelos Sonído: Allows the user to move so quickly that it appears to have clones appear from the user. Up to five 'clones' can be created at a time, and this move is much faster than the Flashstep.

Ragnarok Cero : This cero is emitted from Sairento's mouth and is four times larger than ulqiourra's gran rey cero it is only 2.5x more powerful though, and takes much energy for Sairento to fire. Usually only fired when Sairento is in resurrecion.
Duration: 2
Cooldown: 3
Range: Long

Barrage of Ceros : Sairento channels the energy of a cero into a large orb the he raises above his head. He then brings it down in front of him, to hold it at an aggresive stance. The orb then launches out twenty mid-power ceros, which can either spread out, or focus on one enemy. In resurrecion, these ceros are as powerful as Sai's heiden ku cero.
Duration : 3
Cooldown : 5
Range : Long

Ability: Heiden Ku Cero.
The male channels the majority of his reiatsu into his right arm, the reiatsu coming to envelop his hand completely, shaping to the form a a larg orb. He then pushes his arm forth, releasing the energy to watch it spread in a large wave,this special cero grows as large as Ulqiuorra Cifer's gran rey cero. Doing 1.5x the damage
Duration : 3
Cooldown : 5
Range : Long

Agatai no Giroku : This power is special only to the 0th espada, in which said espada will channel their immense spiritual power into strength, regeneration, and speed.This can not be triggered in resurrecion
Form: Normal
Duration: 6
Cooldown: 9

Anashi Du Gamato : Sairento surrounds himself in intesne spiritual pressure, causing his power level to shoot up to an off the chart level. During this, all ceros are increased in power x2 and Sairento's speed is much greater than in any form other than his resurrecion
Form: Normal
Duration: 6
Cooldown: 6

Heightened Attributes(Passive): This ability is activated as soon as Sairento enters his Resurrecion. His power, speed, agility, senses, and physical strength grows to that of three captain commanders. During this, sairento regenerates almost as immediately when hit. In this state he can take a Gran Rey Cero to the face with only a cut to show for it.
Form: resurrecion
Duration: As long as resurrecion
Cooldown: same as resurrecion

Transparency : Sairento channels his body to become see through,as well as ghost-like. This meaning all physical attacks and most explosive spiritual attack will simply go through him, unharmfully.
Form: Normal
Duration: 4
Cooldown: 6

Name: Negación
State: both
Description: Energy fields are used to rescue fellow Hollows. Only the Gillian-class Menos have shown the ability to use it. Negación fields surround a target in a square beam of light that isolates the target from the dimension they are currently in, making it impossible to harm them. The field then pulls the target towards the Menos that created the field.

Espada's Pride(Passive): Once the user reaches a point in the battle where the have taken heavy damage, they will immediately gain a speed boost, after images of themselves left each time they move. These after images will stay until dismissed up to twelve of these can be made. Also, the user's strength will grow to an immense level, making it possible for them to lift small mountains.
Form: Both(Critical Condition)
Cooldown: Once per battle

Telekinesis : This ability doesn't have a set cooldown or duration because Sairento simply uses it to summon his zanpakuto. He almost never carries it and so must summon it doing this. Though it is never far from him.

Immense Spiritual Power : Sairento's spiritual power is usually held at a lower level than it really is, but if let out, the pressure of which could cause any weaker shinigami or human to be incapacitated.

Enhanced Durability: Sairento is able to take stronger attacks without showing much pain.

History and RP Sample

History:Little is known about the Cero Espada other than the fact that he is very silent. Going back a few thousand years, when he was still a hollow: Sairento was a very angry spirit. He feasted on the souls of humans, and destroyed buildings in peaceful towns for the simple reason that he wanted to. He seemed an unstoppable killing machine, but he heard he could be even stronger.

Following what others said, he ripped his hollow mask off, becoming an arrancar. After which, he began to train himself, growing stronger and stronger, as much as he could to prove himself to Sosuke Aizen. He wanted to prove that he was the right arrancar to be the Cero espada. But the job was given to some one else. He vowed revenge.

Following a turn of events, Aizen was killed, just after appointing Sairento as the Cero espada. He was ecstatic that aizen had been killed, and thought he had a shot at leader. But then an argument broke out about who should be in charge, and sairento decided to burn his tattoo off, leaving the espada.

Now living in the Kurosu Base, Sairento waits for the day that he can exact a revenge on those who stood in his way. During the time that he spent in Kurosu, his power had grown to a very dangerous level, so even the mere pressure of his spiritual energy could incapacitate a foe.

