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 Reiatsu, Reiryoku, Reishi System

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PostSubject: Reiatsu, Reiryoku, Reishi System   Sun Mar 09, 2014 7:32 pm

The Sites Reiatsu System and Information

Reiatsu is the physical force/pressure that a person’s Reiryoku creates when released. Most Shinigami and Arrancar, even Quincy and Bounts can manipulate the release of their Reiatsu.

The difference between spiritual pressure and spiritual energy is simple: Reiryoku is the amount of energy a being has stored within their body or soul, whereas Reiatsu is the pressure that a person’s Reiryoku exerts. In other words, Reiryoku is potential while Reiatsu is energy in use and can be sensed by other spiritually aware beings. In general, those with high levels of Reiryoku will often have the highest levels of Reiatsu also. A skilled warrior can overcome a person possessing greater Reiryoku by possessing greater Reiatsu. This is achieved by having greater control over their own spirit energy.    

Reiryoku is a power aligned with the spiritual sensitivity and willpower of the user. It is used by Shinigami and other spiritual beings to provide power for their various abilities.

Every spiritual being and every Human has a certain amount of Reiryoku. If this amount is higher than a certain degree, it grants the person superhuman abilities. Those with such an above-average level of Reiryoku are very rare among living Humans. It seems to be that the most basic ability that Humans with a higher level of Reiryoku have is the ability to see ghosts: Pluses, Shinigami and Hollow alike. Shinigami are essentially souls in Soul Society with very high levels of Reiryoku who receive special training to utilize their powers. Hollows and other spirits use their Reiryoku to catch their prey.      

Reishi is the main component material of souls. Reishi composes the spiritual bodies of Hollows and Shinigami, and the two planes of existence, Hueco Mundo and Soul Society in their entirety. Reishi is invisible to mortals, with the exception of spiritually aware ones such as the Quincy; they can, however, still interact with normal matter and produce physical effects. It is noted, however, that Reishi and atoms do not mix well.

There is a certain amount of Reishi in the Human World, too. Free Reishi tends to be found in places closer to nature. Quincy collect this Reishi to use for combat in the form of Spirit Weapons. Reishi in the atmosphere is also able to be controlled freely, allowing a person to gather it under their feet so that they can stand in air.

Shinigami Base Value

Arrancar Base Value

Quincy Base Value

High-Spec Human Base Value

Bounto Base Value

Reiatsu Cost (RC)
Reiatsu Cost is the cost certain techniques take from a user's over all Reiryoku pool. Each level of technique, depending on its abilities takes a certain amount of

  • E-Rank - 2 CC
  • D-Rank - 5 CC
  • C-Rank - 10 CC
  • B-Rank - 20 CC
  • A-Rank - 40 CC
  • S-Rank - 80 CC
  • S-Rank Kinjutsu - 120 CC
  • S-Rank Factor - 144 CC

Upkeep Cost (UC)
Upkeep Cost, is the cost required to keep a constant style effect active. From an area effect style move, to LRA style armors. Many jutsu ignore this, and many simply pay this upon a set duration of posts, like after three posts. Generally, if a jutsu lasts longer than a post, it requires a post count, or it has a set duration, either the effects last for a few posts, or there is an upkeep cost.

  • E-Rank - 2 CC
  • D-Rank - 3 UC
  • C-Rank - 6 UC
  • B-Rank - 12 UC
  • A-Rank - 24 UC
  • S-Rank - 48 UC
  • S-Rank Kinjutsu - 96 UC
  • S-Rank Factor - 108 UC

Increasing Reiatsu

This table indicates the basic understanding of how reiatsu works.

There are a few changes that are to be made

Such as when reaching bankai, shinigami receive a boost of 2,500 RR

When a arrancar unseals its blade, its 2,000 RR

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Posts : 150
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PostSubject: Re: Reiatsu, Reiryoku, Reishi System   Mon Mar 24, 2014 10:28 pm


  • 4th Seat and Lower - 250 Reiatsu
  • 3rd Seat - 350 Reiatsu
  • Lieutenant - 400 Reiatsu
  • Captain - 500 Reiatsu
  • High Captain - 550 Reiatsu
  • Sotaicho - 700 Reiatsu


  • Numerous - 350 Reiatsu
  • Fraccion - 400 Reiatsu
  • 7th-10th Espada - 450 Reiatsu
  • 4th and 6th Espada - 550 Reiatsu
  • 2nd to 3rd Espada - 600 Reiatsu
  • Primera - 730 Reiatsu


  • Soldat- 200 Reiatsu
  • Kapitan - 350 Reiatsu
  • Stern Ritter 9-10 - 550 Reiatsu
  • Stern Ritter 4-8 - 600 Reiatsu
  • Stern Ritter 1-4 - 650 Reiatsu
  • Emperor - 700 Reiatsu


  • Spec'd- 200 Reiatsu
  • High-Spec - 250 Reiatsu
  • Mayor - 350 Reiatsu
  • Commander - 450 Reiatsu
  • Governor - 500 Reiatsu
  • General - 650 Reiatsu

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Reiatsu, Reiryoku, Reishi System
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