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 ゑProdigy of Yoshitune' Rumble king'ゑ

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PostSubject: ゑProdigy of Yoshitune' Rumble king'ゑ   Thu Jul 22, 2010 5:48 am

Name: Yoshitsune Aishou

Rank: I’ll go for the 2nd division captain spots

Age: 345 is his shinigami age. Yoshitsune's exact age is currently unknown to everyone, excluding Yoshi-san himself, but his appearance seems to refer to him being that of around twenty-one to twenty-three, even though he may be older, but that is not currently speculated.It was later found out that he was really 345 years old

Yoshitsune weigh's around two hundred and twenty five pound's, maybe a pound or two lighter. Yoshitsune is almost seven feet in height, so he would be six feet and eleven inches tall.

Yoshitsune looks about the age of twenty-one to twenty-three. Yoshitsune has very soft blond hair that seems so light it goes up by itself. His hair is messy and somewhat long, having bangs coming down the sides of his face. He also has short messy bangs that come down his forehead. Yoshitsune's hair is blond, but seems to have a light pale tint to it. He also has thin eyebrows that seemed to angle a little downward. Accompanied with a constant small smirk on his face, it gives him a reckless and in a way, evil/good/funny and easy going personaYoshitsune's has a very cut build, when wearing his normal Shinigami uniform, he looks very skinny due to the bagginess of the uniform. But once people see his naked body, they can see that he is very well-toned and seems to have been working on his body for a long time. Yoshitsune works out regularly and works hard to keep his body in a nice cut shape, so he does not get too ripped.

Yoshitsune has forearm guards that is also an attached glove. The forearm guard covers everything until the elbows. They are black, silver steel material with a red outline. There are platings on the back of his hand for the gloves and for the fingertips they are like claws. They extend about four inches out and two inches behind his actual fingers. Underneath the forearm/glove guard there any many scars from battles. Yoshitsune usually keeps his hands gauzed up to hide the scars. The scars are mainly from battling with other swords. Before he had gotten the black steel guards, Yoshitsune would use his reiatsu and his bare skin covered in a thin layer of guaze.Yoshitsune wears a non sleeved Shinigami outfit, that covers his forearm, making it seem like he is wearing steel claw gloves. He has a red sash that ties the long robe and holds it together. He leaves the chest area open slightly, so that he doesn't get too hot. He also wears a chain that goes around his front and back. The chain connects his zanpaktou to his back.This non sleeved shinigami outfit also got a hood just like ichinose’s hood

Yoshitsune's zanpaktou is a custom designed sword, with a red hilt with golden diamonds sewn going down it. It has a black sheath with a red outlining down the middle and around it. The blade is a darker steel color in its natural form. He carries his sword behind his back going vertical, slightly tilted to the side, but downwards. Yoshitsune's zanpaktou is in the theme of green because he is fond of the freedom of sky. Yoshitsune's presence seems very hyped up and energetic. When people come near him they feel like their guard is more up, because of the lack of trust that Raito gains. His method of doing things aren't always looked at as the best way to accomplish it.

But that just his shinigami looks his gigai wore a simple pale overcoat and a long blue shirt he also wore a skinny jeans with flower and trees pattern on it the color of the pant was black , he also use a shade to cover up his beautiful face. It can be assumed from his appearance and apparent age that he is in his physical prime, even though as a being he is far older then his appearance lets on. Still, one cannot deny that Yosthisune is also good looking, and a significant catch to the ladies[and some of the Teen girl.] However, he has interest in these things since girl always blush when he is around so lol.

Gender: Yoshitsune is a is indeed a male, despite his face being covered during the times he travel's to other places in SS.Sometimes people might mistaken him as a girl with his face

Personality: Yoshitsune is a very inexplicable being; fairly different, and outside the preferences of those around him. His smile, never failing at being present in even the most heated situations, almost never leaves the vicinity of his face. It's very rare to see the boy wearing an expression signifying sadness or depression. Some would see his grin as a sign of insecurity, but in reality, it's just a true expression of his persona. It allows him to gain an insight on the personalities of those around him as well, depending on their reactions to his apathetic outer shell, though on the inside, things aren't always the same. He is always seemingly content, albeit he goes through the same inner struggles as others. Heck, "more than others" might be the better term for him. If there were any problems with Yoshitsune, you can bet he were trouncing the dilemma with his synthetic beam.

Very few are willing to trust the unfathomable boy for many reasons, and the fact that he carries a very mocking undertone doesn't help the cause much. When in the face of someone like him, many choose the easy route and go with what comes to mind first. Why slog the rather treacherous steep walkway when the simplistic bridge is at one's feet? No soul would produce the effort behind unwinding the tangled string that he has produced.

It would call for a lot of time and patience on one's hands to unstitch the mystery that lies behind the facade. He adapted to the way of life he created quite nicely, taking the shun that he receives from others as amusement. It's as if the incessant shirk is one gift after another, like a mere game dancing at his finger tips in which he plays the king's piece. All of it, wherein, he could tower above the rest, smiling down upon them - a mocking smirk of victory in the wake. One should be able to take what one dishes out, right? Indeed, correct; as do the others say when they dodge his un-enjoyable personality.

In battle, nothing really changes. As much as he is the person you'd want to turn away from on the regular, if you were wise, you'd want to do the same when it came to combat. Yoshitsune can make or break you--most likely the latter. Only the most mentally stable have a chance of thriving in his presence, if not anything else. His undying, derisive intellect can throw off even the most physically endowed warrior, conferring a lot of meaning to the saying "to be all brawn and no brains." Whether you didn't have the patience to deal with him before, you better had found it in the midst of battle, for you have already went as far as to wander into the deep, dark abyss the boy's soul lies within. You'd have to surrender some type of train of thought if you wished to triumph, and those who achieve this, as well as besting him on the power scale, have it all in the bag.

