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 Sangai (Finished!)

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PostSubject: Sangai (Finished!)   Fri Jul 09, 2010 7:26 am

Zanpakuto Spirit Registration
Name: Sangai (Havoc)

Name of Previous Owner: Tetsuya, Matsudai

Age: 154 (18)

Appearance: Sangai appears as a 18 year old human male with short, jet black hair and bright yellow eyes. He stands about 170 cm in hight, yet this is hard to judge as he always stands with bent knees, like he is ready to jump on something, he wears a modern pare of black shorts and black trainers, but his most striking fetcher is the markings that cover his body.

(call me lazy but I'm having a hard time describing the pattens atm, but I have submitted a pic of him in the Picture of Character are below)

Gender: Male

Personality: Sangai is, in short, a sadistic bastered. He would let someone with mangled limps or a useless body then to kill them outright, yet he wont go out of his way to pick a fight, meaning he is not overly violent or aggressive but you still have to be careful around him, the crack of the bone, and a chores of screams is the music that he dances too, blood his wine and the mutilation that where once arms are his prized artworks, one slip up and some can be found dancing to his tune and serenading him in return.

Sangai can also seems to 'revert' to a more primal mentality at times, these seem to be triggered when he is tormenting a captive. In this state he all he wants to do is indulge his senses, causing him to nuzzle, nip and even lick things to satisfy this need, the amount of time he spends in this mindset is random, he could be like that for a few seconds or for a full day. However he can be snapped out of this mindset by a third party.

He does not do all of this for no rhyme or resin, he believed he needs to do this in order to confirm his exsistanse, to feel alive, and let others know that he exists. He feels sorry for other Zanpakuto spirits that are still bound to their Shinigami, even more so if their master has not herd their name yet.

When talking to others Sangai is normally quite, not speaking unless he is spoken too. When he does talk his words can tend to be a bit obscure and morbid, but with some kind of dark meaning about them. It is unknown at the moment if Sangai has a 'kind' side to him, seeing as his Shinigami was a caring (and lazy) man, but judging on what he has displayed so far, its not likely.


Hair Color: Black

Likes: blood, screams, drinking juice after brushing his teeth, other peoples pain, long hours of torment, daytime radio, blood, waffle wrapped chicken, fighting and training, blood, being sadistic, blood and Mango!

Dislikes: overly emotional people, Pink (the colour, not the band), laziness, Blue (the band, not the colour)

Crushes: Do you like sharp things? Love the feel of hot blood on skin? Then get even hotter? If so call 1800-Havoc for a good time (taking calls from both males and females)


Specialties: Nothing that can be posted before the watershed.....

The first thing he knew of was a blinding white light, well saying it was a white light would be wrong, it was just white. Not like fields of show or a white painted room, it was like you closed you're eyes and instead of seeing black, you saw white, that was the first time he became aware of the colour, a faint breeze brushed up against his skin confirming that he had some kind of form. He had no perspiration of up or down in this pure white void, he did not even realise that he has arms and legs that he could move around, it did not feel like he was floating or falling, he was just.. There in the endless sea of white stillness and silence. He closed his eyes, covering his vision in an inky blackness; the sight of it shocked him for a moment, causing him to take a sharp breath.

Slowly, like waking from a deep and unforgiving slumber, he became aware. He had fingers, arms, legs, a full human body, but what was more important was that fact that he had a name..


The word fell from his lips, there was something to just saying it that made his body shudder, he said it again, this time it seemed to invigorate him.

“My name is Sangai!”

He called out to the void before him, to confirm his new found sense of self, he rolled his name over and over in his mind, and the more he did the more he became aware. He breathed deep, taking in what there was about him, his senses now sharp he realised that he was standing and not floating, yet there was neither floor visible, nor any boundaries or forms in this white washed void, Sangai could see and feel his own form so he knew his eyes were not at fault. This was his world now, a large void of nothingness, and with the spirit all too aware of his newfound loneliness, with a sigh he sat down and did the only thing he could do; wait for his master to find him.

It was hard to say how long he spent there. The inner world showed no change in brightness as his master exspreansed days and nights, the stillness was consent, but in his time here he had found out a few things about himself and his would-be-master, the main resin why this land, if it could be called that, was so barren; because his Shinigami had not worked on it. Normally a Shinigami’s inner world would reflect their hopes, dreams and what they kept close to their hearts, Sangai wondered how lonely and empty his Shinigami must feel, he also wounded if he would ever be descorved, if his Shinigami would ever hear his name.

The spirit sat down, pulling his knees up to his chest. He closed his eyes and tried to reach his Master.