RP Sample:Sairento ran forward, swinging his blade quickly. He grinned as it came into contact with the side of the hollow's head. The blade seemed to cut through like butter, spiritual particles being the only thing left of the hollow.

Sairento wiped his forehead softly, getting the sweat off. He then turned to see four adjuchas menos coming up, raising their hands to launch ceros. As their ceros charged,he released a heiden ku, the thing enveloping all four, then badly wounding them. As they tried to sit up slowly he dashed forward, swinging his blade in a circle, decapitating each in turn.

Other Rp Sample:
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The Abyssal Toymaker

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PostSubject: Re: Sairento, The Species Changing 0th Espada.   Fri Jun 18, 2010 11:48 am

Please edit this application and redo it with our template. Follow our template as it is.
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PostSubject: Re: Sairento, The Species Changing 0th Espada.   Fri Jun 18, 2010 7:58 pm

DENIED. There is no '0' Espada. There is the Primera, Segunda, Tercera - Decima. No '0' crap. That is all I have to say. Thank you and good bye.
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PostSubject: Re: Sairento, The Species Changing 0th Espada.   Wed Jun 23, 2010 12:58 pm

Don't you understand? You can't have anything to do with the 0th Espada. IF you wanna apply for my Arrancar army, there's 9 and 10th opened. Pick one. And no, if you want to be a rogue. You can not have any thing to do with being an Espada in the past. Be normal. Geez.
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Ajaket Diashi


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PostSubject: Re: Sairento, The Species Changing 0th Espada.   Sat Jun 26, 2010 2:07 pm


Your application must obey our template. You are free to add additional sections under 'Miscellaneous' but you CANNOT use another template to try to form your character here. Please edit that, but until then your character cannot be approved.


Your Zanpakuto, otherwise known as Resurrecion, is to be registered in a separate topic in the corresponding section found below the character creation section. Not in your character application topic. Please change this, until then your character cannot be approved.


As decreed by the Primera and Admin, Chinou, long before ... the ranks of the Espada/Elite Arrancar/Renacido go from 1 to 10. No more, no less. If you wish to be an Elite Arrancar or a Rogue Elite, please change that as the 'Cero' Espada is considered a cheap Deus Ex Machina(for the arrancar's side) by Tite Kubo and therefore disregarded here. Please implement this change, until then you character cannot be approved.


Even IF the Cero Espada was a position available on this forum, your history is not adequate enough to receive approval of such a position. You must extend it to at least give an explanation of your once-human origins, then explain what level of Menos(IF Menos) you reached. You must then explain how you were converted into an arrancar ... and natural born arrancars are generally considered non-canon, but perhaps an exception could be made. You must give detail about your character's current condition and location. Sosuke Aizen does not exist. PERIOD. This is an OC/Non-Canon forum, the events of Aizen's Rebellion are either a) Non-existant or b) mere myths. Please alter your history to suit the storyline of this forum AND to be more fitting for an Espada.


You have too many techniques listed, several of which are natural arrancar abilities(Cero/Gran Rey/Garganta). Your techniques are lacking in proper description AND limitation, each one has merits for automatic disapproval, warranting further edits(EDIT them OUT, as you aren't supposed to list them here). Also, the Sonido Gemelos is considered to be the unique Sonido style implemented by the Canon Septima Espada Zommari, and therefore unable to be duplicated(unless you existed when he was around, but since this is a non-con forum, that is impossible). You also list Negacion on here as an ability. That implies you are a Gillian. A Gillian-arrancar has no chance of being Cero or a high-ranking Espada, sorry. Please, edit these all out as they are completely unnecessary by our template's standards. If not, then your character cannot be approved.


Your sample(the 1st one) is lacking. Severely. Based off that alone, you are not qualified for an elite rank. Taking into consideration your second sample, you are qualified to be a Fraccion to La Primera only if he wants you ... which most likely is not, so you will be assigned a menial task in Las Noches. Just kidding. The second sample is, I'm sorry to say this, but bland. The sentence structure hardly varies that it's almost like trying to read a bunch of one-liners stuck to each other. Your sample is in need of being spruced up, embellished, and ... for lack of another word, improved. It is not good enough for the position you're attempting to apply for, and questionable quality to receive on of the remaining open ranks. Failure to comply will result in the incapability of your character receiving ANY elite rank ... this includes Exequias and Fraccion to the Elite Four(Primera, Segunda, Tercera and Cuarta).


Please make all the edits noted above and you will be much closer to approval than you are currently.

Thank you, and have a nice day.
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PostSubject: Re: Sairento, The Species Changing 0th Espada.   

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Sairento, The Species Changing 0th Espada.
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