Yoshitsune is very optimistic and hyper. But not hyper in a sense of energetic. Yoshitsune seems hyper in a way of always wanting to fight and always seeming to want to do something. His biggest fear is boredom. He feels trapped and wants to go crazy when it comes to boredom. That is one thing he hates and will at all costs find something to do for himself. Yoshitsune can always be seen doing something, either it is sharpening his blade, training, or causing some ruckus in Seireitei.Yoshitsune seems to trust people, but it is just his way of forming relationships. He is very easy to talk to and get along. The only thing that keeps people from conversing with him is that he gives off the aura of hate and power. Although it is nothing related to hate, he just has a heavy aura around him and his love for blood is the main factor. His thirst for battle and blood does not make Yoshitsune a bad guy in any way. He just has a different hobby than most people and would like to handle things different when getting into arguments.

is a true fighter at heart, and lives off of it like a drug. Although he seems like a very shallow guy who just gets a thrill off killing others, he is not that at all. Yoshitsune can be considered a 'reinforced man'. Reinforced meaning that he was taught to show no emotions and cover those smalls things from being looked as a great man. Yoshitsune is a true warrior.Yoshitsune may seem cold-blooded, but he is very protective undercover of the people he cares about. Though, he has not many he can consider 'family' to him, those that are 'family' to him are his life. Like without power, without family he sees life as obsolete.

Yoshitsune loves barbeque, he is a lover of meat and will always have a huge entree of meat during his meals. Yoshitsune always has some kind of reason behind his doings, and he looks at his love for meat with two reasons behind it. One is that it gives massive amount of protein and energy needed to continue. The second reason is he loves the taste of meat. He would probably eat it even if it came out of one's rectum. Actually, maybe not Yoshitsune would have too much pride for that.Yoshitsune is very proud of who he is, and pride isn't always a good thing. Pride can be one of the main things that gets in Yoshitsune's way with his allies. He believes that everything he says it right and that everything should be done according to his way. Yoshitsune thinks that his ways are a lot more efficient and easier to be done that way.

Division:2nd division [ Omnikitsudo ]


(This piece is optional)

Hair Color: Short messy blond hair that spikes in the back and top though feathered at the sides, and two Short bangs in the front that hang down. The back is cropped slightly as well as having silver highlight's through out the top, back, and a few strand's on the sides. Just look at his picture and imagine.

• Meat - He loves the strength it gives him and the taste of meat.
• Power - He looks as power is the main factor in the world needed to gain any control or respect.
• Battle - He simply loves to fight. He was raised with it.
• Family - Family is everything to Yoshitsune, active over, but he does not consider many he is family.
• Speed - Speed is one of the main keys of battle to Yoshitsune.
• Strength - Speed is one of the main keys of battle, to Yoshitsune.
• Zanpaktou – Yosthisune looks at his zanpaktou as one of his important limbs in battle. He looks at sword as a way for a man to fight and it is perfectly fine. He adapted it in a way as a Shinigami should and keeps it part of him.He loves his zanpakuto it resemble breezing winds

• Weakness – Yoshitsune does not like weak, or showing weakness to, people.
• Traitors – Yoshitsune does not like traitors, because he feels his father and his mother's divorce, betrayal, was a way of being traitors. Which resulted in Yoshitsune's father's death.
• Boredom – Yoshitsune hates doing nothing and just sitting around. He always needs to be doing something, even the simplest things like sharpening his blade.
• A Boring Battle - As Yoshitsune hates being bored, he hates boring battles a lot more.
• Alcohol - Yoshitsune looks at alcohol as the reason for his parents' death. Yoshitsune hates it and believes that it only deters your mind from the important things. He looks it as an evil thing and knows it isn't any good for his fighting body.

Crushes: No one as yet.

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PostSubject: Re: ゑProdigy of Yoshitune' Rumble king'ゑ   Thu Jul 22, 2010 7:38 am


Specialties: He is a very good reader,he is also a very intelligent well you can see he was once feared for his intelligence.

ゑHuman Lifeゑ


Yoshitsune 's childhood was nonetheless an average one. He didn't have anything special or nothing too bad. He lived a mediocre life in a middle-class family Yoshitsune was the only child. His mother and father lived happily with each other and their only son. It wasn't until he reached around the late elementary school age, that he noticed that his family wasn't all that good. It was as if his family was holding a dark secret against him all these years. As he got more intelligent, he noticed that there was constant screaming and bickering between his parents. He could smell a strong alcohol stench from his father every night he would come back from "work".

Yoshitsune 's father being an ex-marine, taught his son to be a respectable man. His father beat him to teach him. Raito was taught that actions meant more than words, and being yelled or lectured at would do no good. Yoshitsune was forced to grow in a strong mentality and show no emotions. He was afraid to show his emotions, afraid he would get another beating from his father. He learned at a young age to look strong and confident, hiding his emotions and weaknesses.

For Yoshitsune it seemed his family was just going through small minor issues. But in reality, his parents were about to get a divorce. Yoshitsune went to school, got average grades, but was known in school for being the best fighter. Every school he went to, he would challenge other boys to see how strong they were. In elementary school, he was already suspended many times for fighting. But this had given him the reputation as a strong kid and it stuck with him the rest of his life.

When Yoshitsune entered middle school, his parents were starting to officially divorce one another. Now the problem was who would get custody over Yoshitsune? This caused more trouble between the two.

