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The site is currently going through a Revamp. So certain things will slow down, such as application responses. However, once we have our revamp over, the site will return to its familiar luster. Just hold with us for a moment as we implement new rules and features to the site. This Revamp is expected to begin on 5/1/10 and shall conclude on 5/20/10. It will take a full ten days at least for the first half to conclude on account of size of staff and school.
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 Tormenta Espada

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PostSubject: Tormenta Espada   Fri Jul 09, 2010 3:45 pm

Arrancar Registration

Name: Tormenta espada
Nickname: Natsume Shinatarou, Tormenter and Gambit.

Rank: Any Renacido rank available and Renacido Scientist if possible

Age: 2,890

Appearance: The Renacido has pure black hair that is very thin, but seems to cover most of his eyes.. The end of his right eyebrow points up when he is angry or furious. His teeth are quite large and seems to have a kind of fangs then his face appears to be that of a 24 year old. Again, pure black eyes and then his body is that of an average body builder. Tormenta wears a white sleeveless vest that is layered black then his tattoo is located at his right arm. Tormenta wears a black sleeveless shirt which sleeves appeared to have been ripped off. Though it isn't the tradition, he wore a black baseball cap on his head that had the logo of Nike on it. Thunder also wore fingerless and armored black gloves.. His mask fragment covered the right side of his face, but left out his eye. Gambit wore white cargo pants and shoes from the human world. They were Lebron James nike shoes.
His hollow hole is where his heart is supposed to be located.

Gender: Male

Personality: The young man prefers to eat human food and continue to go with the flow of human trends and foods.. Tormenta likes to eat a lot, but no matter what, his weight doesn't seem to increase over his average weight. Then he is very lazy and sleepy normally when he is bored. Gambit despite his normal lazy and sleepy personality, he loves to fight no matter what, but he likes to make his opponent's work for it. Though he urges to fight most of the time, he takes it easy and tries to make them laugh. Tormenta makes jokes quite often and claims that it is what keeps him alive. Though if anyone insults his jokes three times in a row, he will attack them mercilessly unless a close ally.. Most people think from his first impression that he's an idiot, but he is actually a very smart guy.

Always analyzes his enemies moves, attacks, and methods... Even the way they speak comes into his consideration. Thunder has photographic memory and uses that by after analyzing an enemy or ally's moves, he puts them into a file. Gambit feels the more he knows about his opponent, the easier it is to beat them or make them laugh. Tormenta drinks booze often because he remembers some mistakes in his past and present life that he regrets every second. So, he drinks often to wash away those memories, and he is kind of bipolar hence he tries to drink as much as he can.


Hair Color: Black

Lebron James
People who laughs at his jokes

People who insult his jokes

Crushes: It varies


Specialties: He has photographic memory and can read 10 times faster than an average person.

History: Tormenta was a Mongol warrior since he was a young lad and tried his best to become stronger and at first was a very enthusiastic and serious kid, but after fighting many battles and killing hundreds of bastards, his personality changed from traumatizing events. After fighting for a year or two, he didn't flinch when he saw thousands of intestines on the ground, but he still had trouble trying to console family members of those who lost their lives in the battles he fought.. Then, one day, he was given a mission to protect an important child of a general. He needed to travel across China safely, but it was hard protecting a kid at the age of 14. The kid couldn't hold a sword without shaking or dropping the sword. It took him around 3 months to travel across China, but before they arrived at the checkpoint, they were ambushed by an unimaginable number of warriors.

Tormenta fought them all off as long as he could, but the reinforcements didn't arrive soon enough, and the kid died before him. The kid died when he got stabbed in his heart, and for a moment, time stopped for Gambit. Then time continued and he was taken captive by his enemies.. Tormenta was tortured for information for at least 9 months, but he died before he spoke even a word.. When he woke up, he watched from the skies as he remembered how the kid died, but what was worse that, no matter how many times he told him jokes or how many times they survived ambushes together, he never found out the lad's name. After watching the location where the kid died for 2 and a half years, he finally got devoured by the hollows...

Shinatarou woke up in the Menos Forest as a large beast with a mask.. His humanity was gone and no longer could he make his jokes... The only thing he could do was know that he needed to fight and gain power so that he could make jokes again and fight... After fighting for years, he became a gillian with many hollows, but it took 5 months for him to gain control of the Gillian and become an Adjuchas.. Tormenta finally rejoiced after all this time for he could now make jokes, but he still wanted to go higher.. His new form was exceptional, but he still wanted to evolve into an arrancar... Gambit searched throughout the Menos Forest for a way to get to the white desert above.. It took him awhile, but he got there eventually, and was made into an arrancar by the Hogyouku. At first, he was the weakest of the weakest, but he knew he couldn't make his jokes without power.. Tormenta fought throughout all the arrancar and finally faced one in the Renacido.. At that point, he had been fighting as an arrancar for 182 years and his reiatsu increased greatly.. But not one time did he use his released state, until now... With one blow after activating his released state, he killed the Renacido.

Then finally, he could really make jokes, but he was now within the Renacido.

