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 Over rumble[W.I.P]

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PostSubject: Over rumble[W.I.P]   Thu Jul 22, 2010 12:56 pm

Name: Over rumble or ‘Rumble Princess’

Manifestation: Some could say Over rumble’s spirit is a female because of Yoshitsune's androgynous nature, but in reality, it was just a humorous coincidence, though, whether or not this is a true fact or falsehood isn't important. To begin, it would be wise to start with a description of her size and face. She stands two inches taller than Yoshitsune, and her frame looks to be the same as his--only having the addition of more feminine features, such as fairly sized breasts and more womanly curves. Her skin is of a rather bleak and pale tone, but manages to appease to the colors of her hair. Whether or not this lack of skin pigment can be directly related to Yoshitsune's inner world is rather controversial. One could argue that the lack of constant sun has led to her skin losing any type of color it once had, but are Zanpakutou affected by such things? One would usually automatically assume that they weren't.

Onto her eyes, lips, and nose. Her eyes could be described as both beautiful and frightening at the same time. She has absolutely no pupils, but does have irises of pure blue slapped onto a pure white cornea. These two colors are amplified by a thick layer of pink eye shadow that covers the area above and below her eyes. Her eyelashes also seem to be accented, seeming to be of a more thick, black color than usual. Her lips are both lush and full. Over rumble prefers to use a hot pink lip gloss to go along with the rest of her "fashion sense," but changes it up from time to time. There really isn't anything fascinating about her nose, but her eyebrows stand out a tad bit. They are also of the pink shade that she seems to favor.

All of these things hail in comparison to her hair. Ah yes, the hair. They say a girl's hair usually provides a brief window into their personality, and Over rumble is no exception. Her hair is fashioned to look tousled, with two large strands of hair trailing down both the left and right sides of her head. From there, her hair is pulled back and arranged into a bun. Of course, these aren't the fascinating aspects of the woman's unique locks. What really catches a passer-by's eye is the vibrant colors that are strewn throughout her tresses in columns. Pink, blue, and green are all mixed in, giving her hair a look reminiscent of a rainbow.

Even though she has a rebellious and wild character, according to her unique locks, her actual attire is quite the opposite. She wears a very professional-looking jacquard kimono, made of some of the smoothest and most beautiful silks known to man and spirit alike. The kimono is mostly of a green shade, but is accented in some spots by shades of her favorite color, pink. Her legs are covered in white, thigh high stockings whilst her feet are covered in the usual Japanese-style sandals.

Over rumble’s personality is what many might elucidate as being "freakish." That one word sums up the fact that she's sly, rude, and taunting. She lurks with a very disturbing presence, and gives others the feel that she doesn't want to be bothered. Anyone conversing with her would automatically get the notion that she's impossible to befriend and open up. Her cunning would make you wonder how Yoshitsune could ever get to know her well enough to achieve the stages of his Zanpakutou that he has. Truth is, he and Over rumble have similarities, like all Zanpakutou and their hosts, and that's all it takes to get on good terms with this female, however, "good terms," from her point of view, doesn't feel the same as what you'd conceive "good terms" was. She's one to hold her tongue, as if a prized possession, unless spoken to or sees the need to speak herself. Speaking of which, when her voice does leave the confines of her mouth, her statements are rather blunt and short. This only changes if you had likeness with her, nonetheless, for when you do, you'd see a more extensive version to her furtive and vulgar nature. Heck, you even get to see how snide she can be. At this point, she's willing to hold a conversation, if given a reason, however, the receiver may not care to do so, anymore. Her speech is riddling. She leads you on to many things, and uses a heavy amount of sarcasm, besting that of even Yoshitsune's. It's almost as if she's never content with any outcome, and just tries to break others down to the way she feels most of the time.

A lone house on a lone hill. The sky, outside, is dark, shrouded by a deep black and thick, gray clouds. A rather melodramatic manor it really is. And who dwells within it? What is it? Why, it's Yoshitsune's inner sanctum, of course, and is the home of his Zanpakutou, Over rumble. It would seem rather controversial that one as vibrant as the boy would possess such a drab inner world. Many would think his inner world was a flower field with a harem of young boys nearby, but that's not the case.

The androgynous youth can never leave the house, but its exterior should be described anyway. The wood of the structure is of an olive tone, rotten with old age and exposure to the elements. Long, sturdy, malicious vines twist and wind their way up the sides of the feeble dwelling, accompanied by moss that cover the windows, but the most intimidating feature of the building is evident through its doors. Upon them are two sinister doorknockers. One is shaped like an ace, crying out in sorrow and pain, while the other has a large grin planted onto its features. Quite intimidating, yes? Well, that's not all. Blood seems to continuously ooze out of every possible crevice in the door, sliding down the smooth wood until it leaks onto the porch, drenching the ground beneath the building in a crimson river. Now, what about the inside of the house? Is it equally depressing? One would hope not.