One night, Yoshitsune 's family was having dinner together. It was quiet as ever, and Yoshitsune didn't dare to speak. He was afraid his father would lash out against him. Raito could sense bitterness and much anger from his father. Yoshitsune 's mother brought up the conversation once again, about the custody of Yoshitsune. He quietly ate his food, paying not much attention to his parents. By this age, he got used to the arguing and simply kept to himself. Then all of a sudden the attention was turned to him. This had caught him off guard and he looked at his parents. They asked him who HE wanted to be with. Yoshitsune was having too much thoughts running through his head. He loved his mom for the caring and loving person she was. But he also loved his father for raising him to be strong. He wasn't much old at this time, but he was old enough to observe these things about people.

Yoshitsuneunable to choose between his parents, he finished his meal quickly and walked away. Speaking simple words, saying he could not pick between his birth givers. He went to his room and sat quietly to himself, listening to the screaming. The accusing of one another, until couple minutes later he heard a loud slam. This was his father leaving for him to binge on alcohol after fighting with his mother. This had happened every night, only if he was lucky would Yoshitsune sleep through a peaceful, quiet night.

Yoshitsune got ready for bed by showering and doing his nightly routines. He laid in his bed as he thought about his life. All of his bottled up emotions were starting to overflow. He felt like that he had no reason to live and that the only thing he could do right was being a fighter. He laid in his bed, staying up all night thinking to himself. He wondered what he could do to help his family out. Then suddenly, he heard the telephone ringing. After a couple of seconds, the ringing stopped and then in an instant a loud scream was heard, followed by weeping. This sent shivers down his spine, as he wondered what it was. He knew the voice was of his mother's but why would she scream?

Yoshitsune cautiously walked to the living room, hoping his father would not come out of nowhere and beat him for being up so late. Yoshitsune went downstairs to see a smashed phone on the ground and his mother weeping on the ground. The child wondered the cause for this and he went over to his mom, trying to calm her down. Suddenly, she spoke the words that seemed to have shattered everything that his father taught him. "Your father is dead." Those deadly words broke Yoshitsune in two, as his still young mind did not understand this meaning of death. He only knew his father was gone forever. He felt himself starting to tear up and he wanted to cry with his mother. But it seemed his father was still with him, as he heard a voice in his head. It told him to be strong and not let those tears fall. It told him to make those tears never existent again, it told him to be strong for his mother.

This voice could have been his inner conscious, his father speaking from the next world, or maybe just a defense mechanism unconsciously made by his father's teachings. It did not matter, because he listened to the voice like it was his fathers and held back his tears. He held his mother and comforted her.

Teenage Years
Yoshitsune began his teenage years with a broken hand and a black eye. He would come home and his mother would always scold him about fighting. As Yoshitsune began his freshmen year, he started out good. His mother told him to be good the first year and start a new reputation for her. He agreed to her because Yoshitsune felt that he had nothing else to give to his mother. His first two years were good years, only getting into three or four fights. Those fights were punished by his mother and Yoshitsune took them.

Senior Year
Yoshitsune began his first day of senior year with beating down another classmate. The last year had been hectic with countless fights as he had started going to high school parties. He was following his father's footsteps as a drunk. Yoshitsune drank too much for him to handle at times and would get into countless encounters being drunk. It was what started many enemies of Yoshitsune in high school. In order to survive this mayhem, Yoshitsune had his own group of friends that fought with him. He went through the long senior year waiting to graduate high school and getting done with schooling forever. But everyday, there was a chance of fighting. It hurt him too much to fight with his mother always worrying about him. Other than that, he would love to fight everyday.

Yoshitsune made it to the graduating day of his high school year successfully without any serious permanent injuries. He was glad to have made it through this successfully, and did not bother to even go to the graduating ceremony. His mother was too busy working to make a living and Yoshitsune didn't even bother. Yoshitsune went to the local pizza shop to get some pizzas with his group of friends. They ate pizza and congratulated each other for making it through the crazy four years. Some would now move on to different paths, some the same, but they would never know what the future held for them. But in the meantime, Yoshitsune and his group were talking about the graduation party being held that night. The group decided to part until later that night for the party. Everyone went their own ways.

Yoshitsune walked down the sidewalk, looking ahead at the bus stop. He looked behind him seeing a bus coming from a couple of blocks away. Yoshitsune walked over to the bus stop and checked his pocket for some money. He barely had enough change from buying his friends pizza to get him on the bus. Suddenly, a boy behind Yoshitsune shoved him slightly. "Chikao-baka?!" he yelled in surprised, as he turned and looked at the stocky fellow. Chikao was about half a foot shorter than Yoshitsune, but he was a pretty buff guy. Chikao was one of the juniors he had beaten up this year, and had probably wanted revenge.

" Yoshitsune I want to fight you! Right there in the alley!" Yoshitsune yelled out at Yoshitsune. Yoshitsune smirked hearing the challenge and decided to follow up on it. Yoshitsune knew he could beat this kid up again. His reach was definitely the advantage, Yoshitsune was thinking of.

Yoshitsune started to follow Chikao, and looked behind him to see that the bus was still couple of blocks down. It would be another good couple of minutes before it reached the alley. Yoshitsune would have to finish this quick. No words were spoken as he went into the alley. Yoshitsune could see that there were many shadows due to the setting sun. But as he walked into the alley, he got blinded by the sun and quickly covered his eye.

Out of nowhere, Yoshitsune felt a punch to his gut and he quickly stepped backwards. He slowly gained his vision, as he decided to go under the shade of a large tree. The punch to the gut had hurt him and he was taking a second to get his bearings. Yoshitsune suddenly felt a fist to the side of his head, knocking him sideways, he stumbled. Regaining his senses, he looked to see that he had not one, but four enemies. This had been a trap gone too well. Now he was in an alley as the sun was setting, fighting four guys he had beaten up before. This wasn't the best way to start out his freedom from high school.