An eternity seemed to come and go before Sangai opened his eyes again. He could see dark shadows starting to form around the world, they started as small shapless blobs at first, then started to grow, gaining form and movement, one by one the shapeless shadows gained a human shape and started walking around, they did not go anywhere with a perpes, they simply mulled around filling the once empty space with movement and noise, Sangai quickly got to his feel and began to investigate. The shadow’s forms where ruff, have no real faces, or even genders, they where simply basic human forms, the sound they made where like a hundred voices chattering at once, a dull white noise where no real worlds could be forms from, they walked about at random, not paying any attention to the spirit or each other.

Yet amidst it all stood one man who seemed like he did, and did not belong. His blond hair fell to the small of his back; his black uniform seemed to stand out even against the shadows, the sight of him made the spirit’s heart skip as the Shinigami’s blue eyes settled on the Tattooed boy, they slowly started to approach each other, the noise from the shadows started to increase as the gap between Zanpakuto and Shinigami shrunk. The Shinigami look at Sangai with wonder in his eyes, whilst the spirit’s face was stern, almost aggressive.

“Are you my master?” Sangai inquired over the hum of the shadows.

“W-Who are you?” the man asked, looking a bit bewildered by all this.

“My name is-“

He did manage to shout his name, but it was drowned out by the boom of chattering from the shadows. One of the humanoid shadows passed between the two and by the time it had moved out of the way, the Shinigami was gone, Sangai balled his fists and clutched his jaw as anger and frustration welled up inside of him, he lashed out at the shadows around them, after all it was there fault there damn chattering broke the silence of this world, but try as he might to act some kind of revenge on them, his hands just passed through their forms. One by one the shadows faded away, taking their abhorred noise with them, the void returning to what it once was; a place of silence and loneliness.

Again it he could not say how long it was till he saw the Shinigami again. Sangai could feel there was something wrong; it was like the void felt emptier somehow, like whatever energy this place held was slowly leaking out, and it was becoming harder to breath, not enough to make him feel like he was going to pass out or in any danger, but it did make him very uneasy. Like before the shadows started to form one by one, filling the void with a relentless chatter, but this time they did not wonder around like last time, this time they gathered to encircle something that had also metalized in this world, the shadows split like a sea of souls as Sangai approached.

The blond haired Shinigami he saw before was laying on his back in the clearing the shadows had created. He did not seem as regal as before, his golden locks where matted with a mix of blood and soil, his right eye had swollen shut, his bottom lip was split and his left arm was broken in two places, the shadows dim chatter had not risen at all like last time, but Sangai know they would break out as soon as he tried to say his name.

“You are a mess kid.” The spirit jibed to the beaten up man he was standing over.

“Kid?” the man slowly opened his good eye, “you are the kid here boy!” he growled back, not being in the mood to be played with.

Sangai crouched down next to the Shinigami, placing his weight into his fingers and toes, making his poster akin to that of a cat. “Only kids cry when they fall down.” The spirit whispered into the shinigami’s ear, Sangai has noticed almost right away the marks on his face where he had been crying.

The Shinigami opened his mouth to say something, but soon closed it; after all he knew who he was talking too. He looked up at the yellow eyed young man, “Help me..” he crocked out, trying not cry again, “I-I can’t fight alone, please, lend me your strength.”

At that point the consent background noise created by the shadows ceased. Sangai could not help but think how pitiful his Shinigami looked right now, crying and begging for help; but he knew it was his duty to train and support this man, as long as he could harness the spirits power. “I have always been here Matsudai, you just need to call my name.”

“What is your name?” the Shinigami asked, his voice, no higher than a whisper.

“My name is Sangai.”

At that point it seemed like the world started to fall away, the shadows faded into nothingness, along with the Shinigami. Sangai closed his eyes; all he had to do now was wait, and hope that he was not killed in the time between waking up and calling his name.

“Rain down, Sangai!”

In the following battle Sangai found out a lot about himself, that he enjoyed the chaos and bloodshed of battle. His heart raced every time the blade cut into a hollows flash, he laughed at the confusion he caused as his ability rend them asunder, if Zanpakuto spirits could be turned on Sangai would be highly aroused at this point, after spending so long in a void and them being called on, being aware of the outside world was almost over stimulating to him, but he enjoyed it all too its fullest, the pain, the blood, the panic, he really was havoc incarnate. His sickening blood lust was not unnoticed by the man who now weald him, and if truth was told that day; Matsudai would of admitted he was scared by this.

Matsaudai was the opposite of Sangai, he was kind, not wanting to hurt anything, even a hollow, coupled with his laziness the two butted heads quite a few times. The Shinigami would always try to get out of missions and patrols’, favouring some kind of paper work or guard duty, he would also get out of any extra training, yes as far as the spirit was concerned the man was lazy, and not worthy of Sangai’s power. When the man would sleep he would be pulled down into his inner world, where Sangai would demand that he trained more, fight more and gain in strength so that he could enjoy more battles, but they would always part the same way, with Matsaudai reminding Sangai that he was the master here.