Upon entering the home, a large, white, marble floor seems to span endlessly in all directions. Small coffee tables and chairs are spewed about randomly, accompanied by random grandfather clocks that tick endlessly, never reaching the top of the hour. But what is the significance of these items, you ask? There is none. They are just paltry material things meant to distract one from approaching the real item of significance; the mirror.

Nearing the mirror, Yoshitsune can view his Zanpakutou Spirit, Over rumble, who appears instead of a reflection of himself, and converse with her. But that's not all it can do. If the young man decides to submerge himself in the glass, he'll find himself in another room of the house--this one much more mellow than the first. It would be decorated in eerie pictures and rotten wood, animal hides strewn about the walls with an emphasis placed on savagery. Now, of course, at the end of this room is a tell-tale mirror. Upon nearing it, Yoshitsune would be able to, once again, converse with Over rumble properly. This time, though, the spirit would look ghastly in nature, beaten and bruised by unknown events. A frightening feeling that would instill itself within anyone who looked into her eyes.

After entering the mirror, yet another instance, the room would again change. This time, it would become happier, more festive, and more accommodating. It would be lavishly decorated, and filled to the brim with material items made to comfort and soothe the soul. Over rumble will be clothed and conditioned normally; no bruises nor scars. Now, I'm not going to describe every room of the mansion, for the possibilities of what they will look like are limitless, but I will tell you this: every time a new mirror is entered, a new room will appear, decorated differently from the last. Only one trait will hold true for every single new space. If one is happy, the next one is guaranteed to be depressing, and vice-versa. The only feature of the house that holds true is the outside; a destination Yoshitsune will never reach.

Release Phrase: "Kieru!"["Vanish!"]

Family: Kido,Wind

Level: Bankai level

Sealed Zanpakuto: Unreleased, Over rumbletakes the form of a wakizashi as opposed to a katana like most Zanpakutou. Its viridian hilt stands underneath a distinctively-shaped, golden guard; made up of two rings that overlap each other at their edges, creating a nice, oval hole in the center to house the blade. The sheathe, short and black, is set horizontally on the boy's lower back. Over rumble’small size allows movement with little to no impediment on the behalf of its user, Yoshitsune, allowing him to perform many actions more freely than a katana on the side of one's hip may.

The blade, sleek and slender, has a unique appearance, allowing clear and potent strikes. Its blade juts nineteen inches up from the housing before sharply cutting back toward its dull edge, at a forty-five degree angle, meeting an abrupt point two inches up the slope, making it a full length of twenty-one inches. Like most Zanpakutou in the Bleach universe, Over rumble’s blade is black on most of its dull edge and silver on most of its sharp edge, adding a more chic look to its already basic design.

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PostSubject: Re: Over rumble[W.I.P]   Thu Jul 22, 2010 1:10 pm

Shikai: Upon release, a colorful spear of light with a storm like wind surroundings the boy, donning bright shades of blue, pink, and green, surround the entire Zanpakutou, shooting from both polar ends of the weapon, seemingly going on for countless miles in their respective directions. They let up only to reveal that the Zanpakutou had lost its blade in the split second the light show displays itself. This effect can also be used as an attack, and is repeated by Yoshitsune voicing his release phrase another instance after already making the jump into Shikai. In this state, Over rumble leads anyone to believe that the boy is wielding nothing more than a mere hilt. Besides that fact, nothing about the Zanpakutou changes appearance-wise.

Though the blade vanishes, Over rumble is still able to cut when swung. It's a weird, mind numbing fact, but like everything else in life, you could bet there was a good reason behind it. The blade actually does not exist, so in order for it to be formed in the first place, a little reiatsu and a motion must be given. Without those key factors, Yoshitsune is left defenseless for the most part. No one has ever been able to tell the true length of the Zanpakutou, in this state, due to its nature. When one thinks they've finally figured it out, they get surprised by receiving a blade wound at a range no average wakizashi - or katana for that matter - would reach. In opposition, the blade does, in fact, have a limit to its range. Eighty meters is the furthest it can stretch; still enough distance to fool anyone into thinking it can expand to no end.

