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 Kaze no Karitori

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Rukku Aadotto


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PostSubject: Kaze no Karitori   Thu Jul 01, 2010 8:05 am

NAME:Kaze no Karitori(Meaning Windreaper)

MANIFESTATION:A large, old, grey owl that is seemingly featureless. It has curved, sickle-like wings and smooth grey feathers. His beak is large and black however it does not move when he speaks, only when he issues a feral cry that shakes the wind(e.g when he is released). His eyes are large and look blue when they are looking directly at someone but change to black voids when he is thinking.

RELEASE PHRASE:Fera Ranbo, Kaze no Karitori(Meaning Blow Wildly, Windreaper)



SEALED APPEARANCE:It is seemingly unimpressive. It has a grey hilt with specks of silver embedded in it. The blade is very standard and is similar to most sealed Zanpaktou. The scabbard also matches the hilt.

SHIKAI APPEARANCE:Same as sealed appearance.

SHIKAI ABILITIES:Kaze no Ha(Meaning Wind Blades). This is a passive abilty that allows the wielder of the sword to control the winds around them depending on the ammount of spiritual pressure that they release. The spritual energy released is imbued into the air around the wielder. Gust of wind gather along the sword's blade when it is swung. These gust are sent out in the direction that the blade is swung and they cut anything in their path the way the sword would cut them. This skill effectively increases the swords reach. However this ability is strictly agressive and leaves the wielder defensively open for a brief moment.

Kaze no Rasen(Meaning wind Helix). Wind and spiritual energy is focused down the wielder's arm and along the length of the blade. The wind is then focused into a concentrated ball and fired off in a conincal shape. This technique is used to dispel some kido attacks and to blow projectiles aimed at the wielder off course. This is a strictly defensive skill that has no real use against melee oponents.

BANKAI PHRASE:Kyodai na Hariken, Kaze no Karitori(Meaning Mighty Hurricane, Windreaper)

BANKAI APPEARANCE:Gusts of wind run along the scabbard and the sword. The sword's hilt is placed inside the scabbard and the wind binds them to form a solid handle. The blade bends to form a scythe. The Windreaper begins his harvest.

BANKAI:Gusts of wind pulse from every inch of Kaze no Karitori and these gusts build and swirl together causing a massive hurricane around the wielder and any enemies within a large radius. The hurricane pulls back any enemies that are fleeing and flings them into the eye of the hurricane. Rukku has complete control of the air the hurricane is composed of and the air within it. The wielder can expand and shrink the hurricane by simply releasing more or less spirtual pressure. The wielder can create multiple Kaze no Ha within the hurricane with rapid swings of Kaze no Karitori and incresed focus of his spiritual pressure. The strenth of the wielder's Kaze no Rasen is also incresed. He spins his scythe rapidly in front of him and focuses massive amounts of wind and spiritual pressure onto it, causing a gale force wind spiral to instantly dissipate and kido based attacks and obliterate and ranged weapons fired at him. This gust can also be used to blow oponents away. The wielder can also use it to blow oponents into the hurricane's pull where they will find it severally difficult to fight, he then follows them in and uses his control of the wind and his exemplorary speed to dispatch them. Finally the wielder can absorb the massive hurricane relesed by his Bankai and, sucking all oponents with the hurricane to a nearby location, draw it back to his scythe. However this is not the end of his Bankai. He then fires off the gust of gale force wind in a long, curved, sickle-like attack, that looks similar eo the blade of his scythe. This attack is called Kaze no Karitori no Tsubasa(Meaning Wing of the Windreaper) Anything struck by Kaze no Karitori no Tsubasa is instantly obliterated by the powerful winds, however some strong or quick oponents may survive or evade it. After this Kaze no Karitori returs to it's original sword and scabbard form.


Kaze no Ha
EFFECT:Allows the wielder to control gusts of air around him, thereby extending his swords reach

NAME:Kaze no Razen
EFFECT:Allows the wielder to dispel some ranged attacks with a concentrated wind blast
COOLDOWN3 of my posts


EFFECT:Creates a large hurricane that can be used in several ways(listed below in other Bankai Techs)
DURATION:8 of my posts


NAME:Kaze no Karitori no Tsubasa(Meaning Wing of the Windreaper)
EFFECT:Dispels the hurricane but draws in the wind and fires it our in one powerful sickle shaped blast. Ends Bankai.
[b]Duration and Cooldown:N/A
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The Hunter


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PostSubject: Re: Kaze no Karitori   Sun Jul 04, 2010 1:28 pm

Ahem, I see that you kind of added a few things to the template, and take out your bankai stuff.. Cause unless you get cleared for captain, you cannot make your bankai already.
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Kaze no Karitori
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