Sangai was not sure when it started happening, but a voice started to whisper to him. It was not Matsaudai’s, it was almost indescribable, and trying to pinpoint was like trying to grasp at breath on a winter’s night, but the words it said struck deep into him, that he should follow his instincts, and right now they were telling him to break away from the man who had once begged for his help and now rejected him, to do what he was born to do. The spirit reached out, far beyond the void till he felt something; one by one he curled his fingers around till he got a vice-like grip.

Matsaudai tried to gasp for breath, but the hand around his neck would not grant him such a luxury. It was clear to him he was no long in control, no longer the master of this arrangement, a second hand joined the first around his neck as blue eyes meet golden yellow, the Shinigami did not question ‘why’ he knew that, but ‘how’ he still wanted to know, how was he able to metalized like this, but soon all questions and thought faded from his mind as his vision started to swim. Sangai let go of the Shinigami’s neck when he passed out, it would do him no good to just kill him outright and he was not too sure what would happened to him if Matsaudai died, no matter, he knew there were other ways to deal with things like this, a grim smile spread along the tattooed boy’s lips, maybe it was time to see how much he liked being trapped in an empty space, to be rejected.

Sangai hulled the dead weight over his shoulder and slipped out into the night, knowing his former master’s lazy ass would not be missed till well into the morning. Sangai did not know where he was going, he just kept on moving for day, staying hidden and killing anyone that saw him, the last anyone saw of him was a glimpse of the blond haired Shinigami disappearing into the wilds outside the Rukongai.

Picture of Character:

Sample Chapter:


Family: Void

Level: Shikai

Sangai’s Shikai’s form (blade) is of a silver bladed katana, a light blue stripe runs down the length of the blade, the blue mark slowly turns red as the fight goes on, the guard and handle of the blade are plan black with no distinct markings. However since Sangai got free from his master he almost always fights barehanded, but the blue markings around his black tattoos do change to red.

Shikai Ability:
Sangai’s Shikai ability comes in the formation of two tentacle like appendages that form on his back, right where his shoulder blades are. Whilst the boon of two more limbs does not seem like much of an ability, but its clear whey when you see them, or rather don’t. The tentacles are clear, whilst the edges shimmer, in short they look like they are made out of glass, making them hard to see when swung around in combat, however they have a solid form so they can be coated in paint/blood to make them more visible. They measure 3 meters in length, new appendages are totally prehensile and can be used for stabbing, smacking, holding/constricting, defending, lifting and pulling/pushing.


Bankai Ability:


Name: Lord of the Void (now part of his Shikai ability)

Effect: This is a somewhat basic, out of combat, move that allows the user to jump from one place to another, even moving realms (from soul society to earth est), however because this is a somewhat temperamental move, it can only be performed in a non-combat environment.

Duration and or Cooldown: 3

Name: ken no chuukuu [Sting of Emptiness ] [Shikai]

Effect: the user charges one of the tentacles with the feeling of loss and emptiness before striking out at a target, where ever the attack hits (arm, leg est) will feel dethatched from their body, not like all feeling has gone numb, it feels like the limp is not there at all, although they can still move it like normal the reatsu flow in said limp will be weakened slightly, this can have a variety of effects depending where it hit. Attacks with the limp may be weakens slightly, Shunpo speeds can be effected if it hit a leg, the limp maybe more easer to wound (or even infect with poisons) and so on.

Duration and or Cooldown: last for 3 turns, 5 turn cool down.

Name: hanguri- garandou [hungry void] [Shikai]
Effect: been wondering why the blue markings on his skin have been turning red? Well this is why. When all of the markings have turned red (indicated by Sangai’s eye turning red) he can throw up a large ball of void energy into the sky, this void then eats away at any reatsu in the area, slowly draining anyone near it as long they are not protected by the void (anyone who has a void family zan/res/est are immune to the effect) after the effect has ended the void simply closes up, taking whatever energy it gobbled up away somewhere.

Duration and or Cooldown: Must be in combat for 6 posts before use, one time per battle only.

Last edited by Sangai on Tue Jul 20, 2010 2:45 am; edited 2 times in total
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PostSubject: Re: Sangai (Finished!)   Wed Jul 14, 2010 1:01 am

Sorry for the double post, but just a small bump now its finished.
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The Hunter


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PostSubject: Re: Sangai (Finished!)   Wed Jul 14, 2010 6:27 am

Hmm, you're description of your shikai ability doesn't really explain anything. You basically just said that you can stab dudes with it and block some bastard's sword with it, but what is its ability? Be more descriptive, please.
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PostSubject: Re: Sangai (Finished!)   Thu Jul 15, 2010 3:12 am

Sorry about that, i have fixed it and hopefully the new description is better than the old rambalings.