"F*CK IT! Yoshitsune yelled, as he rushed into all four of them. The four graduates rushed at Yoshitsune at the same time. Yoshitsune could see that another kid about his height, yet lanky, was the first to rush in. He gave him a quick jab to the nose. Yoshitsune then looked towards the next rushing in target; he knew the jab to the nose would stun a man for a little at the least. Yoshitsune then looked over to an average looking boy, and quickly hit him a couple of times in the body and once on the side of his head. He then saw Chikao diving straight at him attempting a flying tackle maneuver. Yoshitsune smirked seeing that he was a little above his knees.

Yoshitsune smirked as he raised his knee, hitting Chikao right in the jaw. But the flying 'projectile' could knock be stopped and knocked Yoshitsune down. He cursed as he pushed the stocky fellow over and took his arm. Grabbing an arm bar on Chikao, Yoshitsune did not hesitate to pull his left arm out. Before he could realize there were others he was fighting, two boys were throwing fists and stomping Yoshitsune. The endangered male had to go into a defensive position as the third graduate with a bloody nose joined in. Yoshitsune covered his face with his arms and tried his best to kick the foes away. He looked throw the spaces between his arms as he tried his best to kick them all away. Yoshitsune had felt a hard kick to the side of his head one of the hardest hits he had ever taken.

Yoshitsune heard a sound he never thought would feel this good. It felt like a great grace had washed over him. It was the sound of a bus' loud honking. The young adults quickly scrambled down the other side of the alley as the bus driver yelled for the police. Yoshitsune got up and brushed himself off, as he saw that Chikao was still knocked out with his arm limped. Yoshitsune didn't feel any regret for someone who had set him up.

"Hop in, kid, I didn't really call the police! But sure looks like you did a number on them!" the bus driver yelled at him, as he laughed. He seemed to be in a very jolly mood. Yoshitsune looked at the bus driver and got in, putting in his change into the bus. "Oh its on the bus! Just take a seat!" the bus driver said, with another jolly laugh. Yoshitsune just finished putting his change in there, as he walked into the bus to find a seat. Yoshitsune could see there were many eyes of random strangers looking at him. The exhausted male's clothes were covered in blood and dirt. Yoshitsune 's only injury was couple of bruises and he had about four scratches on the side of his head from having skid his head against the pavement. Yoshitsune was glad it was over, he didn't even think about the party. He knew his mom wouldn't allow him to go. Yoshitsune wanted to go home, eat, and sleep.

Where will the grave go?
Yoshitsune lived his school-less life doing meaningless things to keep him occupied. He would be on and off with jobs, getting into fights with customers, co-workers, and even bosses were his problem. Yoshitsune would meet up with his friends and have drinks at least once a month. Everything was going not bad, but alright. Yoshitsune didn't even want a job and would rather be jobless. The male just kept living his life trying to help his mother. It was age and stress that was taking a toll on his mother.

It seemed as days passed by his mother's health got worse and worse. Yoshitsune did as much as he could to help his mother, but it seemed nothing was helping. Yoshitsune didn't know what to do, so he had to release his stress and worries through drinking. But it wasn't the alcohol he desired, he desired the fighting. Yoshitsune used alcohol as an excuse, so he would not look like a savage guy. Yoshitsune would come home to a sick mother and be worried again. Nothing would help him, and it seemed his life was getting worse and worse.

One night, Yoshitsune came home drunk. He could feel the alcohol pumping in his blood, as he stepped on his front step and jumbled in his pockets for his keys. He dropped his wallet as he dug out his keys. Yoshitsune cursed under his breath, as he picked up his wallet and stumbled around trying to find the right key for the door. Yoshitsune finally found the right key and walked into his house. As the male walked in, he felt something wrong. He felt like that something wasn't right and he had this weird feeling that something had happened to his mother.

Yoshitsune stumbled through the house, bumping into walls and picture frames. He knocked some over, as he rushed into the open door of his mother's room. She laid there, looking peaceful as if in a deep sleep. Yoshitsune felt peace come back as he walked over to his mother. He felt her body and it was still warm. Yoshitsune knew she was alive, as his tired drunk body started to kneel next to the bed. He laid his head on his mother's chest, as he felt the pounding in his head and wanted to sleep like his mother. He laid his head there feeling the alcohol rushing through his systems. Something clicked in his mind suddenly, that gave him chills. He was only hearing one constant pounding... he couldn't hear his mother's heartbeat. Yoshitsune 's head was right next to her heart, yet he couldn't hear it. Yoshitsune knew he was being paranoid and raised his head up. He looked at his mother and softly put his hands near her nose. Raito didn't feel any airways going in or out. This stunned him momentarily, as he slowly put his hands against her neck. The frightened son checked every part of the neck for any signs of any kind of beating, or activity. Yoshitsune couldn't believe it and he felt himself in an immobile shock.

The shocked male started to shake his mother and cried out for her. He kept shaking her, hoping somehow his mother's soul would return. Yoshitsune wanted his mother back, and couldn't believe what was going on. He didn't believe it and he didn't want to. Raito begged for his mother to come back, as he felt eighteen years of pain and sadness coming out. Tears flooded down his eyes, as he knelt next to his mother and held her body close to his. This was the saddest time of his life, as he regretted drinking. He only thought about the things he could've done better that could have pretended this. The tears flowed as it stained the shoulder of his passed away mother.

Yoshitsune stood in front of a large apple tree that stood in the middle of their backyard. It always seemed to be barely living and never seemed to fully grow apples. Yoshitsune stood there looking at the tree, resembling it with his own life. It seemed nothing ever fully came to a good end. There was always a bad ending. He looked down at two medium stone tablets embedded in the ground. It was the two graves of Yoshitsune 's parents and he gave respect to them. Yoshitsune felt that combining these two graves under this tree would give life to it. He hoped this tree would come to peace as his parents.