Innate Ability: His innate ability combines Sonido and Shunpo together so he can make transport himself to longer distances and in shorter time.. Sonido is faster than Shunpo, but takes smaller leaps, but Shunpo takes longer leaps, so he combined those two and managed to create the fastest ability in Hueco Mundo for a bit.

Picture of Character:

Sample Chapter: There he was... Shinji was standing on top of the roof top of the high school... Being a sixteen year old was not fun... The teenager's these days make Shinji look bad just by existing... Then he walked over to the edge of the roof... The young master quincy looked down, he saw the many people walking in and out of the school... The sun was shining brightly, but it was a bit of an annoyance... It was a very hot day... Then he stepped back a bit, then quickly ran and jumped off the roof and was heading down to the ground...

With his black trench coat, white polo with a black tie, cargo pants... The man jumped down and landed safely... Many people started as he landed safely on the ground from around five stories high... Then he put his hands into his jacket's pockets and walked onward... Yawning a bit he was tired and bored so he decided to have a bit of fun... The young vice leader quincy stopped at the side walk then took out a coin shaped disk from his jacket's right pocket then crushed it.... What was it you ask? It was the hollow bait... A large smirk appeared on his face as the hollows gathered around him... Shinji laughed out loud then disappeared from the eyes of the hollows.... He appeared above them, in mid-air... With his bow ready he fired off many arrows, one by one, he shot them at the head....

Disappeared again he then prepared his bow at the blue sky as a black gate opened up a new hollow arrived and was quickly subdued by a reiatsu arrow.. Then preparing another reishi arrow five more arrived... He dispersed his spiritual bow then started yelling" Come on, you little bastards! Come and get me, I don't have any weapons on me, I am vulnerable as hell." the screams of hollows rung in his ears as they quickly ran towards him, as they passed him by he then had his bow already and as they slowly disappeared he said "Psych... Foolish hollows... How boring." he then yawned out of boredom... The young vice leader quincy then folded his arms behind his head and walked..

Thirty minutes later

The young master quincy was walking around in the city, he was in front of his apartment building... It looked very much like an office building... He then walked through the front door and went into the huge lobby... The lobby was like a hotel, Shinji's room was at the top floor... He then went towards the elevator which stood at the end of the lobby room... He entered it and pushed the button, then the metal doors shut and it lifted the elevator up to his floor.... He arrived at his apartment and went towards the window and watched down... He then chuckled and said "Aww, the hollow bait wasn't as effective from the looks of it... Damn.. Oh well, I'll just hunt some shinigami or hollow.... More fun that way." with a smirk on his face he then pushed open a window, then jumped through it... He was at the top floor and it was forty stories high.. Then he disappeared again.... Arriving on top of a car down there, a kid caught sight of Shinji and looked surprised...

The young master quincy waved and disappeared again... The vice leader quincy appeared near Dunkin' doughnuts from what it seemed... The man folded the sleeves of his jacket and polo.. Then he took out two coin shaped disks from his right pocket, held it out in his palm and crushed it again... The hollow bait...

The quincy always brought around twenty hollow bait with him everyday for him to crush when he was bored... Then a gillian appeared in front of him... Then five other hollows.... Shinji shrugged his shoulders and said"Meh, not as many, but at least it attracted a gillian." he then disappeared and appeared above the six hollows in mid-air, his spiritual bow prepared, then he pulled back around four arrows with his right hand then shot them at the lesser hollows... The gillian and the other one was left... The other one tried a sneak attack on the young vice leader, but he quickly used hirenkyaku to appear behind it and fire off an arrow... Now, all was left was the gillian..

Shinji smirked and said" Lets make it more fun." his light sky blue then disappeared as the gillian prepared a cero, gathering in front of his mouth.... Then he just stood their, silently, with a lazy look... Then the cero was fired in front of him, smoke arose.... The cero went through the ground and basically exploded.... Rubble came from the sky and started landing then a dark figure stood in all the smoke and with a light sky blue bow in his left hand he said" How boring, so easy to dodge, and even if I were to take the hit head on, it wouldn't do much damage... Oh well, what would you expect from a gillian, hm?" he then aimed his bow at the head of the gillian, lifted his right hand, put it closely to the bow, and pulled back an arrow, and disappeared again...

The young vice leader quincy appeared in front of the gillian and said" Perish" then he fired the blue reishi arrow and went straight through his head... It disappeared with a screech... The stupid yell hollows always do... Then he landed on the ground and yawned again... Shinji always looked lazy, and sleepy, but in truth was a fierce man... His personality normally changes when he fights, a man who desires a good fight.
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PostSubject: Re: Tormenta Espada   Sat Jul 10, 2010 11:59 am

Approved, Primera/Leader Chinou will determine if you are worthy of the Elite Rank though. Oh, and I'm not sure if we still have nobilities like the 'Scientist', but if Chin's okay with it, then I suppose we can make you the dude that tinkers around with stuff ... and blows up Las Noches every now and then, ha ha.
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Tormenta Espada
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