New description is as follows

Sangai’s Shikai ability comes in the formation of two tentacle like appendages that form on his back, right where his shoulder blades are. Whilst the boon of two more limbs does not seem like much of an ability, but its clear whey when you see them, or rather don’t. The tentacles are clear, whilst the edges shimmer, in short they look like they are made out of glass, making them hard to see when swung around in combat, however they have a solid form so they can be coated in paint/blood to make them more visible. They measure 3 meters in length, new appendages are totally prehensile and can be used for stabbing, smacking, holding/constricting, defending, lifting and pulling/pushing.
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Ajaket Diashi


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PostSubject: Re: Sangai (Finished!)   Thu Jul 15, 2010 5:50 am

Now good sir.

About this 'auto-tech' you have: when you say Freeze, I am not sure what you mean by that.

So I will assume you mean 'literallly' freeze them, which would involve ice or extremely low temperatures(actually, usually both) ... which is not your family(Void). You have a myriad of options here ^^ Please elaborate on what you mean by 'Freeze' if it is not the literal 'smothering in ice' I have interpreted it to be, or change it to somehow fit with your family, or remove it ... since, if we count all the techniques you have, non-combat or not, there are 4 techniques and the limit cap at this time is 3 initial techs.
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PostSubject: Re: Sangai (Finished!)   Thu Jul 15, 2010 7:36 am

That tech was on the template, i just assumed it was something use for the plot and was in addison to the 3 tecks (seeing as the template still said we got 3 tecks, and there was no sign that this counted as one)


if i dont have to keep it i would happely remove it, as you said, it does not fit my family.
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Ajaket Diashi


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PostSubject: Re: Sangai (Finished!)   Fri Jul 16, 2010 10:11 pm

Hmm ... unless Hunter disagrees with me, I'd say that yes that tech is not counted in the list ... which is strange seeing as how that plot event was quite some time ago >.<;; This is why we need to edit templates a bit more often.

But, the decision is ultimately yours to keep it or not, since I believe we can alter the phrasing of that to make the 'mythical' ice be a result of encasing the opponent with solidfied/crystalized reishi or something like that.

Now about your 'Lord of the Void' technique. To be quite frank, I do believe that since your -shikai- ability refers to manipulation of the void(though your description refers to them as tentacle like appendages), you are more than welcome to transfer that technique into the ability rather than use up one of your three initial techniques for such a thing. After all, most other races either possess innate abilities to jump dimensions, or can (given enough creativity) generate alternative methods of trascendental travel. But, again, it's up to you ^^

Your second technique ... when you say 'duration' does that mean the feeling of numbness of the stricken limb only lasts for 3 posts? Or is it for three turns that your tentacle void appendages inflict this sensation when striking opponents? In the case of the former, what does the cooldown then refer to? In the case of the latter, is that cooldown immediately after the duration finishes? Beyond that little misunderstanding, I suppose it is fine.

Your third technique ... it's description is a bit puzzling for me: does this ball expand out in all directions, consuming reishi and such as it goes? Does one's reishi or the free-flying reishi in the area have to come into contact with this ball in order to be absorbed? Or is it like a hole in the sky, sucking in everything like a vacuum while not expanding in size? Just require clarification ... also, if one chooses not to exert their reiryokue by forcibly containing it or donning some garment akin to Urahara's black cloak and therefore not exerting and reishi or their reiatsu, how does this function against that situation? (Although doing such would make such opponents more vulnerable for attack, I do admit).

Beyond that, your application has been done well enough to merit approval ... just need the clarifications above to finalize it, and also I'm a bit lower on the totem poll of staff, so my approval can be overturned(just a forewarning) in the near future >.>;; Just a precaution.
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PostSubject: Re: Sangai (Finished!)   Tue Jul 20, 2010 2:43 am

Thanks you, but I think I will just remove the freeze move, as Sangai’s personality would not be as merciful to grant them a state such as that (outside of his own Shinigami)

For the ken no chuukuu [Sting of Emptiness] move, the numbness last for 3 posts and the cool down starts after the duration stops.

For hanguri-garandou [hungry void] it acts like a vacuum akin to a black hole, and will be drained by just being in the vicinity, to not be affected they would need, as you said, contain their reishi/reiatsu by their own means or with a use of an item, you would also need to take into consideration any moves that cover an area or linger, like creating a cage out of an element or kido and so on that could be weakened by the void. My thoughts for this move were to create a situation where the opponent was weakened and easier to strike at.

And for Lord of the Void i will merge it with the shikai ability, I did not think something like that would be allowed to be mixed in with the shikai so I just made it as a separate tec. But at this moment at time I cant think of another move right now so a new one will be submitted later.

If theres something i missed or not worded right just say.
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PostSubject: Re: Sangai (Finished!)   

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Sangai (Finished!)
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