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 Mesuruki Senarau

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PostSubject: Mesuruki Senarau    Fri Jul 09, 2010 9:10 am

SuperHuman Registration

Name: Mesuruki Senarau

Rank:Elite (Which ever group fits the app and level)

Age: 19



Cold blue eye’s that hold back an aura of intelligence followed by a sea of golden brown hair gently over lapping the bridge of the young man’s nose. The hair almost constantly remains in it’s naturally straight but messy stated, acting as a warning of the young man’s personality. Under Mesu’s nose is a vertical fault on the skin, more specifically a scar spanning from the far side below his left side to the more central point under his right eye. The basic shape of his face is arced by a slightly curved chin that gently merges with muscular neck

A lean muscular body makes the chest area of Mezuri with his lean stature that makes him look thin, which further emphasizes his muscle mass even though it’s not the much contrary to that of a normal human. His skin seems to be rather pale even though he has a naturally tan skin tone, it seems as if he still appears to be extremely pale. Shoulders are broad but not extremely high up, upon his body frame adding to his young lean look that is held at first glance.

The lower half of the young man’s body is mainly made up by the long lanky but yet proportional legs he sports. Over all an attractive young air clouds Mesuruki, which seems to draw other people to his side, and also establishes an air of a leader about him and his movements. The lined mark across his face is one of many other scars that hid underneath his clothing, a lean build and young slightly innocent appearance. His appearance is far from regal but yet seems to boast arrogance to those that don’t truly know him, as those who do don’t even need to look at him to feel it’s scorn.

-Preferred Wardrobe:

The teenage ideal outfit of a pair of light jeans and a plain white shirt that hangs slightly of the body but also allows for easy movement is exemplified Mesuri with his most common outfit. Upon his simple attire is a black leather jacket that is slightly over sized, allowing for movement, but does not look as if it is huge on the lean man. Lower down above the pants a belt loosely hangs, which contains an assortment of items and tubes. Finger less glove are fit tightly over his hands, adding to his looks along with a pair of goggles, witch are only brought along when the satiation looks messy. The last highly noticeable thing about the young man’s attire are the dog tags that loosely hang around his neck and almost always present.

Gender: Male

Personality: Trying to act as an authority fiugure at a young age is no easy task, and as a result Mersuri’s personality has been greatly shaped by his experiences in the latest years of his life. Trying to hang on to the fleeting seconds that fall away but also attempting to give off the air of an experienced ruler that knows how to have people follow him in times of great strive.

Fun loving and relaxed is the basis of the young man’s demeanor, though relaxed he also acts rather cold and seems to hold low expectations. An air of arrogance is projected by Mesu as his way showing the fact that he is in charge and that is will are the orders and must be followed. His cold gaze, will inhibit fear but also pride, which works in his advantage as other work hard attempting to over come him, making him and them much stronger. When left in a situation that he feels he’s in control the human leader, will act rather foolish and jokingly while still keeping a hold of his sarcastic and snide comments. As he is willing to put himself in danger without hesitation his air of arrogance is projected even further even though it’s in good heart.

In social situations Mesuruki will act self confident and sarcastic keeping himself aware in the area around but remaining not quite paranoid to the point. Normally he will without hesitation pick out a few people he feels comfortable being around and send most of his time around them, until he can slip off quietly. He is rather open to the type of person he is, projecting it to those around him, though it commonly comes off differently then he would wish. Though he seems to be rather full headed and arrogant, Mesuri finds himself surrounded by people whether he likes it or not.

In battle scenarios, the young man will attempt to stay relaxed and calm, but often fails to think this first couple actions through; after gaining comfortably with the current scenario, his movements will slowly be come more advanced, but still lack a fully thought through air to them. It takes a real challenge and large consequence for Mesuri to truly be able to enjoy himself and enter a level headed state. When level headed in most situations Mesuruki seems to be happy.

Specialties: Persuasion, as previously explained and combat due to the simple joy he finds in it.


~Birth of A strange Child~
In a small largely uninhabited isle, located in the Pacific Ocean a new child was born; the child himself was rather expected by the people of the island until the last few weeks. As a result the mother of the young child was in a slight state of shock when his birth date drew near, the child would at least be born into one of the richer couples of island. The island being unclaimed territory was rather peaceful and had a community that seemed to be rather beneficial and peaceful to grow up. Perhaps it is a rather sad thing that the child never got to experience such a peaceful environment.