Yoshitsune 's next couple months were spent grieving. He didn't really do much, but just stay at home. The house was his father's, so Yoshitsune had nothing to worry about. He just needed to rot in this house until he had joined his parents. Yoshitsune had run out of supplies for his house and was really hungry. He had spent his nineteenth birthday making a large meal for himself to share with his parents. He ate at their grave and it was the last of the food in the house.

Yoshitsune walked down a couple blocks to grab some groceries to last him for at least a month. There was some leftover money from his parents and he was using that. The sad male turned a corner and he saw a familiar face about seven feet away from him. He had sunglasses on and a hat on, but Yoshitsune could see he was very familiar. Yoshitsune watched as the mysterious figure took a step back, raising his right hand with a gun. But as he walked a step he could see that the males left arm was limping. It seemed he had no control of it. "Now I'm going to take your arm!" the mysterious male yelled,as a loud bang followed. The last of the man Yoshitsune saw was the man running with a limp arm. "Chikao..." Yoshitsune muttered, as he felt himself weakening.

Yoshitsune felt the pressure of the sting, and he looked down at his body. There was no blood on his left arm, where he thought he was hit. He looked down to see his mid-area had started to leak a vast amount of blood. He felt blood slowly drip out from his mouth, as he struggled to breath. Yoshitsune 's lungs were punctured by the bullet and he was dying from suffocation. He felt himself buckling, as he fell to the ground and looked up at the setting sun once again. The sun lit the incoming night with a stain of red and orange. Yoshitsune felt a smile come across his lips to finally know his life was coming to an end. It was an awkward feeling, but he liked it. He felt like everything was ending. Yoshitsune looked at the red stained sky, with a smirk across his face as he passed away in the Human World.

Soul Society- Rukongai District 293

A male woke up in a strange bed that was not familiar to him. It was very uncomfortable, and he moved around, still feeling groggy from the sleep. He felt tired and just wanted to keep sleeping. Yoshitsune tried to get comfortable in this awkward bed and couldn't find a spot that kept him comfortable. He opened his eyes and looked around the room. It seemed there was everything in a small square space. There was a kitchen, bed, table, and other basic house appliances.

Yoshitsune was confused as he looked around, for some reason he was confused and forgot everything. He didn't know where he was, who he was, and how he ended up here. It seemed like he was reborn into a new life or something, but he looked at his body. His body was fully grown, as if he had been living this life for the past two decades. This was really getting Yoshitsune confused, as he got up and walked out the cots front door. Many other small cots like the one h was in littered the area around them. It seemed the area he was in was very country-like, but it seems there was not much authority around. Yoshitsune watched as two boys fought each other and the winning boy taking the loser's bread. The male was too confused to react to this and just looked around. Then a boy that looked about in his teen years walked up to him. "Hey Yoshitsune!" the younger boy called out to him.
"Who are you? Where am I?" he replied to the boy. Yoshitsune had to figure his situation out before going on with his life. It was way too confusing for him and he needed to clarify some things.
"You're Yoshitsune, we named you Yoshitsune because your spiritual light was much brighter than others. You're in Soul Society; this is the life after death. 'Heaven' as many people in the Human World call it. But this place is nothing like Heaven," the boy explained, as he carried a small bag of skimped groceries. It was coincidental how his human world's name was the same as the one in Soul Society. "I'm Keitaro, this is my cot, I'm just trying to help you start your new life, so don't worry" the male assured Yoshitsune, as he followed Keitaro back into the cot.

Yoshitsune sat on a chair across from Ketiaro. It was a small wooden table accompanied by two small wooden chairs. "So... explain to me, what is this all?" Yoshitsune asked, curious of this new experience he was gaining. "Also, why can't I remember anything if I'm supposed to be from the Human World?"

"You're in Rukongai District 293, you're basically in the ghetto of Soul Society. There are four main sections of Soul Society, north, east, south, and west. There are 320 districts in total, eighty in each section of Soul Society. The numbers mean how many districts you are away from Seireitei. And Seireitei is the main "government" area of Soul Society. They help run this world and the Human World. They are called Shinigami," Keitaro explained, as he split a quarter of a bread with the hungry Yoshitsune.

"So then, don't these Shinigami help us out? Why is this area so 'ghetto' as you say?" Yoshitsune asked, still trying to take in all the information.

"As time goes by you'll get the hang of things. The Gotei 13, the governing body, has many important things to handle and believe that the rural, ghetto districts of Rukongai will never change. Besides, the Gotei 13 is only obsessed with finding possible Shinigami," Keitaro explained, not liking the Shinigami at all. Keitaro believed that the Gotei 13 did nothing to try and help the people of Soul Society. "Everyday will be a challenge to survive for you, Yoshitsune, this is a never-ending life and if you can't find a way out.... you're stuck! This is nothing like 'Heaven', the Human World would be much better than living in this dump!" Keitaro stressed, feeling his anger starting to rise.

"I see, well then, we gotta do what we gotta do to survive, huh?" Yoshitsune said, as he smirked. It seemed this new life did not change Yoshitsune at all. He still loved to fight and it seemed like there were no barriers this time. It was lawless, he didn't know anyone, and it would be his main survival factors.

Never-ending Years of Fighting
Yoshitsune had not ceased fighting, as he lived his limitless life. He soon became one of the best fighters in his district. Raito would sometimes commit crimes against others for his own personal needs. Yoshitsune still lived with Keitaro, and they helped each other live. Keitaro was like Yoshitsune 's angel, for he always helped and guarded him from doing unnecessary things. Yoshitsune sometimes wouldn't listen, but for the most part, he knew Keitaro was a good guy at heart.