Reiatsu is used to form the imperceptible blade, and comes from a mix of Yoshitsune and Over rumble's, fusing to make an unmatchable force without comparison. When striking, the Zanpakutou sips a bit of reiatsu from the boy's own reserve, adding it to a pool of reiatsu within itself, where it is made into a richer quality prior to being released into the world. Though it is a pure reiatsu entity, the blade cannot be sensed like any other, adding onto the complexity behind its makeup. With the reiatsu being a mixture of Yoshitsune and the Zanpakutou itself, the boy, for all intents and purposes, can use the blade to cancel out or break through any reiatsu-based technique by simply overpowering or matching its force. That also makes the blade virtually unblockable by all but another Zanpakutou - or weapon like it.

With an action such as a swing or thrust, the blade extends forth at sonic speeds, and carries tremendous force along with it, making a thrust from Over rumble predominantly dangerous. The blade's length can be controlled and waned to the boy's liking, meaning he can prevent the blade from ever being formed, fooling opponents who know of its nature, and those who don't, in the same. With control being mentioned, he can give a set amount of reiatsu to over rumble, giving it enough to perform a certain quantity of strikes without it taxing him directly at the time of his attack.

Because of its unique style of attack, Yoshitsune's movement isn't hampered, allowing him to move at full speed with no hindrance, as if he weren't even carrying a weapon. Essentially, the blade's length depends on the intensity and momentum of the assault, making the Shikai a, seemingly, limitless blade with properties which resemble no blade at all. Every part of his limb able to release a huge wind shockwave that’s other effect of the shikai
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Posts : 7
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Join date : 2010-07-22
Age : 24
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PostSubject: Re: Over rumble[W.I.P]   Thu Jul 22, 2010 1:17 pm

Shikai Ability:
The main ability of Over rumble is to make Hiding's game a reality with hitting too. Once the shikai is released any opponent within Over rumble's spiritual pressure is forced to agree to the challenge, including Yoshitsune himself. Unfortunately, only when Over rumble is in the mood to challenge others, will these challenge be played. One thing is certain about Over rumble release's in order to win, you must atleast survive.

Shinkyou [Divine Mirror] -
This technique looks a lot like Bakudou no Hachijuuichi: Danku, or at least that's how it'd be described if it were able to be seen. The employ of this technique creates a large, transparent, rectangular wall of energy in line of wherever the top of Over rumble hilt is pointing, intercepting and deflecting any reiatsu-based technique that comes in contact with it. Shinkyou also has the ability to be manipulated at Yoshitsune will; twisting, turning, and bending to just about any perspective imaginable. The amount of reiatsu Shimesu can deflect with this technique is unlimited, but is in sync with his level of power. In terms of Kidou, he is currently unlimited to warding off reiatsu forces equivalent to level ninety-five spells.

Kyouzou [Mirror Image] -
Like the name may imply, the second Shikai technique is a spitting image of its wielder,Yoshitsune. The utilization of this technique allows Yoshitsune to draw in reishi from the surrounding environment to create a tangible clone of himself. The clone, when created, takes on the state of which he is in. Using Kyouzou while having multiple wounds would result in the clone coming out with the exact marks and blemishes. With reishi being the source, this technique doesn't take a toll on the boy's reiatsu directly. The clones created can sustain major damage before vanishing, taking as much punishment as Yoshitsune himself before dispersing into the reishi it was conjured from. That being said, Kyouzou may seem like a technique that is perfect, if used right, in every way, however, like everything with great capability, it has its shortcomings. The first, and most obvious, is the fact that it cannot ascend to the next level of power, meaning: created in Shikai, stay in Shikai. It can only revert its Zanpakutou back to its sealed state, making it appear as if Yoshitsune himself had resealed Over rumble. The second drawback lies within the amount of times it may be used - a factor that varies depending on the amount of reishi in the air. If in the world of the living, Kyouzou can be used once, in Soul Society, twice, and in Hueco Mundo, three times. Though it doesn't use up a great quantity of the dimension's total amount of reishi, being the Zanpakutou of a Shinigami, Over rumble has its own limitations on how much reishi it may draw in in one setting.

Ryouzou[Rumble Wall] - By releasing absorbed air along with the heat from his wheels, Yoshitsune creates walls of air that can block attacks and push enemies away. Proportionately larger and stronger walls are even capable of repelling solid projectiles, as seen when Yoshitsune repels a helicopter (causing its destruction). Although he is worn out after this, Yoshitsune states that he overdid it by creating a wall that was overly powerful for what he was blocking.By activating the Rumble Potential with a high-speed swing, Yoshitsune can absorb an enemy's kido-based technique and use its power for his own purposes. This ability is capable of absorbing and then releaseasing it with more force


Bankai Ability:

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PostSubject: Re: Over rumble[W.I.P]   

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Over rumble[W.I.P]
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