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Jor'lo Dosene

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PostSubject: Rosokaku   Mon Jul 19, 2010 2:44 pm

Name: Rosokaku

Manifestation: An exact copy of Jor'lo, just with flames for hair.

Release Phrase: Inferno.

Family: Fire

Level: Bankai

Sealed Zanpakuto: In it's sealed state Rosokaku is a simple katana, three-and-a-half feet long,
half a inch wide, blade, hand-and-a-half long hilt. The blade is a blood red color, with a darker red
tint towards the middle of the blade. The hilt is black as a new moon, with a black cloth wrapped around
it. The hilt is short enough to use with one hand, but long enough to comfortably use with two hands.
The sheath is the same blood red color as the sword. All along the sheath there is wrapped a black cloth.
Thesheath is no normal sheath though. The sheath is made of a strong, yet light substance so that if
somehow Jor'lotemporaraly loses his zanpakto, he will be able to fight with it until he can find his
zanpakto. The sheath is as long as the sword, three-and-a-half feet long, but the sheath is slightly wider,
three-quarters wide, allowing Jor'lo to be able to swiftly pull out his zanpakto, while at the same time
keeping the blade inside the sheath without it falling out as he walks or runs.

Shikai: In shikai the appearence of the blade changes drasticly. When Jor'lo says the
incantation and brings his hands together at the hilt the sword splits in two. the second is a replica of the first one
except the colors are oppisite, the blade is black and a darker black while the hilt is blood red. The blade lengthens
by a half a foot then curves at the end, making it a scimitar. the hilt also changes, it shortens making the
hilt a simple one handed hilt. The guard of the sword goes from being round, to being straight with curved ends,
making the blade look more ornate. The hilt also gains a spike at the bottum of it, which can be used as a dagger.

Shikai Ability: Hell fire: When the words "Hell fire!" are said a flame comes out of the end of Jor'lo's
sword and shoots straight towards where it is pointed. The flame reaches fifteen out and instantly burns anything
it touches. Jor'lo may also shoot the flame out of both swords if he wishes, or he may shoot it out of one and use
the other to defend.. The downside to this is the sword must be kept straight or the flame will disapate.

Bankai: In bankai the scimitars' blades turn into pure fire, allowing Jor'lo to lengthen the
blade to six feet if he wants. But even at it's full length Jor'lo can never become over-balenced with the swords.
his fighting is always a dance of beauty, but at the same time it is deadly.

Bankai Ability: Hell fire: While he has this ability in shikai in bankai the range that the flames shoot out to increases by five feet,
making the flames reach twenty feet. Also the flames can be moved in bankai, making it harder to dodge. But there is
a downside, while the flaming pillars can move they can not be moved very fast, or the flame while go out. (Does not
apply for the flaming swords, only the flaming pillars that shoot out of the swords.)

Flaming protection:When the words "Flaming protection" is said combined with dragging his sword across the ground a
flaming wall is brought out of thge ground where his sword is dragged. Nothing can go through the wall but an
water or ice elemental attack. using one sword will make the wall fifty feet high, but if Jor'lo uses both swords
the wall will grow to one hundred feet. This ability can also be used as a offensive attack by slashing one or
both swords straight in front of Jor'lo making the wall grow right in front of Jor'lo. If used this way it only grows
ten feet with one sword and fifteen feet with two swords.

Techniques: (Must have this template for all Techs)

Name:Abnormal Strength
Effect:Gives Jor'lo twice his normal strength when activated in Bankai
Duration and or Cooldown: Duration-While he is in Bankai. Cooldown-Three posts

Name:Firey Reiatsu
Effect: Increases Jor'lo's Reiatsu by 70% when activated in shikai or bankai
Duration and or Cooldown: Duration-While in shiakai or bankai Cooldown-Two posts

Name:Blazing speed
Effect: Doubles his speed when activated in Bankai
Duration and or Cooldown: Duration-While in Bankai Cooldown-Three posts
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