Yoshitsune was in a way getting tired of the same old rugged, thugs coming up to him and trying to fight him. He wanted to fight with stronger people, these rumored Shinigamis that rarely entered the ghetto districts. Yoshitsune talked to the local informant who gathered news from all over Soul Society. He was told that there was a small team of Shinigami passing through soon. Their mission was to stop some illegal activities in a farther district. But Yoshitsune decided that he would interfere with their plans momentarily and challenge them to a fight. Most Shinigami could easily defeat any spirits, so there were only two of them passing through. The informant had also notified that a high-seated officer would come as back up, in case of anything, so Yoshitsune would have to be careful.

Yoshitsune 's smirk didn't leave his face, as he stood at the end of the road leading to the next district. He saw two black-robed males with swords quickly drawn in front of him. They ordered him to move, but Yoshitsune only smirked as he got ready to fight them. He wondered how strong these guys were. He had been living in the same district for so many years and he had yet to see a Shinigami fight. He smirked, as he started dashed towards the one on the left. The male Shinigami went for a diagonal slash, which Yoshitsune stepped forward toward. This gave him no space between the two males and Yoshitsune took the chance to push him. He stumbled, as Yoshitsune punched him in the gut and sent him rolling on the ground. The second Shinigami attacked Yoshitsune, and Yoshitsune quickly blocked with his wrists. A small aura of reiatsu engulfed his arms as blood started to draw out from the shallow cut. Yoshitsune used his reiatsu without really knowing it as he blocked. He already had many scars from fighting other thugs with swords or any other weapons. Yoshitsune taught himself to use his reiatsu to block. Usually, Yoshitsune would have easily blocked a sword with no injuries, but the Shinigami was using reiatsu to attack also.

Yoshitsune had no idea what this spiritual energy thing was, and simply thought this Shinigami was someone on his equal footing. The Shinigami started throwing slashes at Yoshitsune 's body, creating cuts in his ragged white t-shirt. Blood started to seep out of the cuts he had gotten. Yoshitsune had blocked most of the slashes with his arms again, but it was getting much more difficult now that the first Shinigami got back up. The two Shinigami struck at Yoshitsune from two different angles. Yoshitsune responded quickly by raising his forearms to block the attacks. He could feel these slashes hurt him, as the swords carved into his skin deeper than before.

Yoshitsune started to pant, feeling a loss of energy. His spiritual energy was flaring on and off, as he barely controlled them to help him protect him. Suddenly, a third Shinigami appeared in front of Yoshitsune. Blocking the other two Shinigamis that were about to attack him again. Everyone stopped to see this new Shinigami. "Another one?! More to fight!" he exclaimed, as he ran towards the new Shinigami that arrived. Yoshitsune attempted to knock him out with one hit, by aiming for his chin. The new Shinigami easily blocked his punch with a sheathed sword. Raito grunted, as the man spoke no words and watched Yoshitsune. "I am the lieutenants of the Gotei 13, 2nd Division, I ask of you peacefully to come with us," the Shinigami asked Yoshitsune. "I want you to join my Division, you have strong reiatsu!"

The bleeding male agreed, seeing that he couldn't fight with them forever. It didn't seem like this officer wanted to fight with Yoshitsune anyways, so he would agree to follow the officer. He looked a little confused wondering how he would become a Shinigami. It was a mysterious area for him and he had no idea what Seireitei held for him. But Yoshitsune loved the idea of leaving the rural district and entering the unknown Seireitei.

Road to Seireitei and the Wind Demon
The Shinigami trio returned to Yoshitsune 's district after finishing their duty. They went together through the many other districts and through some unknown terrain. It was actually a pleasant trip, since they had taught him how to use his reiatsu to help him run faster. He was a beginner and had no idea of what using his reiatsu was. They all traveled together one night through a dense forest. The seating officer had suggested that it would be faster and they would be able to make it to Seireitei before dawn.

A voice spoke to Yoshitsune, it was deep and distant, but he could hear it. "Zanpakutou! Use reiatsu...." the ghastly voice whispered. Yoshitsune stopped and the Shinigamis turned around.

"What's wrong, Yoshitsune?" the seating officer asked. It seemed there was a strange occurrence happening with Yoshitsune 's reiatsu. The seating officer could sense the fluctuation of the reiatsu.

"Zanpakutou... How do I make this zanpakutou??" Yoshitsune asked, as he felt something lurking in him. He knew for sure there was something that had awakened these last few days. The male stood there as he felt the confusion, yet something powerful in himself. Raito had no idea what this was, but he wanted it... badly. The male stared at the officer, he could see it in the officer's eyes. That man knew how to obtain this 'Zanpakutou'.

"It's a difficult process... but if you can do it, then try..." the officer spoked.

"KEEP HIM DOWN!" the officer yelled. The officer use the hilt of his zanpakutou to smash an odd hollow mask on Yoshitsune. The two lower rank Shinigami quickly held down Yoshitsune by his arms. "Calm down! We'll give you what you want! JUST COME WITH ME!" the officer stated strictly.

Yoshitsune 's hand gripped tightly onto a katana. The katana had a red silk-sewn hilt, with a dark silver guard, and the blade was a strong dark black steel color. It had a red outlining along with red going down the sharpened middle of the blade. His forearms were covered in a Violet/black reitasu as he struggled.

Yoshitsune had little to no strength to resist two men on top of his arms. He had spent the whole night doing as the man had taught him. The officer's trick worked, but it had suddenly gave him a drive for blood. A drive for battle. He wanted to fight more people and it was the Zanpakutou's desires that Raito wanted to carry out. "Alright Yoshitsune agreed with a smirk on the side of his lips.