The area it’s self was generally low on the spiritually strange and unusual, a few hollow here and there, not that much, and as a result few people obtained spiritual abilities, which were to be later referred to as medium-ship, except by fully natural means. Around the time the child was set to be born the spiritual activity was greatly increased, resulting in a young group of shinigami students to placed into the location as a training exercise, their presence was unknown to almost every single being but yet was critical to the future of the spiritual world.

Finally the day of the child’s birth came, at the eleventh hour of said the spiritual out put of the area spiked, drawing in many high classed powerful creatures, that were more or less thirsty for the blood of the source of such an occurrence; Hollows had descended upon the small village, killing all with anything that drew their attention to the unsuspecting villagers it appeared as if a plague was sweeping through the area wiping out the weaker of their kind, the truth could have possibly seemed far worse to the peaceful folk of the island. Such a stronger spiritual energy had also alerted the shinigami who in their young age were desperately attempting to keep the raging creature at bay until he creatures could be dealt with. At last a simple plan was set in to action; upon finding the source of the high spiritual energy, which oddly enough was a the young new born child who had been named Mesuruki, they took the child and fled upon a path of condensed energy, until a location of high soul reaper control was reach. This spot happen to be a small town, upon arrival the hollows that eagerly followed behind were dispatched with hours of work and planning. The child was another story, he would later be record down as victim of the mysterious outbreak.

~Dangerous potential~

The child, who had in the aftermath been taken out of the hands of the shinigami and their people as the action of the living was currently out of their jurisdiction as they had much large problems to distract them. Young Mesuri was left in the hands of a kindly old quincy who had in a sense laid down his bow, but still felt a strong sense of duty towards the world he had turned his back on; taking on the young child was the least he felt that could possibly be done.

The child was raised for the next three years in a calm spiritually active environment, of course as expected the young child was naturally affiliated with the world of the dead, seeing spirits from the time he was aware of things around him. Mezu was given a small common amount of insight on the world of the spirits and the importance of maintaining and understanding the balance and the cycle that must be created for it to exist. The young man followed these words if they were the law that the gods themselves enforced (which of course isn’t that far off.). The pluses interested Mesuruki enough as it was but beyond that the hollows were a point of interest.

The creatures that once pursued him now were attracted to his reishi and in fact realized that attacking and eating the child would not give them more of the powerful fuel, as he continually produced it in excess. The hollows treated the young child as an owner of sorts, and as the saying goes don’t eat the hand that feeds you. This affiliation to hollows gave Mezu a greater under standing of the world around him, but also put him at risk with the ever growing threat along with the hollows violent tendencies of the monsters to those around the child.

A child that seemed to be lost in a world of quincy and pluses had consoled with in creatures unconsidered unholy and monsters, perhaps another foreshadow of his future to come with all the happiness and pain that lied ahead. The creatures for the time being were that of family and pets to Mesuruki; the child was pushed away from the hollow by those who taught him creating a secret lust for the acceptance that the creatures presented.

~A Freedom of Confusion~

As the years passed on the kindly old quincy passed away into the form of a pulse, in which he was unfortunately devoured by hollows attracted by his former pupil; his last true moments after a peaceful death were experienced in front of the child he had cared for as his own, who had unknowingly in turn attracted the being that ended the separate existence of the man who had so generously cared for him for most of his conscious life. In a rage, Mesuruki allowed his reishi to pour out wards uncontained, as proper training in this area had not been of the quincy knowledge. The area along with the hollows was completely decimated, leaving only a singe young man, who lost his wits in the following seconds.

After, recovering the young sixteen year old man began to travel the area following the creatures he loved but loathed at the same time. Control of his power slowly came to him as he became older, more mature and comfortable with who he was and how he acted. The once young child now wandered the streets, befriending those who understood him; some for brief periods of time others for a long substantial amount, this help Mezu to understand the living and the dead, further rooting the balance with in his system.

As the months past, the young man soon found his life to be even more threatened than he could have ever imagined, as for the first time he laid eyes on a new, powerful threat, the Arrancar. These creature like the hollows, were attracted to his reishi but they had whole minds and simply wished to devour his power and increase their own, Mezu who in the grand scheme of things was not particularly powerful had to fend for him self, using his powers; which of course were only used in moderation as the control was still rather fleeting. Moments passed, as Mesuruki now looked upon the ground, his blood splatter slowly against it, his head light; the world was spinning he would soon join the people he had so dearly loved.

