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The site is currently going through a Revamp. So certain things will slow down, such as application responses. However, once we have our revamp over, the site will return to its familiar luster. Just hold with us for a moment as we implement new rules and features to the site. This Revamp is expected to begin on 5/1/10 and shall conclude on 5/20/10. It will take a full ten days at least for the first half to conclude on account of size of staff and school.
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 Kenryu (Dia)Shinaru

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PostSubject: Kenryu (Dia)Shinaru   Sat Jun 26, 2010 9:30 pm

Shinigami Registration.

Name: (Dia)Shinaru, Kenryu.

Rank: Lieutenant.

Age: Has spent quite some time as a Plus, nearly a millennium or more. After he went through the academy and became a full fledged shinigami, he then took recorded how many years old he was. Current count: 2065 years of age, or so his records say.

Visual Age: About the same as an 18 year old.

Appearance: A simple youth, perhaps a year or two short when his physical body would have reached its final stages of development, and eventually atrophy away to nothingness.

His choice of clothing is like many of the other individuals in the Seiretei, standard-issue shinigami uniform or Shihakushō: a white shitagi, a black kosode, a black hakama, a white hakama-himo, white tabi, and waraji. Though his
clothes are usually clean, and, should they be dirtied at any point in time, end up miraculously spotless once he disappears to clean them ... and return in under an hour. The Gentei Reiin(Power Seal/Soul-Limiter Seal) of the 4th Divisions' Bellflower can be found upon his left forearm when he is forced to wear one, out of sight. Due to his attentive and serious nature, he's probably one of the few lieutenants who actually still wears the Armband with the Division ensignia ... though he has been known to just 'accidentally' forget it at times. But, as his choice of attire is unvarying from the boatloads of shinigami in the Seiretei, let's move on to his physical appearance.

He is actually quite a fair-looking individual, though not remarkable. White and clean skin, free hair growth and repulsive skin condition, is abundant upon him. His eyes have an unusually bright light to them, drawing attention because of their glow and of their odd color, along with sharp gazes he often gives. Most people are bit intrigued to see the nutbrown eyes he have, while possessing a crimson sheen upon them, as though his eyes were bleeding, or layered by blood. His hair, while mildly long for his gender, has a silk-like texture and is swept back to cover his head and the back of his neck. His nose is un-protruding, not quite being a large honker that juts out from his face. His ears are lost in the mass of black dead protein that is his hair. Interesting to note about his facial features is the apparent lack of eyebrows … though most don’t notice unless they are not intrigued by the eye color.(Hazel and Crimson) His body is average to and through. He stands at a moderate height and stature, and is also a bit on the thin side: comparatively lanky(but not bony) with that of those who have honed their strength through training.

-Height: 5’ 5.4” (166.116 cm)

-Weight: 152lbs(68.94604024 kg)

Gender: Male.

Personality: An mixed enigma of emotions, really. Okay, fine. Not really. He's a very strict individual who enforces the rules established by his Captain(even the rule about mini-skirts, sadly to say) as he strictly believes that 'order' is everything. So is cleanliness, and because of that he almosts borders on being an OCD Clean Freak, attacking every germ with loads of sanitizers and scalding water. Though, depending on the situation, he may not be as extreme in wanting to cleanse everything. Strict, but not without moderation in his enforcement, as he can be quite reasonable despite his tendency to enforce rules. HOWEVER, this kind of behavior is only displayed in the 4th Division Headquarters during work hours.

Outside of work, he's kind of a simpleton ... living his merry little life without much worry. Actually, it's good that he has work to keep his straightforward and focused otherwise he'd aimlessly walk around, exit the Seiretei and wander the Rukongai ... then return in an ambling fashion. So, it's a common fact that most Division members that need help in paperwork end up handing it off to him, and he accepts readily.

But, besides all these random quirks about his personality and his draconian mindset at times. He's really a kind and gentle person at heart, wanting to be on good terms with everyone he meets ... even the vulgar 11th Division members throwing insults to his face. Perhaps this is why he's in 4th Division, as he displays a mild degree of pacifism, not wanting to prolong or engage in conflicts, and instead ease the suffering of those who have done such. He's also somewhat naive and foolish at times, which is rather strange given his serious nature(at work) and appearance ... but, he can be deceived quite a few times by his fellow Shinigami.

So, all in all, he's a good-natured being that wanted to be in the 4th Division because of his dislike of battles and people suffering, but can be a bit of an airhead at times ... and an extremely diligent worker at others.

Division: 4th Division.


Hair Color: Black.

Likes: Reading classic literature, helping others, and peace of mind.

Dislikes: Rude and vulgar shinigami(often from 11th Division) who mock the 4th Division, Any being that mindlessly

rampage, and untended or neglected wounds.

Crushes: N/A He's too busy taking care of other matters to be worried about that.


Specialties: Able to finish off massive workloads without a single word of complaint. Oh, and he's extremely good at hunting down fellow Division members who have been slacking off too much ... so if his Captain were to be neglecting his report and be missing, Ken rushes out like a bloodhound ... finds him moment later somewhere in Seiretei and forcibly drags him back to the office.