Shinigami & Zanpakutou

Gotei 13 the 2nd Division Shinigami
Yoshitsune looked at the blacksmith in his barracks as he unwrapped some cloth. He unveiled two normal steel guards. The Shinigami took the blacksmith's item and slipped them on. He smirked; he liked how it fit perfectly. Yoshitsune made his hand into a fist and moved his fingers around. It was strong and flexible. He wanted to see how it would look with his sword. The eager male grabbed his sword and unsheathed it. In an instant the blade was horizontal in front of him. Suddenly, his steel guards started to be engulfed in red reiatsu. Yoshitsune 's guard's steel changed colors similar to the blade's. It was dark black silver, and the biggest change was that it grew sharp claws.

"It looks like your Zanpakutou took a liking to the guards and use it's reiatsu to take its own form," the smith suggested, not really seeing any other explanations. The black smith was surprised to see this himself and it wasn't everyday one of his works was turned into something more magnificent.

Yoshitsune 's face was accompanied with his notorious small smirk on the right side of his face. He looked at the blacksmith and looked back at his blade. The blade called to him again, this time it was saying something different. "I am Over rumble! Know me well; this is where our journey begins!" a deep, sinister voice spoke in Yoshitsune 's mind. " Over rumble " Yoshitsune muttered, as he sheathed his sword. It took restrain and discipline to not fight this blacksmith.

Yoshitsune walked out of the blacksmith's forge and smirked, feeling his new 'accessory' to killing. The male walked back to his 'room' and smirked. He had a lot more to go, he needed to get stronger. Yoshitsune felt the reiatsu of his zanpakutou almost strengthening him. He already had a plan in mind and it would take more years to accomplish it. It didn't matter to Yoshitsune, because he had a many years to prepare for it.

The New Beginning
Silence fell over the training area of the 2nd Division barracks. It was a stunning surprise, as the whole 2nd Division watched what had just happened. A low seating officer had just defeated the 2nd Division Captain. Yoshitsune had defeated his taichou and stood there with his blade covered in blood. His guards were covered in blood. Yoshitsune was covered in blood. He stood there with that same smirk on his face, as he whipped his sword towards the ground. The blood on the blade violently hit the ground.

There were more than two hundred witnesses of the 2nd Division's Captain, and now Yoshitsune 's goal was complete. After many years, he had finally defeated his Captain. It took many years to accomplish this, but he finally did it. Yoshitsune did it without even showing his Bankai. The Shinigami had to train for years without end as he trained himself to become strong enough to defeat a Captain with only his Shikai. "5th Seating Officer, Report this to the Gotei 13!" Yoshitsune boasted, as he started to walk away. "Tell them I'm going to need a new Taichou's uniform, the old one is too bloody," the male said followed by an unrestrained loud laughter.

Decades passed as Yoshitsune remained the 2nd Division Captain. He stressed to all of his students of his division to become strong enough to overcome him one day. Yoshitsune only told them this, so his Division was the strongest. Plus, Yoshitsune loved the idea of having a challenger so frequently. Yoshitsune had changed the 'barbaric' views of the ruthless way to become Captain. The way Yoshitsune had become Captain. His Division was the only Division that looked at the most uncommon way to become Captain as acceptable.

Yoshitsune stood in the middle of the training field of his barrack. He smirked once again as he stood at the same spot he had attained his title. Yoshitsune looked up to the sun that was rising; it stained a bright color in the sky. It was the color of a new day, a new beginning.

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Sample Chapter:
ゑWhat is past is pastゑ

Average post.

Yoshitsune had just been accepted into the Shinigami academy. He had already made a few enemies here, a few over there, and some in the middle, just because he showed no fear. He made sure to keep his face void of all emotions at all times. There was only one reason for this: because if he didn't, he would fail. Not his classes, no no, he would fail himself. Showing fear would allow others to pick on him. It would be all the excuse someone needed to come up to him and start problems. It was such a human trait, and one Yosthisune hated. Just because a bully died, didn't mean he stopped being a bully. Yoshitsune refused to be that kid who was new and scared and lost. He would find his own way around this place, and make a name for himself. That was his way that was his calling. He had to do it to not fail himself. He would not show weakness.

Yoshitsune had Zanjutsu training at this time. He really didn’t want to do it. He would rather not use his blade. He enjoyed the feel of his skin on another. Flesh hitting flesh. It was something he always loved to do. Even in the Rukongai he fought. There it was different though. There he fought for food, for money, for life. There he did not fight to save others. He did it so that he could see the sun rise the next day. That is how he wanted it to be at all times. He wanted to train in Hakuda first. That is not his luck though, he trained in Zanjutsu first. He tried to find the positive here though. That he would be able to get this horrid task out of the way and done with first, which would leave more room for Hakuda later. Besides, he could always practice in his free time. He was sure not everyone would hate him, so he was bound to find a sparring partner at some point or another.

He was dressed in standard academy uniform: blue shitagi, a white kosode with blue stripes, blue hakama, white socks and sandals. He didn’t really like the uniform as he didn’t like bright colors. He couldn’t wait to graduate and wear darker colors. It was more his style. Nonetheless, he would deal with this as it was what was required of him as a Shinigami in training. He arrived at the field where he would be taught the skills of Zanjutsu. He looked around for the instructor, but nobody was there. He sighed and gave up looking around. He sat down in the middle of the field and waited…and waited….and waited. Finally he threw his hands up in the air and stood. Just as he did a Shinigami appeared behind him, his hands were bound, and there was a blade at his throat. A soft voice trickled into his ear. He froze, but refused to give into fear despite the feeling creeping up his spine. The voice was soft, elegant, and yet extremely deadly.

“Do not let your guard down. Never give up. And above all else, never settle for anything less than dead…” She released Yoshi , and gave him a hard shove forward.