In the moments of a flashing light within, a light around flashed as a new figure emerged, and of course he had friends. The battle once again was quick but this time the new arrivals had driven back the threat with little trouble; they for the moment seemed like friends as they helped the teenager back on to his feet, words of the humans began to fill his head, before he new it the once small child was now standing in front of the hidden fortress of the self declared “super humans”. The child had grown now as once he walked through the doors he realized he was no longer “Truly Human”.

~Less Then Human~

Hands of time began to shift; the child now grew further than he could on his own, under the tutelage of the self proclaimed leader. Though surrounded by those who seemed similar the young man still found no one that shared his gift, and that was what was he earned and further more sought for. The training itself was rather useful and need considering it taught young Mezu how to control his power no matter the output allowing him to reach even higher levels, than ever excepted.

At the age of seventeen, the leader decided it was time for the newer member to put himself in more danger than just protective duties. The mission would be simple but risky as it involved the conversion of the human body into reishi, a feat rarely ever accomplished, but Mezu was chosen along with 3 other in his age group. They would be transported into a realm, known as the valley of screams, from there they would secure the area, planting devices which allow them to use the realm for transportation. Of course such a thing went against the ideals of not only the shinigami but also the arrancar.

The mission was of course heard of by both races, but neither of them knew of the others intentions, making the future more of a big coincidence then treachery. Upon the small groups of arrival they were met by a small brigade of young shinigami who asked them to stand down, at first it seemed reasonable but then a swarm of Arrancar emerged from the human, world in fact the very same portal that they had used in the slums of the human town. The fight was mainly Human against the spirits, with hopes looking glum, Mezu allowed his mind to create the worse possible of the situation, and feeling a betrayal gave into his anger; reishi exploded into he area, but was to his allies (and his)surprise refined and functioned much differently then before. Initially this power was considered to be the effects of the spiritual realm on his body, as it was not known until later that his power had reached an evolved state. Using these gifts, Mezu fought his way back to the gate with the two surviving companions of his, and collapsed back in his human form.

Upon awakening, he found himself in a small cell in the human base with the powers of the other world depleted, and were assumed gone. Following the awakening the young human was presented before the leader who criticized him for the failure, which was understandable but the lecture was not over; in the next hour a detail description was given on how Mesuruki was a traitor to his kind and would have been better off dead in the battle that had occurred previously, This angered the young man beyond believe, but he said little; only questioning why the portal was left unguarded to which was told that a traitor needed no protection.

Mesuruki’s following weeks were spent in a cell deep underground; it was not the most horribly disgusting thing that he had ever experienced, the food was decent there was room but human interaction was rather limited. This elevated considering many of the friends that Mezu had made in the past year were being continually sent out on ridiculous and not mention dangerous missions for the leader, who was allowing his power to inflate his head an ego; in order for his will to be iron solid his pupils reach and control over the humans had to be close to broken, this was the justification to achieve his means. People were suffering and Mezu slowly left the realm of sadness and descended into a deep anger. This anger continued all the way to betting his life on a fight with his former master, as victory would mean control would be relinquished to a more worthy person.

Brutal was the fight it, began with the leader immediately attacking and beating his challenger as soon as he exited the cell. After dodging and getting used his freedom, the child by the formal name Senarau returned the blow with equal or perhaps even more force. When the battle was finally entering a dead lock state, Mezu’s opponent unleash his power which the teenager had a fair time counter with that of his own; though as the child tired the man allowed his power to enter it’s full state and once again proceeded in beat the young man senseless, not wanting to lose all that was dear to him Mesuruki unleashed his power at full strength which he believed would blow not only his body apart but also his opponents. Alas it did not, but instead once again and permanently unlocked his evolved abilities; with these the battle reached a quicker conclusion then expected, Mesuruki collapsed on the ground, in a mini coma of sorts, his body had never been properly treated.

A human, still human opened his eyes in a physical body almost six days later in his own bed. In a twisted turn of events the former leader had been pushed out of the fortress by the combine force of the human who had ascended to a new higher level, one of which Mezu now was. As a testament to his valor and understanding of the spiritual world, Mesuruki was offered the position of leading the humans, which after much convincing her grudgingly accepted. Under careful guidance the once lost islander now works to bring all the spiritually aware humans, under one name once again.

Sample Chapter:

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PostSubject: Re: Mesuruki Senarau    Fri Jul 09, 2010 9:15 am

I guess approved, but ask the leader of the super humans for your rank.
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Mesuruki Senarau
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