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 Tsu Ni

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PostSubject: Tsu Ni   Sat Jun 19, 2010 2:39 am

Name: Tsu Ni

Tsu Ni appears as a young woman in purple robes with green crystals for hair. Her hair reaches to her ankles which have two anklets with blue gems in them. Her yukata has lavender floral patterns in on the main pattern of the thing while the spirit herself has dark blue eyes and white skin. Her ears are pointed backwards with small gold earrings with blue gems in them dangling from her ear lobes.

Her eyebrows are green and her face is a soft square with a slightly huge forehead. Otherwise she is petite and stingy with a zanpakto tied to her waist with a thick red sash. She has a large red bow on her back and a fan in one hand. She looks very oriental with two black slippers on her feet.

Release Phrase: Call forth the Winter, Tsu Ni.

Family: Ice/Light

Level: Bankai

Sealed Zanpakuto:
The sealed Zanpakto looks like a oiled and varnished staff which is gnarled and knotted until the top where it fans out into a sort of cage with a small glowing crystal in the top. It is about 7 foot long and glows with Grant's reiatsu when he's angry. The glow is a harsh blue when he is angry but otherwise it remains the same. It also glows when he is determined beyond reason to accomplish his mission. This is one of his 3 warning signs.

There are also 3 other staffs he keeps on his back. Each one of his staffs has a fragment of his shattered zanpakto in it which gives them the power of his former zanpakto when activated simultaneously.

His second staff is much like the first except the staff ends in a skull-like set of knots with the shard in the cranium. The eyes glow red when Grant is angry or determined.

His third is smooth and made of birch, a white tree that makes the whole staff different from the others. This one ends in a flayed edge with the shard embedded in the middle like a comet strike. This one glows green when Grant is angry or determined.

His fourth staff is made of smooth pine. This staff has the shard embedded in the centre of a cross-like ending. This one glows with white light when Grant is angry or determined but the difference is this one glows down the whole length of the staff.

Grant plants the four staffs in a ring around him, creating a sort of light haze around the man himself. The staffs glow brightly and summon Grant's four beasts. Each one is made of ice and is a much larger form of a normal animal commonly found in nature. The animals consist of a lion, an eagle, a snake and a tiger. They are approx. 2 times the size of the normal animals that are found in nature. They also glow slightly with the light of the staff used to summon the beasts. Grant himself changes very little save for his hands appearing to direct the animals as he uses them.

You will not see more than one animal at a time however for Grant will only use all four if his enemy is too strong for a singular attack.

Shikai Ability:
Grant's Shikai summons the four Great Anima or Spirits of the Wild as Grant named them when he talked. Each one of these has a mind of its own and exists in each of the four shards of Grant's blade.

The ability of Tsu Ni is to not only summon these spirits but to create bodies for them made of ice. When they inhabit these icy bodies, they become the Spirits of Winter (also named by Grant). Each one of the four animals can do essentially the same thing with small differences for each animal.

Each of the four animals carries with it a biting cold. Touching the animal with bare skin can result in severe frost bite unless protected by clothing or strong reiatsu emanations. Only a captain commander level fighter can block the cold bite of Grant's animals completely and even then they have to contend with the teeth and claws of the four fearsome animals.

The staffs merge into one flaming scythe topped with a crystal enshrouded in birch wood. From this a light shines brightly, glistening off the snowstorm that his Bankai creates. Everything within 10 foot of him activating his bankai becomes frozen and/or covered in ice. The sky darkens as well as reiatsu particles create snow clouds and chill the atmosphere.

Aside from all this, there appears in the centre (with Grant atop of it) a huge icy beast which can only accurately be described as a demon.

It has horns and a long face full of razor sharp teeth. It has two red crystal eyes and two huge wings. It has broad shoulders with muscled arms attached. These arms end in clawed hands. Spikes run down its neck to its waist, which fans out into a set of ice tentacles. Using its wings, it stays afloat while whipping (and inevitably freezing) the ground bellow. Its breath is so cold that it can be compared to standing in the Arctic with only a warm coat and a tent to protect you.

This beast stands about as tall as a four story building and its wings are incredibly wide. They are about as wide as 5 buses laid end to end and are extremely strong.

Veins of reiatsu can be seen to glisten within the creature, making it glow brightly. Of all the zanpakto, this is one of the hardest to look at directly. Thankfully, the effect is nullified by the condensation mist created by the cold hard skin of the demonic beast (Also known as Yūrei Fuyu.)

Grant also changes. His robes become white, as does his hair. His eyes become blue and he becomes extremely pale. By now his face mask has been removed so it is exempt from this process. It has been said that he becomes a completely different man in Bankai. Lao Chan (his lifetime friend) has said it's like two men in one body only the dark is better than the light.

Bankai Ability:
Yūrei Fuyu is the embodiment of winter, also known as the Winter Spectre in English. It is the subject of many myths throughout the history of man. Grant and Yūrei Fuyu are the embodiments of winter when they are in Bankai. The temperature drops to a minus 15 degrees Celsius and the battle field becomes a snowy and ice-ridden shadow of what it once was. The freezing body of Yūrei Fuyu still applies in Bankai as it did in Shikai, with the same limitations.

In addition, Yūrei Fuyu gains the ability of freezing breath in the sense that he breathes air so cold that it freezes skin down to the bone if one is stupid enough to stand in it for a couple of turns (by a couple I mean 2).

Being so huge, Yūrei Fuyu also has the immense strength afforded to those with huge muscles. It can easily rip buildings in half and create craters with its punches.


Duration and or Cooldown:
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The Hunter


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PostSubject: Re: Tsu Ni   Sun Jun 20, 2010 11:12 am

Add a couple of weaknesses to your bankai and shikai ability.. Also, here's a question, it says your beast creatures have a mind of there own, correct? Is it possible for them to not obey your every command? You might want to rethink that part.
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PostSubject: Re: Tsu Ni   Sun Jun 20, 2010 1:37 pm

Indeed they have a choice to obey Grant. This however would be inadvisable as the animals can be recalled with a snap of Grant's fingers. The demon has no choice however: it's very form depends on Grant's Reiatsu.
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PostSubject: Re: Tsu Ni   

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Tsu Ni
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