Yoshitsune stumbled forward and turned to glare at her. She was about two inches shorter than him, long red hair, gentle playing dark eyes, and ivory skin. She placed his blade on the ground and walked to a near by bush to retrieve two wooden swords. She threw one at Yoshitsune and he barely caught it. She was not going to be easy, that was certain. “Lesson number one! Always respect your instructor!” She shouted “What is your name?” She asked him softly.

Despite the soft voice, and playful undertone, Yoshitsune knew better than to keep this woman waiting. “My name is Yoshitsune aishou.” He answered with a barely even tone. It was shaky, and filled with fear. He wanted to kill himself for that. She grinned, and walked forward to him with her sword extended. “Defend yourself…” She said softly. That was the end of the pleasant conversation. This was Yoshitsune’s first step down the path of a Shinigami. This was his first step, and he would not faulter…or so he thought.

The woman with red hair was quick. She effortlessly managed to get to Yoshitsune and was below him. Her face was level with his waist, and her sword hit him hard behind his knees. His locked knees immediately bent, and he was off balance now. She smacked him with the flat side of her blade on his kneecap, and quickly flipped over Yoshitsune. His legs burned already from the quick hits. Before he could react she was behind him, blade at his throat again, and arms bound. ”Ignore all pain.” She said quietly, seductively, and with a heavy feeling of pleasure. It gave him the feeling that she was a sadist. “It’s a distraction that will get you killed. Just because we are training doesn’t mean I won’t kill you. Shinigami need to be strong. They need to be fast. They need to resist all pains.

Ignore it,Yoshitsune.” As she said these last few words she quickly drew the flat side of the blade across his chest. He let out a small scream of pain as he felt the wood scrape against his skin. She was clearly skilled with this as she managed to have minimal damage done to his shirt, but a lot of torn skin to his chest. He didn’t have to look to know there would be a long red mark there, possibly even a bruise. He wanted to kill her.

He swung back with his own blade, but she blocked it and kicked him in the stomach. He was sent flying onto his chest. More pain raced through his body. It was sent straight to his head and legs, but focused on his chest. It radiated from the torn skin. He heard her coming and quickly rolled over, face twisted in pain, and raised his sword. She brought hers down quickly, and met his block. She pushed on him hard, and he tried to push back. There was so much pain on his chest, and the strain put on his arms didn’t help at all. “What should you do?” She asked him. “What happens when you find yourself on the receiving end of bad leverage?” She asked in that damned seductive voice. Yoshitsune tried to shake his head. “Ugh. They are letting them into the Academy, younger and younger.

Idiot students…” She sighed, and glared at him. “My legs, you twit. Zanjutsu is swordplay, but that doesn’t mean that you are restricted to only your swords. Save that restriction bullcrap for Hakuda training.” She barked and Yoshitsune did as he was told. He swept her legs out from under her and she fell over sideways, and Yoshitsune rolled over quickly to get up. She once more proved her speed by getting up long before he did.

She took a swing at his back and it connected sending Yoshitsune back down. He tried to get back up but each time she struck him on his back again. “Smarten up boy! Roll over and block!” She shouted and he did, and he knew where to block too. She wasn’t going to damage his manhood, she was going to hit his largest wound. Yoshitsune held his sword with the flat side up and she hit it multiple times. Yoshitsune looked at the blade as it rose and fell. Each time was harder than the last. As she raised the blade he leaned forward, swung the blade, and she couldn’t defend in time. The sword made contact with her side, and she winced for a half second. That was all Yoshitsune needed to get up and push himself backwards in a jump and land on his feet. She grinned at him.

“Good. You’re learning. You still have a long way to go though.” She charged him and fainted left, but she struck on his right. Naturally, Yoshitsune went to block left. He felt the wooden sword hit him hard on his right side. She placed the blade on his side and spun to the left, this time cutting some of the fabric of his outfit. This also did a lot of damage to his skin, even causing some bleeding, but not a lot. This new battle wound connected with his first. The wounds both radiated with extreme pain.

The woman stood before Yoshitsune and shook her head. “You’re done kid…come back here and train with some dummies next time for a while. I’ll be supervising your of course, but you are nowhere near ready for a real fight.” She turned his back on him and walked away. Yoshitsune’s grip on the sword was tight enough to cause his fingertips to turn white. “Damn you!!!” He shouted and charged her. He swung his sword up , but he made the mistake of speaking. She turned around and held her blade down.

The swords clacked together, and she took a hand off her hilt to backhand Yoshitsune. Yoshitsune was sent away a few feet, and he struggled to get up. She kicked up over, her sandal nailing Yoshitsune on connecting point of his wounds, and Yoshitsune groaned loudly. She stepped on his chest, once more pressing on both wounds, and placed the tip of her sword at her throat. “Do not tempt me Yoshitsune aishou…” Her voice was low and hushed. It was dangerously cold as well. She was not playing. Without another word she walked away, leaving Yoshitsune there to rot for all she cared. Yoshitsune laid there for a moment before struggling to rise.

Yoshitsune struggled back to his dorm and fell on his bed. He was sore all over his upper body. He knew this would not be an easy point in his afterlife. He was going to have to train night and day with swordplay. Hopefully not all of his instructors were extremely hard on him like she was. Otherwise he would die on day one. Hell, he might die on the job. His kido class was next. According to his studies, kido would be useful but only if used sparingly.

Otherwise he could exhaust himself out before the real fight began. He would have to keep this in mind. Maybe next time he could even use a bit of it in his Zanjutsu class. Yeah, that would teach that woman. For the first time since his class started, he realized he didn’t even know her name. He sighed and sat up, and began to walk to the Kido training grounds.


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Please...Inform me if anything need change and such.
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Yeah, go make your Zanpakutou.
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ゑProdigy of Yoshitune' Rumble king'ゑ
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