History: Who can say as to what lowly origins this being had? It is the same as his chaotic twin, Ajaket. They, both children of poverty, were realizing the horror of living in a spiritualy-charged zone ... a jureichi. That horror, being the rampage of a ravenous hollow, costed them their human lives. And from the side, being reborn as a plus, the younger brother witnessed his elder be devoured by the monstrous beast. Fear held him spellbound, and he remained there, his feet embedded to the ground beneath him. The voracious thing opened its disgusting mouth, and the putrid smell of decay emanated as it readied to snap off Ken head with one bite.

A chant, a word ... a blast of azure flames and whiteness enveloped him. The explosion's shockwave had dazed him severely and knocked him back, and he lay there gazing at the night sky ... confused ... terrified. And the Reaper descended. The black robed being gazing down upon him seemed more terrifying than the beast earlier, for some inexplicable reason, but Kenryu was strugglign to maintain consciousness. The last thing he remembered before he slipped away into unconsciousness ... was a gentle tap upon his forehead by some metal object ... and weightless sensation enveloping his body.


His awakening in the Rukongai was ... for the most part, pleasant. He had landed in the West Sector, Third District ... and for all intents and purposes was confused about what had happened. But, the restless soul was curious, and it didn't take long before his many questions were, one by one, answered by as many people as he could extract answers from. It seemed that, in his rest, he had forgotten about his twin ... all he could comprehend was that he had just died, and needed to know where the heck he had gone and how he had gotten here. The questions flowed, as he inquired on and on, trying to learn as much as he could. He learnt the name of the beast that attacked him ... 'Hollows', their kind was. He learnt about the black-robed beings known as 'Shinigami' and that they resided in 'Seiretei' ... whereas he was here in the 'Rukongai'.

But still he was confused ... why did he feel so empty? What was he missing? When the epiphany came, he went mad for a while, disgusted at himself for forgetting his elder brother, but more terrified about where his brother had went. He did not know what happened to his brother's soul! ... His ... brother ... what was his name again? Agony wracked his mind, as did a flurry of negative emotions that prompted him to drive his head against the nearest wall he could find. The youth was tipping between sanity and insanity with these revelations. Mind worked up in a fervor, he set out to go through the other districts. He did not care if it was against regulations, that he was plunging deeper into the lawless Districts. Something in his mind, an irrational voice of conscience, told him that his twin was here. His soul had crossed over successfully! He was here, in the Rukongai! In this Zone, just in a different district!

The next centuries would pretty much go on with his mad searches as he went on ... regardless of the danger. Actually, this rash decision may have been extremely beneficial for him. As he was beaten silly(and later recovered) numerous times by the ruthless and powerful rogues that wandered the lawless Districts ... he was slowly being conditioned. His body's endurance increased bit by bit, as did his stamina, speed and agility as he learned to run away from fights as soon as possible. His pacifism, style of fighting, and gentle tendencies were inspired by these centuries of wandering ... developing him into how he acts, and fights this day.

It was a pity to say, that he failed to find a trace of his brother. And a small thought crossed his mind as he mourned. Could his brother in the Seiretei? It was a possibility ... and he could not rule that out. After all, he'd pretty much meandered about all 80 districts of each quadrant with no luck, and no word of another boy that looked like him. His mind resolved, he decided to try to see if he could get into the Seiretei.

And he failed ... and failed ... and failed. He tried, in some way, to enter the Shinigami Academy ... but found himself continually rejected from seemingly lacking any noticeable Reirokyu, and apparently there was a bit of doubt about his personality and background since rumors had run amok about him traversing through the 80th Districts and back, and yet he seemed to bear no signs of permanent disfigurement(he had been extraordinarily lucky). It seemed that he would not be given admittance on very unfair grounds, until luck decided to shower upon him again ... and a miraculous occurrence brought the very same Shinigami who had saved him all those years ago. It took a moment for the shinigami to recognize Ken, but the now mid-teen did not fail to recognize his one-time savior. It was luck, it seemed, that this Shinigami managed to pry around the barred restrictions and open a way for Ken to enter the Academy and stay as an official student.

The savior's name was Nara. Or that seemed to be a nickname put upon him. Kenryu wouldn't forget that ever ... as he bore through the six years of academy training, learning to refine his spiritual abilities so that they were adequate by normal standards. Even when he received word in his fifth year, that his Savior had been butchered by an Arrancar ... he faltered a bit, his health deteriorated due to many reasons ... and yet he still pressed on with his studies, intending to make it through.

... The day he graduated, and became a Shinigami, therefore joining amongst the many other graduates in the Gotei, he made a careful note of it. He forever imprinted the day in his mind, and called it his birthday ... and that day he took upon the remnants of his last name that he could recall. Shin ... and merged it with his Savior's name for the heck of it. Shinaru, his last name would be from that point on. Kenryu Shinaru. His name would be ... and for the next millenniums, he found himself transferred to the 4th Division(quite fitting given his past and habits) and became an adept healer, making use of his reiatsu in the healing Kido of that Division. Years have gone by, people have come and gone, he's healed and he's failed to heal ... developing all this time. And serving the Captain loyally and faithfully as well.

Sample Chapter: (Does applying for a LT. position warrant a sample? If so, I will gladly edit in one later, but for now, due to time constraints and uncertainty, I shall leave this blank)
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PostSubject: Re: Kenryu (Dia)Shinaru   Sat Jun 26, 2010 10:14 pm

Application approved, though you'll need to get the 4th Division Captain's approval to have the Lieutenant rank bestowed upon you.
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Kenryu (Dia)Shinaru
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